-- Miniature BLDC Rotary Refrigeration Compressors


    RIGID miniature rotary compressors are the result of a breakthrough in vapor compression technology featuring low vibration and low noise operation. Its tiny device is the first real innovation in micro-compressor technology for a century. They can be utilized in many thermal management applications from compact recirculating chillers, small coolers, medical cooling, electronic cooling, and mini-chilled water systems. RIGID mini compressors with cooling capacities range from 100W up to 800W (2,800Btu) by our patent drive board. The drive board is continuously speed-controllable via the frequency of a square wave signal, with variable speeds from 2,000rpm to 6,500rpm.


    Compressors are a key component of refrigeration products, it is the “heart” of such appliances, comparable to a car engine or even the human heart. RIGID Technologies now presents the lightest, ultra-compact, and more efficient Mini Rotary Compressor. The mini compressor is a new type of innovative micro dc compressor. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideally suited for mobile and small cooling applications. Today, RIGID has successfully developed the 5th generation miniature compressor, which adopts our patented sine wave driver board.


    To maintain our technological edge, RIGID re-invests a large portion of corporate earnings back into R&D each year. PDF Download


    Miniature DC Compressors

    Mini Compressor

    • DC 12V&24V&48V
    • Liquid Water Cooling
    • Liquid Chiller Module
    • Small Air Conditioning
    • Laser, medical, semiconductor & military applications
    • Miniature & Mobile Refrigeration / Small Cooling systems
    R134a R410A Compressors

    Rotary Compressors

    • AC 110~120V/50~60HZ;  220~240V/50~60HZ
    • R134A, R410A, R290 Compressor
    • Dehumidifier
    • Air Conditioning
    • Refrigerator and Freezer

    New Enabling Technology for Mini Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Applications

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    12 Voltage

    Commercial Cooling Systems

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    24 Voltage

    Medical Device Cooling Systems
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    48 Voltage

    Electronics Cooling Systems

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    R290 Series

    Beverage Cooling Systems

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    High-power Series

    More Powerful Cooling Systems

  • Advantages of Mini Compressor


    Low Starting Current


    Low amperes draw, quiet, and low energy consumption.

    Design for Mobile Applications


    Compact size, run on 24V/48V DC power supply.

    Inverter BLDC Motor


    Variable speed BLDC motor, energy saving, and high COP.

    Excellent COP ≥ 3.46 (W/W)


    Provide compact power, precision control, and flexibility.


    RIGID revolutionary mini compressors are exceptionally well-suited for applications involving small refrigeration and portable air conditioning, micro refrigeration cycle systems, and various commercial refrigeration setups, particularly those that prioritize space and weight considerations. The mini DC compressors, as well as miniature refrigeration systems deliver cooling solutions tailored to our customers' precise needs. Our focus lies in minimizing weight, offering the smallest footprint possible, and ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

    Miniature DC Compressors


    • Brushless motor
    • 12V / 24V / 48V DC
    • Refrigerant R134A / R290
    • Capacity 100W ~ 800W (2,800Btu)
    • Variable speeds range from 2,000 to 6,500rpm
    • Low vibration and noise, sine wave controller
    • High efficiency, high capacity, lightweight, smallest footprint
    • Robust design is ideally suited for mobile & compact applications



    R134a R410A Compressors

    Typical Applications

    •    Micro Cooling
    •    Medical Device
    •    Small Refrigerators
    •    Beverage Cooling
    •    Electronic Components
    •    Portable Cooling Systems
    •    Mini-Chilled Water Systems
    •    Portable DC Air Conditioner
    •    EV / Automotive Lithium-ion Battery 
    •    Aesthetic & Medicine Device
    •    Telecommunications Cooling
    •    Portable and Small Cooling Applications


    RIGID rotary refrigeration compressor is characterized by very small size and high performance. It is a variable capacity DC Compressor driven by a drive board. Its volume is very small like a coke can, and the weight is only 720g. The current models use a single-cylinder configuration under standard ASHRAE conditions, which can produce a cooling capacity of up to 450W to 800W.


    Compatible with R134A and R290A refrigerants, it can run at 12, 24, and 48V DC, and other voltages or AC power supply can be converted by AC and DC. RIGID's newly developed Miniature BLDC Rotary Refrigeration Compressors have begun a new trend, providing unparalleled cooling capabilities in various compact mobile cooling systems and other small footprint countertop appliances.


    Up to a 40% reduction in overall energy consumption and a 5 dB(A) average noise level reduction were measured by applying Variable Capacity Compressors as compared to conventional fixed-speed compressors.


    RIGID miniature compressors have the size, weight, and durability that make them well-suited to mobile or portable applications, including:

    • Small Cooling
    • Medical Device
    • Beverage Cooling
    • Small Refrigerators
    • EV/RV Battery Cooling
    • Portable Heat Pumps
    • Electronic Components
    • Mini-Chilled Water Systems
    • Portable DC Air Conditioner
    • Electronics Cooling Systems
    • Aesthetic & Medicine Device
    • Telecommunications Cooling
    • Portable Mini Cooling Systems
    • Miniature Refrigeration/Freezer Systems
    • Thermally-Controlled Shipping Containers
    • Portable and Small Cooling Applications
    • Automotive (Electric Vehicle, Vessel, Helicopter)



    Mobile Cooling & Compact Refrigeration


    DC Compressor Applications -  Mobile Cooling & Compact Refrigeration

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    Twin Cylinder Compressor QX3802VDL-T (24V, R290)
    product image
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    Twin Cylinder Compressor QX3802VDL (24V, R134A)
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    High-Power Mini Compressor QX8848VDL (48V)
    $430.00 - $460.00
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    Mini Compressor QX3003VDL (48V)
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    Mini Compressor QX3002VDL (24V)
    product image
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    Twin Cylinder Compressor QX3803VDL (48V, R134A)
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    Twin Cylinder Compressor QX3803VDL-T (48V, R290)
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    Twin Cylinder Compressor QX2802VDL-T (24V, R290)
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    Mini Compressor QX2002VDL (24V)
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    Twin Cylinder Compressor QX2802VDL (24V, R134A)
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    Mini Compressor QX3202VDL (24V)
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    Mini Compressor QX1903VDL (48V)
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    Mini Compressor QX1902VDL (24V)
    $220.00 - $250.00
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    Mini Compressor QX1901VDL (12V)
  • Miniature Inverter DC Compressor

    Miniature Inverter Compressors

    12/24/48V DC Mini Compressors are ideally suited for compact & mobile refrigeration applications.

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    Drive Board & Display Panel

    It is easy to integrate the drive board (PCB) & display panel into your application if you need sophisticated functions or want to control them with your software.

    R134A R410a Compressor for Dehumidifier

    R134A R410A R290 Compressors

    115V~240V / 50~60Hz AC Compressors for Compact Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.


    We have our own R&D department and manufacturing facilities. Thereby, we control the complete process from the first idea to the delivery of finished cooling products to customers. If you don’t see what you are looking for in our product lineup, do not hesitate to talk to us about your system. Apart from standard cooling systems, RIGID also provides custom solutions. We have developed solutions for medical devices, life science, laboratory, electronics, laser, Lithium battery, and electric vehicle customers. We can design a miniature cooling system to meet the requirements of your application. To learn more, go to our Design & OEM. Or, please contact us for a free evaluation of your application.


    RIGID specializes in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge 12V Compressors, Miniature Compressors, and Micro Refrigeration Modules. Our primary objective is to provide customized cooling solutions that cater to the specific requirements of our esteemed customers, emphasizing the reduction of weight, minimal footprint, and affordability. These revolutionary compressors find their ideal applications in portable chiller units, micro fluid refrigeration cycles, and a wide range of commercial refrigeration setups where considerations of space and weight are paramount.


    For over a decade, RIGID Technology has established itself as a steadfast leader, delivering the highest levels of performance, quality, safety, and innovation. Our comprehensive range of small cooling systems, including Micro Air Conditioning, Small Liquid Chillers, Direct Refrigeration Systems, and FPSC Stirling Coolers (-160℃), undergoes meticulous design and manufacturing processes. Each step is carefully controlled to ensure that our unwavering standards for ultimate performance, unmatched reliability, and exceptional durability are met without compromise. Additionally, apart from our standard chiller modules, we also offer bespoke refrigeration units tailored to meet the specific demands of our clients.


    We invite you to explore our company website for more information.The pocket-sized portability of RIGID products, combined with their highly competitive pricing, makes them truly indispensable. RIGID Technology has garnered a well-deserved reputation for its unique design approach and precision manufacturing techniques, resulting in products that surpass and outlast those of any other brand currently available in the market.