• Mini Compressors

    RIGID mini compressor is a new type innovated micro dc compressor. Its compact and light weight design makes it ideally suited for mobile and small cooling applications. Toda, RIGID has successfully developed the 5th generation miniature compressor, it adopts our patented sine wave drive board.


    The mini compressor has features of the lightest weight, smallest footprint and more efficiency to satisfy the growing market segment of clients who want compact and small cooling systems.


    RIGID dc mini compressor is also ideally suited to meet the stringent demands of small dc air conditioning, compact and portable liquid cooling systems. We also specialize in liquid chiller modules (LCM) and direct refrigerant systems.


    To maintain our technological edge, RIGID re-invests a large portion of corporate earnings back into R&D each year. PDF Download


      Miniature DC Compressors

      Mini DC Compressors

      • 12V & 24V & 48V
      • Liquid Water Cooling
      • Liquid Chiller Module
      • Small Air Conditioning
      • Laser, medical, semiconductor & military applications
      • Miniature & Mobile Refrigeration / Small Cooling systems
      R134a R410A Compressors

      Small Rotary Compressors

      • 110~120V/50~60HZ;  220~240V/50~60HZ
      • R134A, R410A, R290 Compressor
      • Dehumidifier
      • Air Conditioning
      • Refrigerator and Freezer
    • Features:

      •     BLDC compressor R134A
      •     Low vibration and noise
      •     Sine wave controller
      •     High efficiency, high capacity, lightweight
      •     Robust rotary design ideally suited for mobile & transport applications

      Typical Applications:

      •    Automotive (Electric Vehicle, Vessel, Helicopter)
      •     EV / RV Refrigerators
      •     Small Refrigerators
      •     Truck Parking Cooler (No-Idle)
      •     Aesthetic & Medicine Device
      •     Telecommunications Cooling
      •    Portable and Small Cooling Applications
    • Controller Specification Download

    • Miniature Inverter DC Compressor

      Miniature Inverter DC Compressor

      12V 24V 48V DC Compressors

      R134A R410a Compressor for Dehumidifier

      R134A R410A R290 Compressors

      Small Compressors for Dehumidifier

    • How To Add Oil For A Mini DC Compressor

      How to add oil or refrigerant to mini dc compressor

      Using a syringe (see photo below) load the compressor with adequate (RL 68H, Viscosity: 300SUS, Add 50ml, recommended or equivalent) refrigerant oil through the discharge port. Make sure the syringe is inserted just far enough to reach inner chamber to allow air to purge but not to contact internal electrics, which might cause damage.

      RIGID high-quality Mini DC Compressor is developed for small cooling and air conditioning. The tiny compressor has features of the lightest weight, smallest size, and extraordinary efficiency to satisfy the growing HVAC market nowadays.


      RIGID micro compressor has as much as 30W to 550W of cooling capacity under standard ASHRAE conditions. By using R134A refrigerant, RIGID micro compressor is able to run on 12V, 24V, and 48V DC or AC power through an AC-DC conversion. RIGID small dc compressor is starting a new trend in various compact mobile cooling systems as well as small footprint countertop appliances.


      RIGID refrigeration mini compressors are ideally suited for a miniature refrigeration system, mobile & portable aircon, cooling electronics, and in numerous commercial appliance types where space and weight are important.

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