DV1920E-C (24V)
  • DV1920E-C (24V)
  • DV1920E-C (24V)
  • DV1920E-C (24V)
  • DV1920E-C (24V)

DV1920E-C (24V)

Product: Liquid Chiller Module
Compressor: QX1902VDL
Voltage: DC 24V
Capacity: 130W (LBP)
Refrigerant: R134A
Size: 330x200x180mm(12.99x 7.87x7.08inch)
Weight: 3.0kgs (6.61lbs)

Evaporator Fittings (two options):
1- Barbed Pipe
2- Straight Pipe

Hospital, Medical-Aesthetic Cooling; Pure Water cycling refrigeration, and any other liquid cycling equipment which request both environmental-friendly and efficient.
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More Details

Coaxial Liquid Chiller

The compact Coaxial Liquid Chiller allows the end user to adapt to the coolant fittings for ultimate flexibility.


  • 12V /24V /48V DC
  • R134a /R290 Refrigerant
  • Adopts miniature dc compressor
  • Capacity: 100~550W (360~1,880Btu)
  • Temperature Range: ±20℃ (-4~68℉)
  • 2,000~6,500 rpm variable speeds drive board
  • Features: Small, reliable, efficient, and affordable cost.