• DC Compressors

    RIGID has successfully developed the 3rd generation miniature compressor by adopting patented sine wave drive board. The tiny compressor has features of the lightest weight, smallest footprint and more efficiency to satisfy the growing market segment of clients who want compact and small cooling systems. Rigid dc compressor is also ideally suited to meet the stringent demands of small dc air conditioning, compact and portable liquid cooling systems. We also specialize in liquid chiller modules (LCM) and direct refrigerant systems.


    To maintain our technological edge, RIGID re-invests a large portion of corporate earnings back into R&D each year.



    Miniature DC Compressors

    Mini Brushless DC Compressors

    • 12V & 24V & 48V
    • Water Dispenser
    • Liquid Chiller Module
    • Small Air Conditioning
    • Laser, medical, semiconductor & military applications
    • Miniature & Mobile Refrigeration / Small Cooling systems
    R134a R410A Compressors

    Small Rotary Compressors

    • 110~120V/50~60HZ;  220~240V/50~60HZ
    • R134A, R410A, R290
    • Dehumidifier
    • Air Conditioning
    • Refrigerator and Freezer
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  • Miniature Inverter DC Compressor

    Miniature Inverter DC Compressor

    12V 24V 48V DC Compressors

    R134A R410a Compressor for Dehumidifier

    R134A R410A R290 Compressors

    Small Compressors for Dehumidifier

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