• Chip & Semiconductor Cooling

    Today, thermal management has become one of the major challenges that electronic products are facing, such as Chip and Semiconductor.
    With the increasing speed of data generation and communication, and the decreasing size and cost of industrial components, the power density of electronic products has been increasing. The cooling of chip and electronic circuits has become extremely challenging.
    The current solution of chip cooling is liquid nitrogen. However, it is a great expense to liquefy the hydrogen because of non-recycle, and not environmentally friendly. Furthermore, liquid nitrogen transportation is dangerous.
    Now Rigid has successfully developed a new integrated Liquid Chiller RG-LC20 that tests the chips for simulation tests at -70 ° C by embedding freezing liquid directly into the chip test classifier, a chip test classifier that can simulate system tests. Compared with traditional liquid nitrogen cooling methods, this method is not only safe but also recyclable and more environmentally friendly. It is a promising, sustainable, and cost-effective method.
    Our industry-leading engineering team will work with you to solve your cooling challenges. We take into account the specificity of your system and provide solutions based on the application of your equipment.

    Chip & Semiconductor Cooling

    Liquid Chiller RG-LC20

    Compressor Liquid Cooling System


    Chiller LC20 is a refrigerated compressor circulatory cooling system. It is designed for chip and semiconductor refrigeration. By using three mixed refrigerants as coolant, the liquid chiller can reach temp -70℃ in 15mins.


    The compact liquid chiller LC20 contains quick connectors that can quickly connect to chip test equipment by liquid hoses. Apart from chip and semiconductor liquid cooling, LC20 also applies to precise instruments and equipment liquid cooling, such as Chip Probing Machine and Chip Test Handler.

    Breakthrough In Chip Cooling Technology: RIGID Patent Liquid Chiller LC20 Reaches -70℃

    RIGID Technology has developed an unparalleled compact and portable liquid chiller LC20 based on patented ultra-low refrigeration technology.

    By using three mixed refrigerants as coolant, the liquid chiller can reach temp -70 in 15mins. Liquid Chiller LC20 adopts brand Danfoss compressor, that can run on both 50Hz and 60Hz. Furthermore, LC20 has a compact size of 550 x 350 x 260mm can be easily integrated into the user's equipment. The compact liquid chiller LC20 contains quick connectors. It can quickly connect to chip test equipment by liquid hoses. It does not only facilitate installation but also assures end-users have excellent cooling performance. Apart from chip and semiconductor liquid cooling, LC20 applies to the precise instrument and equipment liquid cooling, such as Chip Probing Machine and Chip Test Handler.

    • Target temp: -70℃ (in 15mins)
    • 220-240V / 50Hz-60Hz
    • Danfoss brand compressor
    • Quick connectors to liquid hose
    • Compact size 550 x 350 x 260mm
    • Minimize weight & footprint & noise
    • Integrated design, easy installation & Environmental
    • Reliable & Energy efficient and very competitively price
    • Provide perfect performance where requests small footprint cooling solutions
    Chip & Semiconductor Cooling

    IC chips tend to be highly integrated and miniaturized, and the production process is tedious, any error in the process can easily lead to devise failure. After the IC chip processing and manufacturing process is completed, and before it is on the system, the chip needs to be tested and classified to eliminate defective products to reduce the cost of loss to verify the normal function and integrity of the IC. The use of good chip testing equipment and methods is one of the keys to improving the chip manufacturing level.


    RIGID Liquid Chiller RG-LC20 provides accurate and fast low-temp simulation tests for chips, modules, integrated circuit boards, and electronic components units. Chip environment simulation test is performed at -70℃ ultra-low temperature environment. It is an indispensable instrument for chip and semiconductor performance testing, failure analysis, and reliability assessment.


    Chip and Semiconductor Cooling

    Chip & Semiconductor Cooling

    Apart from standard refrigeration condensing units, RIGID also customizes and tailor-made a compact cooling module to meet customer's specific requirements.


    We focus on client's costs and budgets, and always taking the necessary steps to boost their competitiveness. Plus, our team works directly with customers to provide custom refrigeration solutions and meet their specific requirements.

    Chip system level test (SLT)

    Chip test classifier liquid chiller cooling

    What's RIGID Liquid Chillers and Features?

    Nowadays, The need for compact liquid cooling continues to increase in the chip and semiconductor industry. Active thermal management is very important for medical equipment and devices. RIGID Liquid Chillers and other miniature cooling modules are very well-received, such as laser, electronics, patient body core temperature management, skin cooling, medical device cooling, and laboratory equipment cooling.


    Chip and semiconductor chiller RG-LC20 is mainly for electronic products cooling, as well as its original devices, and other materials in ultra-low temperature and its cyclic changes in the environment of storage, transportation, use of the adaptability test, and strive to give customers to achieve accurate results.

    RIGID engineers know better about cooling medical devices. So our plate liquid chiller must be compact, quiet, effective, and often must be placed inside the chassis of the medical system to keep tangled wires and hoses off the floor and out of the way of practitioners. All these demands present unique challenges to engineers. Furthermore, these critical features make cooling units in these applications difficult. The good news is, RIGID R&D team has successfully developed a variety of compact cooling solutions including air cooling, liquid cooling and direct refrigeration systems are being used to meet these challenges.

    RIGID Plate-P liquid chiller module is a circulatory cooling subsystem. It consists of a mini compressor with R134A coolant, a condenser (radiator), an evaporator (heat exchanger), a filter drier (expansion device), a driver board, and other refrigeration parts.

    It is a challenge to design a compact cooling system (or thermal management) to better match medical devices. Thanks to RIGID R&D team of years of research and development, now there are a variety of solutions are available to ensure that devices meet critical cooling requirements. Apart from Plate Liquid Chiller, other small cooling systems from simple fans or liquid cooling to compact refrigeration systems can help meet these challenges. If you have any specific cooling demands, just feel free to contact us. Our engineers are easy-going and would love to work directly with you.


       Main Applications:

    • Chip
    • Laser X-Ray
    • Semiconductor
    • Medical & Aesthetic Device
    • Precise Instruments & Electronics
    • Laboratory Device & Life Sciences
    Chip test handler cooling system
  • Miniature Compressor -The “Core” Power Emitting the Charm of Science and Technology

    Today, miniature dc refrigerated compressors are widely used by many small and portable cooling systems and small footprint countertop applications. RIGID mini BLDC rotary compressor is an ideal solution for the smallest refrigeration condensing unit.

    If your machine or system has restricted mounting space, then RIGID compact portable refrigeration units are your best choice. They are small, lightweight, and compact. Our standard products are designed with RIGID brand mini compressors. These dc compressors are designed in vapor compression technology and have less vibration and noise.

    The BLDC compressors can be widely applied to many thermal devices such as chillers, small coolers, medical cooling devices, and direct cooling systems for electronics. The patent drive board of these compressors can control the frequency of a swage wave signal and they can control the speed from 2000rmp-6500rmp. They have a greater cooling capacity, from 100W to 550W.


       Mini Compressor Features:

    • Mini compressors are available in 12V / 24V / 48V DC or AC power
    • They have a great power capacity from 100W to 550W
    • These are low vibration compressors, quietly running
    • They are designed with a sine wave controller for controlling vibration
    • These are highly efficient compressors that are lightweight and small
    • Mini compressors can be used for mobile and transport cooling applications
    RIGID miniature dc compressor
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