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    Mini DC Compressor

    Direct Current Compressors 12V/24V/48V

  • The Best Cooling Capacity for Smallest Footprints on the Market

    Offering Full Size Thermal Managements with Ultra-Compact Refrigeration Systems.


    Want more than just a standard refrigeration condensing unit?

    Want a custom refrigeration solution for your specific system?

    Small Cooling Systems

    Who Are We?

    RIGID is a mini compressor innovation leader in China. We capture new technologies in mobile and compact cooling systems! Superior design, uncompromising quality, and a growing list of satisfied clients make RIGID the pioneer in the micro cooling industry.


    Rigid isn't a century-old company, but we move quickly and are unafraid to take responsibility. Our main businesses are Mini Compressor & Small Chillers & Direct Cooling & Micro DC Aircon and other miniature cooling systems such as Stirling coolers, racing coolers, mini water chillers mainly apply for micro refrigeration & air conditioning applications.


    We focus on clients' costs and budgets, and always take the necessary steps to boost their competitiveness. Plus, our teamwork directly with customers to provide custom-made refrigeration solutions and meet their specific requirements.

    Small Cooling Systems / Thermal management OEM and Design

    Our Service?

    Recirculating Chillers & Thermal Managements

    In addition to standard compact cooling systems, RIGID also provides personalized service.


    Let us know your requirements and we'll work closely with you to work out a solution, create a design, develop a drawing, provide a prototype, work with you through validation, and then manufacture products that meet your precise requirements. We have a thorough ISO 9001 design and test process that will assure you receive a prototype that meets your expectations.


    Whether you need new technology, product updates, or a new project for the future; we’ve got you covered. Our nice engineers work directly with you and give you the support and services you need to MAKE MORE.


    More than just a refrigeration condensing units provider,
    RIGID is a technology enterprise provides full-size Ultra-Compact Cooling Solutions.

  • Your Application. Our Expertise. One Solution.

    For the past 10 years, Rigid Technology has stood the test of time for the highest level of performance, quality, safety, and innovation. All Rigid Standard Cooling Systems are designed and manufactured with complete control of every step to ensure that Rigid's uncompromising standards for ultimate performance, unmatched reliability, and highest durability are met. Besides standard chiller modules, Rigid also custom-made refrigeration units according to clients' demands.

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    RIGID product's pocket size and portability and very competitive price enable us to be irreplaceable. RIGID Technology is well known for its unique design and high-tech precision manufacturing, resulting in products that outperform and outlast any other brand on the market today.

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    Major Applications:


    • Laser / Chip Cooling
    • Precise Instruments
    • Battery / Electric Vehicle
    • Medical Lab Equipments
    • Vertical Smart Farming
    • Portable Air Conditioner
    • Electronics / Semiconductor
    • Medical & Aesthetic Device
    • Dog/Pets Crate Air Cooling
    • Driver Racing and Motorsports
    • Body Cooling for Athlete's Recovery


    Major Application Schematic Diagram


    Compact Recirculating Chillers & Thermal Managements  

    Laser engraving cooling


    Electronic instrument cooling


    Van and camping

    Van & Camping



    EV battery for car

    EV Battery

    Medical cooling systerm


    Laboratory cooling


    Wine & Beverage cooling

    Wine & Beverage


    Family or Commercial Farming


  • Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling

    Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Battery Cooling

    Superior Lithium Battery Cooling Solutions
    RIGID has developed a compact liquid chiller to satisfy the growing market segment of customers who want to microclimate cooling systems but can handle the coolant circuitry.
    Here we introduce you to the Best Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling System – Plate Liquid Chiller. It is designed to circulate chilled water or liquid throughout the tubing to get optimal local cooling performance. The mini and mobile liquid chiller is a circulatory cooling subsystem. Effective cold plate design typically leads to a higher pressure drop across the battery pack due to the long length and narrow coolant channels required. The application is to provide chilled glycol/water to a cooling system for a battery pack in an electric driveline vehicle.

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