• Portable Air Conditioner

    Portable Air Conditioner

    Tiny Size & Fully Workhorse

    No Idle, No Sweating!

  • The Real Industrial Class Mobile DC Air Conditioner

    Brushless Compressor  •  Hassle-Free  •  CO & CO2-Free  •  Remote Controller


    12&24 Voltage Plan

    For Personal & Commercial use


    12&24V DC Portable Air Conditioner

    12 Voltage Plan

    For eletrical vehicle use


    12V DC Portable Air Conditioner

    24 Voltage Plan

    For Medical device use


    24V DC Portable Air Conditioner

    48 Voltage Plan

    For EV & Commercial use


    48V DC Portable Air Conditioner

  • Key Features

    The Variable Speed Miniature DC Air Conditioner Unit Provides Unique Advantages for Your Applications

    Completely Electrical Power


    Reduced fuel expenses, No worry of maintenance.

    Comfort Cooling Temp


    Cooling temp 5℃~ 30℃, No oil comsumption, quiet.

    Environmentally Friendly


    Battery-driven, prevent atmospheric emissions of CO2

    Portable, No Maintenance


    Light-weight, carry-on freely. You can bring it anywhere inddors or outdoors.

  • Portable Air Conditioner

    Battery-Driven 12V/24V/48V Available

    • Weight: 11Kg (24lbs)
    • Refrigerant: R134A (included)
    • Capacity: ≥500W to 700W (2,387Btu)
    • Cold air outlet: 3℃ ~30℃ (37.4℉~86℉)
    • Size: 565x255x245mm (22.2x10x9.6 inch)
    • 3-gear variable speed blower: Low-Medium-High
    • All-in-one, Plug and play.


    Accessories: 1pc x remote controller; 1pc x power cord; 1pc x drainage tube; 1pc x exhaust vent; 1pc x cold air vent.


    Micro-Inverter Mini Compressor:

    Compressor is a key component of refrigeration products, it is the “heart” of such appliances, comparable to a car engine or even the human heart. RIGID Technology presents the lightest, ultra-compact, and more efficient mini compressor. The portable air conditioner adopts our patent twin-cylinder mini compressor. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideally suited for mobile and small cooling applications.

    Rugged & Portable Air Conditioner

    • No Ice

    • Hassle-free

    • Light-weight

    • No Carbon Monoxide

    Comfortable Breeze Available 50℉+

    • Portable

    • Ultra-quiet

    • Quick cooling

    • Ultra-compact and lightweight.

  • Micro & Portable Air Conditioner

    Challenges of Confined Space and Extreme Heat.

    • Low Weight Extremely Portable
    • Low Voltage → Proven Low Risk (12V / 24V / 48V)
    • Low Noise → Suitable for Office, Hospital, Home
    • Small Footprint → Easily Integrated into Small Spaces
    • High Capacity → Comparable to Systems 5x the Size
    • High-Efficiency → Low Power Draw, Less Heat Rejection
    • High-Reliability → Less Maintenance, Fewer Service Calls
    • Variable Speed → Accurate Temperature Stability Available

    Portable DC Air Conditioner

    Compact & Rugged Portable DC Air Conditioner With Remote Controller - 12V / 24V / 48V

  • Portable Air Conditioner

    Ultra-lightweight micro-climate portable air conditioner, 100% battery driven air cooling system,

    specially designed to apply to all compact and portable cooling use.









  • Apply for Custom Design

    Can't find what you're looking for in our standard product line? No problem. We produce a great deal of custom-designed and modified standard products for our volume production customers. We can develop a custom solution to meet your specific needs. Please contact us with your requirements so we can develop a detailed specification in conjunction with your engineering team, develop a design, build a prototype, validate it in collaboration with you, and then manufacture your product according to your specifications.
    With our comprehensive ISO 9001 design and testing process, we will provide you with a prototype that meets your expectations. Our manufacturing team will take your system from concept to production, and our quality system will guarantee that every system that leaves our production line meets your reliability standards.

  • FAQ

    Battery Driven Portable DC Air Conditioner Frequently Asked Questions

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