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    Micro DC Aircon

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    Portable Air Conditioner

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  • The Best Cooling Capacity for Smallest Footprints on the Market

    Offering Full Size Thermal Managements with Ultra-Compact Refrigeration Systems.


    Want more than just a standard refrigeration condensing unit?

    Want a custom refrigeration solution for your specific system?

    Small Cooling Systems

    RIGID leads innovation in mini compressors and compact cooling systems. Known for superior design and quality, RIGID has rapidly become a pioneer in microcooling.


    Despite being a young company, we move swiftly and take responsibility seriously. Our businesses include Mini Compressor, Water Chiller, and Micro DC Aircon. We also provide specialized solutions like Stirling Cryocooler (-160℃) and DC Condensing Unit, catering primarily to micro deep refrigeration and air conditioning needs.


    RIGID prioritizes client budgets and works closely with them to enhance competitiveness. Our team works with clients to provide custom refrigeration solutions that meet their requirements.

    Small Cooling Systems / Thermal management OEM and Design




    RIGID not only offers standard compact cooling systems but also provides personalized service tailored to your needs. From initial requirements to final product manufacturing, we work closely with you through every stage—from solution development and design to prototype validation.


    Our ISO 9001 design and testing process ensures that prototypes meet high standards. Whether you're looking for new technologies, product updates, or future projects, RIGID's engineers provide direct support to help you succeed.


    More than just a refrigeration condensing units provider,
    RIGID is a technology enterprise provides full-size Ultra-Compact Cooling Solutions.

  • Your Application. Our Expertise. One Solution.

    For the past 14 years, Rigid Technology has stood the test of time for the highest level of performance, quality, safety, and innovation. All Rigid Standard Cooling Systems are designed and manufactured with complete control of every step to ensure that Rigid's uncompromising standards for ultimate performance, unmatched reliability, and highest durability are met. Besides standard chiller modules, Rigid also custom-made refrigeration units according to clients' demands.

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    RIGID product's pocket size and portability and very competitive price enable us to be irreplaceable. RIGID Technology is well known for its unique design and high-tech precision manufacturing, resulting in products that outperform and outlast any other brand on the market today.

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    Major Applications:

    • Laser / Chip Cooling
    • Precise Instruments
    • Battery / Electric Vehicle
    • Medical Lab Equipments
    • Vertical Smart Farming
    • Portable Air Conditioner
    • Electronics / Semiconductor
    • Medical & Aesthetic Device
    • Dog/Pets Crate Air Cooling
    • Driver Racing and Motorsports
    • Body Cooling for Athlete's Recovery 



    Major Application Schematic Diagram


    Compact Recirculating Chillers & Thermal Managements  

    Laser engraving cooling


    Electronic instrument cooling


    Van and camping

    Van & Camping



    EV battery for car

    EV Battery

    Medical cooling systerm


    Laboratory cooling


    Wine & Beverage cooling

    Wine & Beverage

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    Family or Commercial Farming


  • Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling

    Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Battery Cooling

    Superior Lithium Battery Cooling Solutions
    RIGID has developed a compact liquid chiller to satisfy the growing market segment of customers who want to microclimate cooling systems but can handle the coolant circuitry.
    Here we introduce you to the Best Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling System – Plate Liquid Chiller. It is designed to circulate chilled water or liquid throughout the tubing to get optimal local cooling performance. The mini and mobile liquid chiller is a circulatory cooling subsystem. Effective cold plate design typically leads to a higher pressure drop across the battery pack due to the long length and narrow coolant channels required. The application is to provide chilled glycol/water to a cooling system for a battery pack in an electric driveline vehicle.

    Medical Device and Chemotherapy Cooling

    Medical Device and Chemotherapy Cooling

    Scalp hypothermia is cooling the scalp with ice packs or cooling caps (cold caps) for a period of time before, during, and after each chemotherapy treatment to try to prevent or reduce hair loss.
    RIGID patent compact Plate Chillers are specially designed for hospital and medical devices and chemotherapy machines. They are temperature-control devices for cooling and thermal energy requirements. It moves energy in the form of heat by compressing a gas known as a "refrigerant," then pumping it through a system of coils and using the air around the coils to heat and cool spaces. It is an ideal small and portable cooling module for medical devices.

    Medical Lab Equipments

    Medical Lab Equipments Cooling

    RIGID Coaxial Chiller provides micro cooling solutions for world-leading manufacturers of laboratory and biopharma equipment. Plus, we also offer tailored compact refrigeration solutions that fit the needs of laboratories and medical & aesthetic devices.
    With our sophisticated engineers and technicians, RIGID contributes to meet the challenges of the 21st century by continuously innovating our products to support medical and lab small cooling requirements. Adopting directly through innovative miniature vapor compression technology, our goal is to provide miniature and mobile cooling modules for biological safety cabinets, freezer, CO2 laser, and medical & Pharma equipment.

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    Drone Mobile Base Station

    The Battery-driven mini cooling modules for Telecom Shelters and Drone Base Stations.


    To ensure optimal mobile drone docking station performance and safety, it's critical to employ high-quality air conditioning cooling devices.

    Chip & Semiconductor Cooling

    Chip & Semiconductor Cooling

    RIGID patent Liquid Chiller RG-LC20 is designed for chip and semiconductor cooling. It applies to chip test handler simulation tests by embedding freezing liquid -70° C directly into the chip test classifier, a chip test classifier that can simulate system tests.
    Compared with traditional liquid nitrogen cooling methods, the ultra-low temp liquid chiller RG-LC20 is safe and recyclable, and more environmentally friendly. It is a promising, sustainable, and cost-effective method for chip and semiconductor target cooling.

    Body Cooling for Athletes Recovery

    Body Cooling for Athletes Recovery

    Cold & Hot Therapy and Body Cooling for Athletes and Medical & Aesthetic. Cryotherapy; Cryo Therapy after physical activity; Recovery for Athletes.
    Current standard Plate Chillers (12V/24V/48V DC available) are easily assembled to your equipment. Besides standard small cooling modules, RIGID also creates and custom-made mobile and micro refrigeration units to meet your specific needs. We have an independent R&D team. Help customers to fulfill small and flexible cooling safely and effectively with high performance and cost-effective products to meet their specific requirements.

    Pet Cooling  Dog Cooling

    Pet Cooling

    Dog Cooling

    Want to keep your dog safe and cool during the hot days of summer? RIGID innovative micro dc aircon might be the best cooling product for your four-legged best friend. The battery-driven aircon has features of compact size and lightest weight, it can provide your dog active continuous air cooling, to protect dogs against sunburn and dehydration.
    The 12V Micro DC Aircon DV1910E-AC is specially designed for dog cooling, and other compact and confined space cooling. This lightweight, portable dc air conditioner unit provides strong air cooling. It works 24/7 continuously, no need to add water, no ice. Just install it in your dog crate or shelter, they’ll be comfy in no time.

    Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

    Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

    RIGID 24V Liquid Cooler (LC3220E-H) is a perfect match for human body heat and cool, as well as water-cooled dog beds or mats! Hot summers are not comfortable for our pets. As one professional compact and mobile cooling solution provider, RIGID has tried different products and solutions, we found in the market they are all water and icy mixture, complicated and time-consuming, plus their performance isn't cooler than the concrete floor. So we invented a 24V compact cooler to provide 24/7 continuously chilled water. You only need to connect it to a pet's mat and dc power supply, then it works!
    LC3220E-H also can be applied to electronics and instrument cooling and thermal management.

    Hydrotherapy Treatment  Cryo Chill

    Hydrotherapy Treatment

    Cryo Chill

    Hydrotherapy, formerly called hydropathy and called water cure, is a part of alternative medicine (particularly naturopathy), occupational therapy, and physiotherapy, which involves water for pain relief and treatment. Hydrotherapy is the use of water, both internally and externally and at varying temperatures, for health purposes. Also known as water therapy or "water cures," hydrotherapy includes such treatments as saunas, steam baths, foot baths, contrast therapy, sitz baths, and colonic cleansing.
    RIGID Refrigeration Condensing Units (115V-60Hz; 220V-50Hz) are being used in a pain relief treatment that is increasingly being administered in athletes' clubs and hospitals.

    Vertical Smart Farming

    Vertical Smart Farming

    Chillers are vital to successful hydroponic growth because they keep the nutrient solution in the ideal temperature range. Active Aqua Chillers from Hydrofarm make it easy to maintain the perfect temperature in your hydroponic reservoir, which will help ensure that you bring in big, healthy harvests!
    RIGID 24V Coaxial Chiller DV3220E-C is specially designed for home farming and Small & Smart Hydroponic Farming. When the reservoir in a hydroponic system has an ideal solution temperature, the plants' roots are the first to notice. Cool solution temperature means more dissolved oxygen, which is great for creating healthy roots and, in turn, a bountiful harvest. Vertical farming is environmentally friendly and is getting popular recently.

    Medical & Aesthetic Device Cooling

    Medical & Aesthetic Device Cooling

    The demand for medical equipment cooling is expected to witness a continuous increase from the medical industry. Medical cooling systems are used to reduce the heat load generated by medical equipment during diagnostic procedures. By doing this, the medical cooling systems are able to maintain the life cycle of imaging equipment and help to achieve the goal of quality patient care.
    RIGID active thermal management is used in various applications such as patient core temperature management, skin cooling, medical device cooling, and laboratory equipment cooling. Medical equipment often needs internal cooling systems. MRI machines, X-ray machines, and home health air supplies all require some combination of air conditioning, refrigeration, and humidification or dehumidification.

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