• R290 DC Inverter Twin-Cylinder Miniature Compressor




    RIGID is the miniature compressor innovation leader in China. We keep looking for novel solutions in compact and portable cooling applications. At the same time, RIGID keeps pursuing innovative solutions to effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promoted the use of low-GWP refrigerants. Our aims are eco-friendly and meet the high requirements of the eco-design directive UE2015-1095.
    Refrigerant R290, in comparison to traditional refrigerants, has proven to reduce energy consumption of refrigeration systems. Due to better thermal properties, it has higher energy efficiency when compared to R404A, R134a. The tests carried out show a significant decrease in the refrigerant charge required for the operation of the installation. It's a natural continuation of solutions for direct relaxation in the refrigeration housed groups.
    Since 2018, RIGID and his R&D team work together on eco-friendly miniature compressors. Now, this R290 mini compressor QX2802DVL-T is the result of it. It meets the criteria of safety, performance, economy, reliability, and respect for the environment you are expecting from the RIGID.
    The R290 mini compressor QX2802VDL-T provides outstanding cooling, precise control, unique flexibility to meet the growing market demands for mini thermal management systems. In addition to compact power and precision, it also provides unique flexibility and meet the increasing demand for small refrigeration and thermal management systems.
    R290, Natural Refrigerant - Is a Long Term Solution!
  • Advantages of R290 Mini Compressor: QX2802VDL-T



    Twin-Cylinder Pumps


    Ultra-quiet, identified as "international leader" in technology

    Eco Refrigerant R290


    Meets European regulation F-gas 517/2014. No HFCs.

    Inverter BLDC Motor


    Variable Speeds ranging from 2,100 to 4,500rpm.

    DC Controller Starting


    Battery or dc power supply, low energy consumption.

  • Direct Expansion System, DV1910

    R290 Mini Compressor, QX2802VDL-T

    Capacity: ≥580W to 826W (2,816Btu)

    • 24V DC
    • 1.3kgs /2.87lbs
    • Refrigerant: R290
    • Size: 130 x 61 mm (High x Diameter)
    • Working Amps: 1~8.3A, (Maximum 12A)
    • Variable speed drive board (2100~4500rpm)
    • Cylinder Number: 2 pumps
    • Display Panel included
    Direct Expansion System, DV1910
    • Super quiet: vibration and noise is the best in the industry
    • High reliability: BLDC Motor & DC Controller Starting
    • Small volume: compared with the same volume of conventional compressors, its volume is only 1/10, the weight is 1/5.
    • Large capacity: maximum cooling capacity can reach 700W (2,387Btu), which is the largest cooling capacity of the miniature compressors.
    • A significant advantage to using R290 is its energy-saving potential. The result is a reduction in operating costs and a reduction in emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere


  • Powerful Efficient R290 Mini Compressor Performance Curve

    Model: QX2802VDL-T


    R290 Mini Compressor Nominal capacity & Input Power - QX2802VDL-T
    R290 Mini Compressor
    • 24V DC
    • 1.3kgs /2.87lbs
    • Refrigerant: R290
    • Size: 130x61mm (5.12 x 2.4 inches)
    • Working Amps: 1~8.3A, (Max 12A)
    • Motor Type: Variable Speed Motor
    • Capacity: 580W to 826W (2,816Btu)
    • Small compressor for heating & cooling
    R290 Mini Compressor Features
    • Low installation costs
    • Lightweight & small size
    • Low energy consumption
    • Low operating noise (45dB)
    • Fully hermetic, No maintenance
    • Apply to HBP, MBP & LBP applications
    • Applications: Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration.
    • Rotary compressor with low shell side pressure, and it is an "international leader" in its field.
    • R290 is a natural refrigerant. It is free of chlorine and fluorine, environmentally friendly, and safe. 
    R290 Mini Compressor Flow rate and Current - QX2802VDL-T
    R290 Mini Compressor Manufacturer


    RIGID mini bldc compressors are equipped with their own patent driver board to ensure high efficiency, variable speed control, and load-following capabilities, which allows you to set the speed and load following to precisely control the temperature.


    The compact size, lightweight, and durability of RIGID mini compressors make them ideal for mobile and portable applications.


    RIGID 24V R290 mini compressor consume less energy and are quiet. As an electrical power source, they can use battery, vehicle, grid, or solar power. They can also be powered by AC using an AC-DC converter.


    A significant advantage to using R290 is its energy-saving potential. The result is a reduction in operating costs and a reduction in emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.


    R290 Mini Compressor Flow rate and Current - QX2802VDL-T
    Drive Board & Display Panel


    It is easy to integrate the drive board (PCB) & display panel into your application if you need sophisticated functions, or want to control by your software.


    The motor drive board is a variable speed drive. This allows the cooling capacity of the system to be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the compressor speed. The compressor drive board utilizes a user-supplied 0-5 VDC analog signal to set the compressor speed. The firmware has a minimum speed of 2,000 RPM (0.7 VDC or lower) and a maximum speed of 6,000 RPM (4.5 VDC or higher).

    The voltage to RPM relationship is linear between 0.7 and 4.5 V so the following equation can be used: S = 1132×V+1408.

    * Where S is compressor speed (RPM) and V is the control voltage (VDC).

  • 2300BTU R290 Miniature Twin-Cylinder Compressor

    Tailored for Small and Light Commercial LBP/MBP/HBP Applications

    The miniature twin-cylinder compressor QX2802VDL-T has many advantages: small size, lightweight, high efficiency, low vibration, and high reliability. This R290 mini compressor can be said to be the king of micro compressors, with the world's best variable capacity technology.

    In addition, the R290 micro compressor uses DC frequency conversion technology combined with a twin-cylinder motor, which is better at low noise and high-reliability technology and has an excellent performance in high energy efficiency, low noise, and long life. Both in the commercial refrigeration and home refrigeration field, we have won a high reputation for its reliable quality and advanced technology.


    RIGID BLDC rotary mini compressors feature an optimal pump that operates quietly, while also providing excellent performance. In addition to heat pumps, air conditioners, and commercial cooling applications, this R290 mini compressor is also well suited for various compact Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications.


    Compared to traditional compressors, RIGID variable speed twin-cylinder compressor offers highly efficient and energy-saving features. Unlike a fixed-speed compressor that constantly runs at 100%, the Inverter Rotary Compressor delivers only as much air as it needs for cooling, saving significant amounts of electricity.


    RIGID is continuously developing our rotary compressors, not only to discover new technological advances but also to improve and reach our most successful results when operating them.

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  • RIGID Mini Compressors Applications - Compact & Mobile Refrigeration


    RIGID miniature compressors have the size, weight, and durability that make them well-suited to mobile or portable applications, including:

    • Small Cooling
    • Medical Device
    • Beverage Cooling
    • Small Refrigerators
    • EV/RV Battery Cooling
    • Portable Heat Pumps
    • Electronic Components
    • Mini-Chilled Water Systems
    • Portable DC Air Conditioner
    • Electronics Cooling Systems
    • Aesthetic & Medicine Device
    • Telecommunications Cooling
    • Portable Mini Cooling Systems
    • Miniature Refrigeration/Freezer Systems
    • Thermally-Controlled Shipping Containers
    • Portable and Small Cooling Applications
    • Automotive (Electric Vehicle, Vessel, Helicopter)
  • FAQ

    Direct Expansion Evaporator System Unit Frequently Asked Questions

    This FAQ is for Direct Expansion System. More details? Pls Go Here!

    1. What is direct expansion system?

    Direct Expansion means that the refrigerant expands to produce the cooling effect in a coil that is in direct contact with the conditioned air that will be delivered to the space.

    2. What is Direct Expansion Evaporatorin mechanical engineering?

    A direct expansion refrigeration unit, also known as a condensing unit, uses condensed refrigerant liquid to cool the air in a given space. It is widely used in micro refrigeration, small refrigerators, mobile freezers, medical, laser, precision instruments, laboratory equipment, etc.

    3. What is expansion system?

    A direct expansion system enables the most compactly designed refrigerant system. A direct expansion system eliminates the use of a secondary coolant loop and uses the refrigerant to directly cool the desired payload via a cold plate. In a DX system, the evaporator absorbs heat directly from the payload.

    4. How does a direct expansion system work?

    The expansion parts (valve or capillary) controls the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator coil. Hot air is extracted from the specific space and blown over the heat exchange coil by the evaporator/indoor fan. The refrigerant in the coil absorbs the heat and expands. This lowers the temperature of the air being blown into the space/room.

    5. What is the difference between indirect and direct cooling system?

    In cooling systems, the distribution can be either direct or indirect. If direct, the cooling water goes directly into the internal piping system of a building. In an indirect system, a heat exchanger separates the internal from the external system.

    6. What is the difference between DX system and chilled water system?

    The immediate and most noteworthy difference between these two units is that the DX (direct expansion) unit cools air, and the chiller units cool water. Chiller units cool water for use in other liquid systems like chilled water handlers.

    7. What is the main function of an expansion valve or capillary?

    The expansion valve removes pressure from the liquid refrigerant to allow expansion or change of state from a liquid to a vapor in the evaporator. The high-pressure liquid refrigerant entering the expansion valve is quite warm.

    8. How many types of RIGID HVAC refrigeration systems?

    There are 4 types of refrigeration systems:

    1. Micro DC Aircon (Air Cooling)
    2. Plate Liquid Chiller (Liquid Cooling)
    3. Coaxial Liquid Chiller (Liquid Cooling)
    4. Coil Liquid Chiller (Liquid Cooling)
    5. Direct Expansion System (DC Condensing Unit)

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