• Ultra-low Temp Vaccine Freezer

    RIGID ultra-low temperature mobile vaccine freezer - RG01L86 is specially designed for the medical scene, with ultra-compact size, lightweight and minimum temperature of -86℃ to solve the industry pain point of vaccine transportation. RIGID vaccine freezer makes up for the shortage of vaccine transportation, with precise temperature control of ±0.1℃ to ensure high quality of transportation. Safety.


    Stirling technology is a breakthrough in small and deep freezing. It can be used in abundant applications, also a better alternative to a refrigerated compressor. RIGID breakthrough cooling technology makes the Stirling ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer uniquely efficient, lightweight and flexible enough to meet today’s unprecedented COVID-19 vaccine cold chain deployment challenges.


    In the background of the Internet of Things, RIGID ultra-low temp freezer supports real-time viewing of machine location and operation data, supports remote control of machines, and can export the data to achieve full control and traceability.

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  • RIGID Stirling Compact Mobile Freezer adopts Japanese Stirling refrigeration technology, using environmentally safe helium as the refrigerant, with high life, high safety, and high-reliability performance.


    Because of the unique Stirling technology, this freezer is not afraid of vibration and transportation bumps. At the same time, it can be equipped with multiple Stirling coolers. During pre-cooling, multiple Stirling coolers can be started at the same time to achieve shorter pre-cooling time, and during normal operation, it can be put into a multi-prepared mode.


    Furthermore, the Stirling Compact Mobile Freezer with modular cold chain collector. It's a standard, distributable device that is not only a cold chain transport device, but also your "mobile cold storage". At the same time, the IoT background can support the positioning of refrigerators, real-time view of operational data, support remote control of the machine, and can export the data so that the whole process can be controlled and traced.

    Stirling Technology.

    No Compressor, - 86°C

    Energy Saving, Stirling Power-Ultra Low Vaccine Freezer!

    1. Model: RG01L86
    2. Volume: 1L (10*10pcs 2ml samples)
    3. Weight: 13.5Kgs
    4. Cooling Part: Stirling RS100
    5. Max Power: 100W
    6. Voltage: 12V-24V
    7. Temperature: -86℃ to 4℃
    8. External Size: 270x270x450mm (LxWxH)
    9. Internal Size: 150x134x54.5mm (LxWxH)
    • Efficient & Compact & Portable
    • 70% Energy Savings
    • Intelligent temperature control
    • Safety and Intelligent Temperature Control
    • Deployable ULT solution bring ultra-low storage to vaccine
    • Built-in battery, ≥1H (when the vaccine freezer runs at full power
    • Cooling Temperature to -86 ℃ in 2.5 mins!
  • Ultra-Low Freezer RG01L86

    70% Energy Saving

    Combining 70% energy cost savings, minimal maintenance and smallest footprint, RIGID Stirling freezer offers outstanding reliable cooling performance.

    Reliability and Stability

    No longer worry about the safety of vaccine samples with long-term reliability and Stirling technology stability.

    Intelligent temperature control

    Central dual laboratory-grade PT100 thermometer sampling to ensure temperature accuracy, 200 temperature sampling per second, intelligent learning temperature control algorithm, intelligent programming mode, program-controlled cooling (Stage MOS version 6 will open this function, need to cooperate with LOTA cloud platform and subsequent OTA upgrade)

    Unparalleled Vaccine Storage Advantages

    RIGID Stirling ultra-low temperature vaccine refrigerator, 1L internal effective volume, electronic touch control, temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃, adjustable temperature zone in -86℃ to 4℃, widely used for transporting vaccines, bacteria and viruses, biological samples, blood, human organs, immune medical products, and other goods with extremely high requirements on temperature.

  • Key Features

    Stirling Power Energy Saving Ultra Low-Temp Portable Freezer

    Temp Below -86 ℃

    Temp reaches -86°C within 2hrs, and when operation state temp is -86°C, put in 48x1.8ml test tube (water filled) in the freezer and the sample temperature reaches -86°C in 2.5mins. Using Stirling cooler RS100 as the core cooling source, ultra-low temp, fast cooling, not afraid of bumps and vibrations, maintenance-free.

    Compact Volume

    Freezer Inside available volume is IL, suitable for 10x10 2ml sample test tube boxes. All-metal integrated inside box, proprietary coating technology to ensure liner cleanness, test tube accessories, so that sample temperature no longer fluctuates.

    Remote connectivity & Monitoring

    Sense anywhere.

    The vaccine freeer has a remote monitoring system, providing on-site testing that ensure the quality reliability of remote monitoring.

    Financial Savings

    Stirling technology is breakthrough in small and deep freezing. 70% energy saving. It is a key to reduce the switchgear, HVAC and diesel backup power supporting your labs.

    Reliability & Stability

    Oil-Free, Ultra Quiet, Vibration-Free; Uniquely efficient, lightweight and flexible can be installed on various applications, especially for COVID-19 vaccine cold chain storages.

    Supreme Grade Insulation

    Integrated with high pressure foam and vacuum insulation panel; A double layer submersible door and double layer sealing ring, makes quick cool to -86℃ in minuts.

  • RG01L86

    Specification Download -86℃

  • RIGID Portable Vaccine Freezer Features

    Ultra low temperature vaccine freezer - Reliability in the Broadest Range of Deep Freezing Conditions

    Reliable Operation

    Stirling Ult freezer operates at high ambient room temperatures with minimal heat output. It adopts free piston stirling cooler RS80, stable operation, especially designed for harsh transportation.

    Widest Temperature Range

    The only ultra-low temp freezer on the market that safely maintains temperatures from -86°C to 4°C, meeting most pharmaceutical, vaccine, medicine and laboratory refrigeration requirements.

    Universal Power and Voltage

    RIGID vaccine Freezer is suitable for a wide voltage range of 110V~220V, 50Hz~60Hz outlets and can be used worldwide without modification. They can even tolerate power outages.


    IOT background, support machine location, real-time view of operational data, remote control of the machine, and can export the data so that the whole process can be controlled and traceable.

    Clinical & Medical

    Portable & ultra-small size stores vaccine or medicine all over the patient care. A wide range of refrigeration temperatures from -86°C to 4°C range is suitable for a wide range of applications.

    Small & Compact

    Maximize space utilization and store more vaccines and biospecimen inventory in less space. The freezer RG10L80 has the largest storage capacity per square foot/m2 in its class.

    Breakthrough Innovation

    Our revolutionary Stirling freezer RG01L86 is HOT SELLER. ± 0.1 ℃ of accurate temperature control. It uses less energy per volume to help maintain lower energy costs. Built-in lithium battery included.

    Variety of Applications

    Compact size, lightweight, ULT temp -86 ℃ to solve the pain spot of vaccines, drugs or liquid nitrogen transportation, to make up for the shortage of liquid nitrogen transport.

  • Stirling Power Mini Portable Vaccine Freezer -86℃

  • FAQ

    Stirling Portable Vaccine Freezer Frequently Asked Questions

    This FAQ is for Stirling Portable Vaccine Freezer. More details? Please Go Here!

    1. How much does Stirling Portable Vaccine Freezer?

    The Stirling Portable Vaccine Freezer retail price $2500. Purchase online here.

    2. Can we get quantity discounts?

    Yes, please contact us at [email protected] Nice quotation for mass production will be provided in 1hr.

    3. What's the difference between Stirling and Compressor?

    Stirling is a different technology from compressor. Compared to compressor, Stirling does not require condenser and evaporator, does not require oil lubrication, can work in 360° directions, can be moved, can be bumped, and has low refrigeration temperatures. If your products need to be moved, need temperatures below -60°C, and need precise constant temperatures, Stirling is the way to go.

    4. Can I use Stirling for ultra-low temp freezer or refrigerator?

    The advantages of Stirling are deep low temperature, rapid cooling and precise temperature control. Conventional refrigerators do not require excessively low temperatures, and ordinary compressor are sufficient. Sterling ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer or cooler are ideal for medical and vaccine use.

    5. How long does a Stirling machine last? How to maintenance?

    Stirling motor is a military-to-civilian technology, it has its own very high reliability and sealing because it is running through the gas mass itself, there is no lubricant, so it does not need maintenance, and can be used continuously for more than 30,000 hours.

    6. RIGID stirling vaccine freezer advantages?

    RIGID portable vaccine freezer has three major advantages, which the traditional compressor can not be surpassed: First, is not afraid of bumps and shakes; Second, can achieve a precise thermostat; Third, a single machine can do minus 200 degrees (it is the closest to the Carnot cycle on the planet refrigeration machine, the highest energy efficiency ratio).

    7. What is the size of RGID stirling vaccine freezer?

    At present, we have two portable vaccine freezers are available.

    • RG01L86: 1L (-86℃)
    • RG10L80: 10L (-80℃)

    8. What's the lowest temperature of RIGID vaccine freezer ?

    Outstanding -86℃ storage advantages across the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain.

    9. Features of RGID stirling vaccine freezer.

    1. Active Refrigeration: precision temperature monitoring, to ensure that the temperature inside the box remains constant during transportation;
    2. Ultra-wide temperature zone: from 4℃ to -86℃ ultra-low temperature, which can meet different transportation requirements.
    3. Intelligent & accurate temperature control: RIGID vaccine freezer adopts a new design of digital control system, fully automatic switching refrigeration and heating algorithm, the box temperature is accurately controlled at ± 1 ℃.
    4. Design for transportation: specially designed for transporting cold chain, not afraid of bumps and vibrations.

    10. How much inside volume of vaccine freezer?

    Inside available volume is IL, suitable for 10pcs x 10pcs 2ml samples and vials.

    11. Unmatched real-time monitoring techniques.

    Real-time monitoring of the Internet of Things, through the LOTA big data Internet of Things platform. It can track the vaccine freezer position and working status in real-time, remote control, and real-time view of the data to ensure that the whole process of vaccine transportation can be controlled and traced.

    12. Can I become a dealer?

    Yes, we are open to distributors outside of China. Please contact us.

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