• Liquid Chiller Module (LCM)


    Compact & Powerful Refrigeration System for Chilling Liquid




    The RIGID Liquid Chiller Module is a type of micro refrigeration cooling units (LCM). It is an active thermal management. It uses a brushless direct current rotary compressor refrigeration system (a.k.a. chiller) to cool liquid (a.k.a. coolant) in a reservoir. That is, the refrigeration system cools liquid in a water tank, by using a RIGID's dc rotary compressor. A pump circulates the coolant to where it’s needed, such as the cooling channel of heat-inducing components.


    When the coolant absorbs heat at the application site, it returns to the chiller unit where it is cooled again. So long as the system is powered on, this process continues to operate in a closed loop. Customers' equipment or systems could be integrated with the Liquid Chiller Module (LCM). Each unit was fully charged with refrigerant R134a and tested for operational readiness.




    RIGID also developed a standard chiller module of more powerful capacity (>400W). The powerful LCM cooling system can integrate into client's chiller, or directly into their assembly. The goal of this cooling subsystem is to leverage RIGID's refrigeration expertise while providing end users with the highest level of design flexibility.



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    • Electric Battery

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    • Portable EV Charger

    • EV Charging Stations

    • Battery Storage System

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  • Liquid Chiller Module (LCM) Features & Drawing

    • Efficient operation with a coefficient of performance (COP) as high as 3.0 W/W.

    • An extensive range of operational temperatures can be cooled by this powerful system.

    • Easily integrated into a wide range of applications due to its small size and lightweight design.

    • Each LCM cooling module is hermetically sealed, charged, and tested before it is shipped in nominal conditions.

    Liquid Chiller Module-LCM-RIGID HVAC
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    Established in 2010, RIGID is the manufacturer who's behind many popular brands in the US. RIGID's vision is to set the benchmark standard for the micro cooling industry. We are a China manufacturer and supplier of compact cooling systems, working in close cooperation with the leading United States and European manufacturers of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration.


    In addition to offering standard products including Micro DC Aircon (ruggedized air conditioner modules for compact and confined space cooling), Liquid Chiller Modules (battery-driven compact refrigeration systems that our customers integrate into their applications), and DC Condensing Units (world's small direct cooling units used by customers in small freezer, medical, laser, and electronics cooling). RIGID also custom design or modify refrigeration systems for most customers' specific applications.


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