• Direct DC Air Conditioning

    Direct Current Battery-Driven Air Conditioning Systems For Off-Grid Van Camping & Solar & Telecom Applications.

    RIGID Direct DC Air Conditioner units use DC compressors instead of traditional AC ones. These compact, portable units come in 12V, 24V, or 48V versions and easily fit into various devices and applications.


    The DC Air Conditioner systems employ vapor compression technology to cool spaces without altering existing systems. They're compact and designed to control humidity, ventilation, and temperature in small spaces or electronics, batteries, and vehicles. These a/c systems include a variable-speed DC compressor, control board, condenser, evaporator, blower, and filter drier, and come precharged with refrigerants.


    RIGID's direct DC air conditioning units are widely employed in situations where there are limitations in terms of weight and installation space.

    DC Air Conditioning System - RIGID HVAC
  • Portable DC Air Conditioner

    Direct Current Battery-Driven Thermal Management Systems For Off-Grid Van Camping & Solar & Telecom Applications.


    Air-cooled active systems with direct current DC compressors enable precise temperature control which is crucial in order to optimize the battery life of EV applications when using active air-cooled systems.


    Whether it's micro-compressors for small applications or full-sized tandem setups for larger applications, RIGID offers a wide range of variable cooling capacities for everyone's needs.


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  • DC Air Conditioning Series

    Micro DC Aircon


    Cooling and Heating

    Compact & Lightweight


    Portable Air Conditioner



    Compact & Portable

    All-in-one, Plug and Play

    Ideal for van, camping and trailer


    Truck Air Conditioner


    Direct DC Power

    Ideal for truck & electric vehicles

  • Key Features

    The Variable Speed Direct DC Air Conditioner Provides Unique Advantages

    Completely Electrical Power


    DC power, battery driven. No fuel expense. Designed for off-grid use.

    Comfort Cooling Temp


    No oil consumption, works quietly with a comfortable breeze 5℃ to 30℃.

    Lightweight and Portable  


    Easily integrate with various devices for precise temperature control.

    No Maintenance, Easy to Install


    Easy mounting without drilling the cab on trucks with a hatch


    eHVAC - Battery HVAC Systems

    Excellent DC cooling solutions for a wide range of applications, covering the ordinary to the extraordinary.


    For a decade, RIGID DC compressors have been used for "non-idle parking" air conditioners by electric vehicles, fleets, and electric delivery truck manufacturers. Plus, we offer direct DC systems customized for your specific requirements.  


    RIGID Technology offers micro-cooling solutions that are superior to anything currently available on the market. We strive to improve the reliability and simplicity of our clients' applications. In addition to providing high volumes of self-contained DC air conditioners for battery packs, RIGID compact water chillers offer the most environmentally responsible solution for Eco-mobility, battery cooling, and EV industries.
    Small Cooling Systems
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    Micro DC Aircon DV1910E-AC/H (Heat & Cool)
    $730.00 - $750.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV1920E-AC/H (Heat & Cool)
    $750.00 - $770.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV1930E-AC/H (Heat & Cool)
    $770.00 - $790.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV3220E-AC/H (Heat & Cool)
    $810.00 - $830.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV3820E-AC(T) R290
    $790.00 - $810.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV3820E-AC (R134a)
    $770.00 - $790.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV3830E-AC(T) R290
    $790.00 - $810.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV3830E-AC (R134a)
    $770.00 - $790.00
  • Request Custom & Design

    Can't find what you're looking for in our standard product line? No problem. We produce a great deal of custom-designed and modified standard products for our volume production customers. We can develop a custom solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us with your requirements so that we can develop a detailed specification with your engineering team, create a design, build a prototype, verify the product in collaboration with you, and manufacture the product for you.