• Hydrotherapy and Cryo Chill

    Hydrotherapy, formerly called hydropathy and called water cure, is a part of alternative medicine (particularly naturopathy), occupational therapy, and physiotherapy, which involves water for pain relief and treatment. Hydrotherapy is the use of water, both internally and externally and at varying temperatures, for health purposes. Also known as water therapy or "water cures," hydrotherapy includes such treatments as saunas, steam baths, foot baths, contrast therapy, sitz baths, and colonic cleansing.


    RIGID Refrigeration Condensing Units are being used in a pain relief treatment which is increasingly administered in athletes clubs and hospitals.

    Small & Portable Air Conditioner

    Refrigeration Condensing Unit

    • Application: LBP, MBP 
    • Refrigerant: R404A
    • Voltage: 200-220/230V 50/60Hz ~1
    • Brand Hermetic compressor
    • Motor Type: Single-speed (Fixed)
    • Copper tube air cooled condenser
    • High-quality world brand refrigeration parts
    • Built-in electric components are optional

    Other Refrigeration Parts

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    Want more than just a standard condensing unit?

    Want a custom refrigeration solution for your specific system?

    RIGID Refrigeration Condensing units are eco-friendly and high efficiency, they represent the result of RIGID's strong commitment to innovation and development of solutions for Hydrotherapy Applications. The welding condensing units, equipped with capillary and high-efficiency hermetic compressors, are available for medium and low temperatures.


    RIGID air-cooled refrigeration condensing unit with a unique, small-footprint design that delivers distinct benefits compared to more traditional air-cooled systems. Furthermore, RIGID also designs and manufactures horizontal refrigeration condensing unit (low-profile) that features a variable speed compressor designed for small spaces; it’s efficient, operates quietly, has multiple cooling loads, and an extended operating envelope, all with superior reliability.

    • Commercial & Personal Cooling
    • Integrated design, easy installation
    • Large refrigeration capacity
    • Minimize weight & footprint & noise
    • Reliable & Energy efficient and very competitively price
    • Provide perfect performance where requests small footprint cooling solutions
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    Custom Refrigeration Condensing Unit
    P-Plate Liquid Chiller

    We focus on client's costs and budgets, and always taking the necessary steps to boost their competitiveness. Plus, our team works directly with customers to provide custom refrigeration solutions and meet their specific requirements.

    Want a custom refrigeration solution for your specific system? Your business needs to perform quickly, reliably, and in step with today’s ever-changing market. You need a supplier that’s as responsive as you are. Put the power of RIGID to work for you.

    Together we can redefine what’s possible.

    What's Hydrotherapy and Benefits?

    Water therapy may be restricted to use as hydrotherapy, a form of physical therapy. However, it is also used as a medium for the delivery of heat and cold to the body, which has long been the basis for its application. Hydrotherapy involves a range of methods and techniques, many of which use water as a medium to facilitate thermoregulatory reactions for therapeutic benefit.

    Cryotherapy (equipped with Refrigeration Condensing Unit) requires a patient to enter a cold chamber approximately the size of a sauna, in which there is a temperature of -110°C and where the moisture has been largely removed from the air. As well as pain relief, it is also used in the treatment of various skin disorders such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

    During an application lasting just a few minutes, the extremely low temperature causes a pleasant tingling sensation on the bare skin. It is claimed to eliminate pain immediately, the duration of such pain relief depending on the individual.

    Hydrotherapy is used as an adjunct to therapy, including in nursing, where its use is now long-established. It continues to be widely used for burn treatment, although shower-based hydrotherapy techniques have been increasingly used in preference to full-immersion methods, partly for the ease of cleaning the equipment and reducing infections due to contamination. When removal of tissue is necessary for the treatment of wounds, hydrotherapy which performs selective mechanical debridement can be used. Examples of this include directed wound irrigation and therapeutic irrigation with suction.



    • Pain relief and muscle healing
    • Weight Loss
    • Preventing dementia
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Treating Migraine Headaches
    • Preventing and treating cancer
    • Reducing anxiety and depression
    • Improving symptoms of eczema


    RIGID Refrigeration Condensing units for Hydrotherapy.
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    See how our clients say about RIGID Refrigeration Condensing Unit in Cryotherapy & Hydrotherapy Applications

    RIGID Refrigeration Condensing Unit is the most sophisticated cooling unit for cryotherapy devices and hydrotherapy devices. It is an ideal cooling solution for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries and is increasingly used as a recovery modality.

    RIGID Refrigeration Condensing Unit for Cryotherapy for sports recovery and treating sports injuries - RIGID Liquid Chiller is the ideal solution for cryotherapy and hydrotherapy applications. Outstanding performance, easy installation, and compact size for critical and small space installation.

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