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Staying Cool in a Van With a Portable Air Conditioner

Best Battery-Driven Portable DC Air Conditioner for Motorhome / Camping / Trailer / Truck cab / Van

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Staying Cool in a Van With a Portable Air Conditioner



As you flip the calendar pages toward summer and the temperature begins to rise, it’s time to think about how you’ll keep hot air from ruining your fun. Now RIGID has successfully developed a rugged Portable Air Conditioner, you don’t need to do much work at all — just plug and play and it's ready to go.


If you don’t have adequate air conditioning in your minivan, RV or motorhome, now is the time to make your plans so that you aren’t caught off guard by an early heat wave. If you’re thinking about cool air, RIGID portable air conditioner is probably one of the best choice. 


RIGID portable air conditioners work like any other air conditioner. Liquid refrigerant flows through a series of coiled tubes to absorb heat in the room. The heat is then released outdoors through an exhaust hose. 


The main difference is that RIGID Portable Air Conditioner is completely Portable. It's has the smallest footprints and lightest weight, however outstanding cooling performance, because it uses a two-cylinder mini compressor (RIGID Technology). 


At the same time, this mobile air conditioner is also equipped with remote control, convenient for users to control the air conditioner remotely. What's more, the portable aircon includes air inlet and outlet ports, dual hoses to direct hot air to the outside, and looks like a flexible dryer outlet, allowing you to quickly and easily set up the ventilation system in your vehicle. 



Tiny Size & Fully Workhorse - No Idle, No Sweating!

Battery-Driven 12V/24V/48V Available

  • Current draw: 8.0 A
  • Refrigerant: R134A (included)
  • Power input: ≤200W
  • Capacity: ≥500W to 700W (2,387Btu)
  • Cold air outlet: 3℃ ~30℃ (37.4℉~86℉)
  • 3-gear variable speed blower: Low-Medium-High


  • All-in-one, Plug and play.
  • Less Weight → 11Kg (24lbs) 
  • Small Size → 22x10x9.6 inch
  • High Capacity → Comparable to Systems 5x the Size
  • High-Efficiency → Low Power Draw, Less Heat Rejection
  • High-Reliability → No Maintenance, No Roads No Limits
  • Variable Speed → Accurate Temperature Stability Available

Accessories included: 1pc x remote controller; 1pc x power cord; 1pc x drainage tube; 1pc x exhaust vent; 1pc x cold air vent.

Compact & Rugged Portable DC Air Conditioner With Remote Controller - 12V / 24V / 48V


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It’s a bit of a misconception that portable air conditioning systems can be moved into different rooms on a whim. Because of the need to exhaust air through a window, moving a unit around will require also moving its exhaust vent. This is simpler with a window kit, but many people will not find it as convenient as carrying a space heater from room to room. However, no more worries if you have one RIGID portable air conditioner. You can take it anywhere you like, and cool any part of room you love.


It’s ready to use right out of the box.You don’t need any help installing the portable air conditioner — or a friend to help you lift it into place in your window. You won’t even need any tools if you get a handy window kit to fit the exhaust hose in place with your window a few inches ajar. All you have to do is plug it in to beat the heat.


What other factors should I concern, if I buy a Portable Air Conditioner?

  • Heat Venting 

It is ok if you don't want to make any conversion of your van; but you can get much better cooling performance if you access heating outside to the window. 

RIGID Portable air conditioners also allow you some flexibility about where you place the unit to work with the traffic flow in your room. 


  • Enough Power Battery 

If your battery outputs 12V: At least 250W power, and close to 21A peak current is required from your battery. If your battery outputs 24V: Its maximum power is about 210W, and the corresponding maximum current is about 9A.


Buy a portable air conditioner online


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Advantages of RIGID Portable Air Conditioners

1. Low Weight→ Extremely Portable

2. Low Voltage→ Proven Low Risk (12V / 24V / 48V)

3. Low Noise→ Suitable for Office, Hospital, Home

4. Small Footprint→ Easily Integrated into Small Spaces

5. High Capacity→ Comparable to Systems 5x the Size

6. High-Efficiency→ Low Power Draw, Less Heat Rejection

7. High-Reliability→ Less Maintenance, Fewer Service Calls

8. Variable Speed→ Accurate Temperature Stability Available


Best Uses for RIGID Portable Air Conditioners

1. You have no available windows - Whether they’re too small, too high up or don’t open properly, you can much more easily get an exhaust hose into place than a full window unit in these awkward situations. 

2. You love natural light - If you don’t want to block your window for the whole summer because you want to open it up for occasional fresh air or you want to let the sunshine in a portable unit won’t block your windows. This is especially important in rooms where there’s only one. 

3. You don't want any conversions to your van - If this is the case for you, a portable air conditioner might be the workaround you’ve been looking for. 

4. You need spot cooling in part of your vehicle - If you don't have air conditioning in some rooms, portable AC can help keep the hot spots comfortable. It’s a great supplemental system, especially in small rooms that you can close off.

5. You just want to get a decent night’s sleep - If you’re one of those hardy souls who doesn’t mind the heat during the day, a portable unit is probably well-suited for use in your bedroom. Using it for only a portion of the day, and in a limited space, will keep costs down while allowing you to stay cool when you need it most.

6. You live in a humid climate - Portable air conditioning units also help dehumidify your space, which can make your room even more comfortable on muggy days. If you live in an arid climate, you may wish to try an evaporative cooler instead, which will use less electricity overall.


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RIGID Portable air conditioners can be remarkably convenient for many motorhome and minivan owners and renters, and they are an affordable way to bring an outstanding cool air into your living space. They can also be a lifesaver if your regular air conditioner is broken — you can get them up and running quickly while you wait for repairs. 

If you decide to give portable air conditioning a try, RIGID Portable Air Conditioner is the best choice. Do not hesitate to contact us, and you’re likely to enjoy a comfortable camping all summer long. Contact us!