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    RIGID - is a China manufacturer and supplier of compact cooling systems, working in close cooperation with the leading United States and European manufacturers of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration.

    RIGID - has its own R&D department and manufacturing facilities. Thereby, we control the complete process from the first idea to the delivery of finished cooling products to customers

    RIGID - is different from other companies as it features an Innovation oriented combined with functionality. We focus on miniature cooling and keep looking for novel solutions in the small cooling industry.

    RIGID - doesn't spend a massive budget on marketing and advertising. We strive to make our cooling units affordable to customers and the market.


    * All products are designed and manufactured following strict manufacturing instructions of RIGID management. We provide direct delivery from China to the personal person, company, manufacturer, and large retail chains in the USA, Asia, Russia, Europe, and the Middle East.

    * The production capacity is working according to the European quality and environmental control standards, which are certified by the international standards ISO 9001.


    We provide our partners/agents with:  
    • Competitive price;
    • 100% execution of orders;
    • Lifelong technical support;
    • An efficient logistics system;
    • Customized & OEM available;
    • Merchandising at the sales outlets;
    • Participation in sales and promotions.


    About us

    RIGID is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing, marketing and R&D of Condensing Units, Miniature Compressor & Custom Refrigeration Modules. Products are widely used in commercial & personal refrigeration, miniature & portable cooling system, and other tiny liquid cycle refrigeration devices, etc. The qualification of most products has met the technical and quality standards of Germany, the U.S., Italy and Asian countries.


    With nearly 9 years' persistent endeavor of our people, RIGID has established a whole set of the management system and has passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System, has gained CCC, CE certificates. We have high-quality personnel, combining sales, production and R&D, in which there are 5 sophisticated technicians, 3 professional international sales staff and more than 80% have got a college education.


    RIGID has a wholesome selling procedure and rigorous testing process, We ensure to provide our clients 100% satisfactory quality products. We continually develop new products according to the market trend.



    Our Mission

    Creative for a better life!


    The mission of our company is "Creative for a better life."


    To remain an industry leader in technology development, Rigid invests huge sums in research and development each year. Developing new products and accelerating the updates of products are Rigid's core competence. Plus, our team work directly with customers to provide custom refrigeration solutions and meet their specific requirements.


    Whether you need standard cooling unit or customize cooling, give us a ring, send us an email, let us show you why our customers always have a smiling face!

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    Copper Coil Liquid Chiller

    Ultra Compact & Light Weight


    DC Condensing Unit

    Ultra Small Cooling Unit


    Stainless Steel Liquid Chiller

    Stainless St. Coil Evaporator


    Plate Type Liquid Chiller

    Frame and Plate Evaporator


    Coaxial Type Liquid Chiller

    Stainless St. Coaxial Evaporator


    Micro DC Aircon

    Ultra Compact & Light Weight


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