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    The healthcare industry demands increasingly compact, portable, faster, and more powerful cooling devices. This results in concentrated heat loads which can cause performance variability, premature component failure and can even harm patients.

    P-Plate Liquid Chiller

    P-Plate Liquid Chiller

    • 3.5 kgs/7.7lbs;
    • Size: 330x200x138mm;
    • Micro refrigration compressor unit;
    • 12V/24V/48V dc compressor to enable peak performance;
    • Compact cooling system provides reliable small refrigeration solution;
    • DC compressor cooler provides affordable cooling solution where size/space/efficiency are important factors.


    A Quick Overview – Main Features

    • Power available DC 12V, 24V and 48V. That ensures optimal performance and low working amps of the device.
    • The size 13 x 7.8 x 5 inches (330x200x138mm). Its compact size ensures a wide variety of medical and cosmetic equipment. The plate liquid chiller doesn’t take a lot of space, and you can place it anywhere around your home, office, or facility effortlessly. The compact dimensions also make it portable and suitable to use on the go.
    • The unit weighs 7.7 pounds (3.5 kgs). It is another reason why this plate liquid chiller is portable and easy to move around.
    • The capacity varies from 100 to 550W. Another amazing benefit of the plate liquid chiller is that it is customizable. That means the manufacturer can tailor its power and capabilities to your desired application.
    • Uses R134A refrigerant. It is a recommended coolant that is used in cooling devices throughout the world.
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    Medical Equipment Cooling System Working Principle

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    P-Plate Liquid Chiller

    RIGID patent compact plate liquid chiller can improve medical device accuracy, reliability, and level up your equipment to provide a liquid cooling solution for the medical device or cosmetic equipment.


    Our R&D team can design and fabricate the ideal solution for your application, saving you development time and cost.

    Flat Plate Liquid Chiller - Advance Cooling System For Medical Equipment

    RIGID has developed the compact liquid chillers to satisfy the growing market segment of customers who want to microclimate cooling systems but can handle the coolant circuitry and the system controls.

    Rigid liquid chiller is a circulatory cooling subsystem. It consists of a mini compressor (12V/24V/48V) with R134A coolant, smallest condenser and radiator, copper coil evaporator (heat exchanger), filter drier, driver board and other refrigeration parts.

    The performance of liquid chiller depends on the major components (compressor, heat exchangers, coolant). RIGID standard liquid chiller offers 100W~550 W of capacity and can operate in ambient environments as warm as 50°C.

    RIGID liquid chiller is a kind of heat transfer system. Its benefits include ultra-small radiator and high heat flux, it provides excellent cooling performance. The compact chiller is good for customers who are able to deal with system control. If you want a cooling subsystem module only to integrate or assemble with your machine or equipment, Rigid small chillers are better choices.

    We provide the drive board together accordingly. The user’s control board can connect with our DC compressor drive board (included) to control
    compressor speed and get the best performance they needed.


    • Instant Cooling Comfort
    • Lightweight 7lb Design
    • Cooling lasts 24/7 hours
    • No need ice, Reusable over and over
    • Water-based non-hazardous ingredients

    What You Should Know of Flat Plate Liquid Chiller

    Nowadays in the market, you can only see ice water cooler, or even dry ice, whose temperature is -90C. That might lead to the chilled water freezing, which can affect the device’s performance, and fail to deliver the expected results.


    Today, RIGID has developed Plate Liquid Chiller. We've come a long way, now the compact liquid chiller becomes an incredibly powerful and versatile device. You can assemble the plate chiller into your device for multiple applications, which secures an excellent ratio of price and quality. No need ice, connect hose to the cold pad hose, 24/7 continuously working, very impressive. RIGID Plate Liquid Chiller is might be the best way to bring your medical device to the next level.


    The compact cooling module provides active performance in injury treatment and post-operative recovery through active vapor compressor compression and cold technology. It differs from conventional ice cold therapy solutions. RIGID cooling module offers active chilled water continuously from its evaporator to the medical equipment cold pad hose. The combination of cold and active compression helps reduce swelling, control edema, and increase blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to injured areas -- mimicking the body's natural contractions to encourage an enhanced healing process.


    When necessary, it will keep you cool. But it can also increase the temperature when needed. That dual function is what sets this unit from the crowd.


    Stay tuned to learn more about RIGID's cooler that revolutionized the market.

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    RIGID Provides Active Thermal Management Of Critical Cooling For Medical Devices


    Active thermal management is vital in a number of medical device applications including patient core temperature management, skin cooling, medical device cooling, and laboratory equipment cooling. These applications include initial emergency medical services, in-hospital patient thermal management, a range of procedures that take place in doctor’s offices, and laboratory equipment. To meet this growing need, RIGID has developed and manufacture miniature cooling systems for the medical devices. The mini cooling systems have a highly efficient and compact size that can be integrated into medical or cosmetic equipment.

    The demand for medical equipment cooling is expected to witness a continuous increase from the medical industry. Medical cooling systems are used to reduce the heat load generated by medical equipment during diagnostic procedures. By doing this, the medical cooling systems are able to maintain the life cycle of imaging equipment and help to achieve the goal of quality patient care. RIGID active thermal management is used in various applications such as patient core temperature management, skin cooling, medical device cooling, and laboratory equipment cooling. Medical equipment often needs internal cooling systems. MRI machines, X-ray machines, and home health air supplies all require some combination of air conditioning, refrigeration, and humidification or dehumidification.


    Today RIGID designs and manufacture mini refrigeration systems to meet medical aesthetic industry needs. We developed the world’s smallest refrigerated compressor and have designed various commercial and personal cooling modules based on this technology. We work with our customers to create custom thermal solutions that integrate directly into products to minimize weight, footprint, and costs.

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    Miniature DC Liquid Chiller for Global Medical Equipment Cooling Market: Future and Trends!

    RIGID Plate Liquid Chiller cooling modules are used to reduce the heat load generated by medical equipment during diagnostic procedures. By doing this, the systems are able to maintain the life cycle of imaging equipment and help achieve the goal of quality patient care.


    Growth in this market is largely driven by factors such as the economic benefits offered by cooling systems, technological advancements in diagnostic imaging modalities, growing geriatric population, and rising cancer incidences. However, the risk of corrosion in cooling systems is expected to challenge the market’s growth during the forecast period.


    RIGID plate chiller is a water-cooled cooling system that has been used for a long time. It is pure water-based, safe and environmentally. This is due to their advantages such as efficient refrigerated mini compressor, greater life span, less noise, suitability for facilities with small space and restricted airflow, and absence of toxic refrigerants.


    RIGID keeps looking for novel solutions in a compact & portable cooling system. In the global medical equipment cooling market, RIGID is the compact cooling manufacturer behind many brands such as Nestle (Switzerland), Grohe (Germany), Kohler (China), Farmshelf (USA), Bluemoon (Italy) etc. RIGID Technology manufactures and delivers a wide range of mini chillers and cooling solutions across the medical, food packaging, laser, beverage and semiconductor industries internationally.

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