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The Best Micro Cooling Systems for Drone Mobile Base Station


The Battery-driven Compact Cooling Modules for Telecom Shelters and Drone Base Station.

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Drone Base Station air conditioning - RIGID HVAC


The Best Micro Cooling Systems for Mobile Base Station

Background: At present, the power supply system and major electronics are loaded in the UAV drone base station or the telecom shelter base station. Usually the main communication equipments are distributed independently in the base station and installed in different positions in the base station. At the same time, the heat generated by the power supply system, the main electronics and communication equipments will affect the battery operation. High temperatures affect the life and efficiency of lithium-ion batteries of drone docking station. 

Therefore, in order to ensure the stable operation of the Lithium battery and communication main equipment in the base station, the base station is often equipped with cooling equipment to maintain the temperature.The stable and efficient operation of energy storage battery system is closely related to the temperature control system. At present, the mainstream cooling approach includes air cooling and liquid cooling schemes, among which air cooling schemes are more common.



Bulky traditional air conditioners have traditionally been used for removing heat generated by communications equipment installed in base station and drone base station enclosures. These traditional large air conditioners are constantly running throughout the year, consuming large amounts of energy.  Many electronic cabinets found in base stations and drone base station are cooled needlessly with these larger air conditioners.  


Traditional A/C with vertical mounts are often too large to fit inside an enclosure, so instead they are mounted on an exterior wall to provide temperature control to the entire space inside. RIGID Micro DC Aircon and Compact Liquid Chillers adopt its own patent miniature brushless dc vapor compressors, offer a smaller, more efficient option to precisely cool vital electronics and batteries in telecom enclosures and drone docking station, as well as battery backup outdoor cabinets. 


Mobile Drone Docking Station Air Conditioning - RIGID HVAC 

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RIGID Micro DC Aircon removes heat from the air which is circulated through the system to cool the heat source. They are especially applied to critical applications where space and weight are important to them. It is widely used for compact and confined space cooling. 


DC Air conditioning systems are ideal for cooling bulk heat loads where minimal modification to the system is desired. The mini compressor air conditioner provides an excellent cooling solution where size/space/efficiency are important factors. 


If your existing infrastructure requires minimal changes, RIGID Micro DC Aircon is probably your best choice. It is the world's smallest air condition unit, driven by batteries. At present, RIGID Micro air cooling units are mainly applied to communication base station, drone base station and other projects with relatively small power and power density.

Micro DC Aircon - The most compact and mobile air conditioning in the world.

Micro DC Aircon for Drone base station air conditioning


Micro DC Aircon Features:

Easy to install, compact, Micro-channel condenser, Copper Antimicrobial Evaporator Coils, and more.

  • Low Weight → Extremely Portable
  • Low Voltage → Proven Low Risk (12V / 24V / 48V)
  • Low Noise → Suitable for Office, Hospital, Home
  • Small Footprint → Easily Integrated into Small Spaces
  • High Capacity → Comparable to Systems 5x the Size
  • High-Efficiency → Low Power Draw, Less Heat Rejection
  • High-Reliability → Less Maintenance, Fewer Service Calls
  • Variable Speed → Accurate Temperature Stability Available
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However, liquid cooling approach is the future. Although air cooling account for a high proportion at present, the main reason is that the application fields such as communication base station is promoted faster, and the power density of energy storage system in the communication base station is relatively low. Therefore, a large number of air cooling systems used in the temperature control field of data center are applied to this field. 


In the future, with the demand of new energy power stations, off-grid energy storage and other larger battery capacity, higher power density of the system, according to the consistent feedback of the industry, the proportion of liquid cooling approach will increase rapidly. 


At present, to meet the market demand, RIGID Technology has successfully launched a series of miniature liquid cooling modules. These mini liquid cooling system have been widely used in lithium battery cooling, electric vehicles, outdoor cabinets and so on. Its advantages are mainly close to the heat source, uniform temperature, low energy consumption, but also more suitable for outdoor environment than air cooling. 


Second, RIGID compact liquid-cooled chillers has greatly reduce the working temperature of battery pack or the base station, thus reducing the power consumption of the base station and the machine room. Futthermore, it is more energy saving and environmental friendly.


In fact, liquid-cooled base stations, a dark technology, are also the best prescription for operators to build 5G networks. Liquid-cooled base station is based on the traditional base station technology, using liquid as coolant, which seems to increase a lot of costs for operators, but actually it is not. Because liquid can dissipate heat from the base station more efficiently than air. 


RIGID compact liquid chillers can reduce energy consumption by about 30%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80%, and reduce drone base station size and weight by 50$. Compared with the traditional air contioning system, RIGID compact liquid chiller is more quiet and environmentally friendly, has very low noise, and can recycle the heat emitted by the base station, which can be used in the heating system of other electronic components.


In addition to the advantages mentioned above, RIGID small chiller modules also reduces the cost in the whole application for our customers. The drone base station using liquid cooling technology can reduce the use of fans, blowers, radiators, and other hardware. At the same time, liquid cooling circulation system can recover the heat emitted by the base station and be used in the heating system as well. Therefore, in terms of total operation and maintenance cost (TCO), it will not increase the cost, but reduce the operation and maintenance cost.

Compact Liquid Chiller - Small vapor coolings meet effective core refrigeration.

RIGID Compact Liquid Chiller - Small vapor coolings meet effective core refrigeration.


Compact Liquid Chiller Features:

Easy to install, compact, Micro-channel condenser, Copper Antimicrobial Evaporator Coils and more.

  • R134A
  • 3.5kgs/7.7lbs
  • Capacity: 100~550W
  • Compact Size: 330x200x138mm
  • Adopts miniature BLDC compressor by cooling temp -25℃~ 20℃.
  • Variable speed PCB allows the end user to adapt to their device ultimate flexibility.
  • Compact size, minimal weight and industrial-class reliability mainly apply to harsh applications.
  • Ideally suited for drone, laser, laboratory, battery, medical device and electronics where size, reliability, and temp stability are critical. 
Compact Liquid Chiller for drone, battery, eletronics and medical device cooling.


Compared with the traditional thermoelectric cooling device, RIGID micro air conditioning units have larger capacity, better refrigeration effect, and the energy efficiency ratio is the highest. Not only do they provide long life and maximum uptime, but they also reduce the total cost. 


RIGID micro air conditioning series is the ideal choice for new design and renovation of mobile base stations and drone base stations, which can replace bulky and expensive traditional cooling systems. Moreover, the micro dc aircon reduces operating costs and saving maintenance time.


The RIGID micro air conditioning series has a cooling power of up to 700W and a COP of 3.5W/W, whose cooling efficiency is 3 to 5 times that of traditional thermoelectric cooling devices. This saves users installation and maintenance costs, as well as space within mobile base stations and base station cabinets.



At RIGID, we pride ourselves on the rapid development of small cooling technologies and strong custom service. Our existing line of small cooling systems as well as newly designed dc air conditioner, from the ground up virtually fit any applications. RIGID is happy to develop a custom solution to meet your specific demand. 

Whether you need new technology, product updates, or a new project for the future; we’ve got you covered. Our nice engineers work directly with you and give you the support and services you need to MAKE MORE

Contact us to inquire about a compact cooling solution today.


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