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    RIGID specializes in the design and manufacture of miniature cooling systems. We focus on a mini dc refrigerated compressor and have designed numerous commercial and personal compact and portable cooling units based on this technology. We love to work with our clients to create custom thermal solutions that integrate directly into products to minimize weight, footprint, and costs.

    Vaccine Freezer -86℃

    The patent ultra-low temp mobile vaccine freezer-RG01L86 is designed for the medical scene, with ultra-compact size, lightweight and minimum temp of -86℃ to solve the industry pain point of vaccine transportation. Stirling Power, No freon.

    Mobile Compact Cooler

    This mobile compact cooler is a commercial off-the-shelf product. LC1910E-PRO. It runs on battery, car power. Both 12V and 24V DC power available. No Maintenance. No Ice. No Hassel. It can provide 24/7 continuously cooling in any hot environment.

    12V/24V Alphacooler

    Alphacooler is a small portable cooler especially used to increase personal effectiveness in hot weather or while using thicker protective equipment, markets include hospital, medical, military, firefighter, outdoor worker, 1st responders, and racing...

    Small Cooling Units

    RIGID has extensive experience with integrating our miniature refrigeration technology into compact, efficient cooling systems to meet our clients’ requirements. The small cooling units are used across a variety of industries including Laser, Laboratory, EV, Electronics, foods, and medical...

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    RIGID - is a China manufacturer and supplier of compact cooling systems, working in close cooperation with the leading United States and European manufacturers of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration.

    RIGID - has its own R&D department and manufacturing facilities. Thereby, we control the complete process from the first idea to the delivery of finished cooling products to customers

    RIGID - is different from other companies as it features an Innovation oriented combined with functionality. We focus on miniature cooling and keep looking for novel solutions in the small cooling industry.

    RIGID - doesn't spend a massive budget on marketing and advertising. We strive to make our cooling units affordable to customers and the market.

    12V Micro DC Aircon


    450W (1,535Btu)

    24V Micro DC Aircon


    550W (1,876Btu)

    24V Micro DC Aircon


    700W (2,387Btu)

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    Micro DC Aircon

    Ultra Compact & Light Weight


    Plate Type Liquid Chiller

    Frame and Plate Evaporator


    Coaxial Type Liquid Chiller

    Stainless St. Coaxial Evaporator


    Stainless Steel Liquid Chiller

    Stainless St. Coil Evaporator


    Copper Coil Liquid Chiller

    Ultra Compact & Light Weight


    DC Condensing Unit

    Ultra Small Cooling Unit