• The Best Battery Powered AC Units

    RIGID battery DC air conditioner (HS23P) is a parking cooler. The compact battery-driven air conditioning system is the perfect solution for overnight rest in the truck cabin. The battery air conditioner can run on DC power 24V, 48V, 60V and 72V. Depending on the model, they can also be used to maintain a comfortable environment inside the cabin during loading and unloading operations as well as compulsory stoppage periods. It is a high-performance complete air conditioning system for on-road or off-road vehicles. As a no-idle electrical system, RIGID DC air conditioner (parking cooler) is the best choice to help cut fuel expenses and reduce CO2 emissions.


    In a hot camping summer day, travell for camping outside with your lovely trailer, or a small camper without its own power - they all need some cooling. These are places where a traditional air conditioner turns out to be useless due to lack of electricity. A battery-powered AC unit is the perfect alternative in such circumstances.


    It functions and adds coolness to the place despite power outages and/or absence of an electrical connection. It’s a great piece cooling equipment for camping, trailer, RV, trucks, truck crane cab, heavy eqipments, delivery vehicles, outside working driver and other special vehicles like electric vehicles, construction machines without air conditioning in any remote and isolated location.


  • DC Air Conditioner HS23P-24

    DC Air Conditioner HS23P-24

    Capacity: 2,300W (7,843Btu)


    Input Power: 24V DC
    N.W: 30kg (66.14lbs)

    Coolant: R134A

    Working Current: 21A-36A

    Compressor: SANYO DC Compressor

    Evaporating temperature range: 0 ~ 30C degree

    * Remote Controller is Available


    Air Cooler Size (Cabin): 440x140x320mm (17.3x5.5x12.6 inch)
    Condenser Size (Outside): 600x250x430mm (23.6x9.8x16.9 inch)

    DC Air Conditioner HS23P-48

    DC Air Conditioner HS23P-48

    Capacity: 2,300W (7,843Btu)


    Input Power: 48V DC
    N.W: 32kg (71 lbs)

    Coolant: R134A

    Working Current: 10A-18A

    Compressor: SANYO DC Compressor

    Evaporating temperature range: 0 ~ 30C degree

    * Remote Controller is Available


    Air Cooler Size (Cabin): 440x140x320mm (17.3x5.5x12.6 inch)
    Condenser Size (Outside): 600x250x430mm (23.6x9.8x16.9 inch)

    DC Air Conditioner HS23P-72

    DC Air Conditioner HS23P-72

    Capacity: 2,300W (7,843Btu)


    Input Power: 72V DC
    N.W: 30kg (71 lbs)

    Coolant: R134A

    Working Current: 7A-12A

    Compressor: SANYO DC Compressor

    Evaporating temperature range: 0 ~ 30C degree

    * Remote Controller is Available


    Air Cooler Size (Cabin): 440x140x320mm (17.3x5.5x12.6 inch)
    Condenser Size (Outside): 600x250x430mm (23.6x9.8x16.9 inch)

  • Key Features

    Battery Driven, Easy to Install, No Fuel, No Noise

    Completely Electrical Power


    Reduced fuel expenses, No worry of maintenance.

    Comfort Cooling Temp


    Cooling temp 0℃~ 30℃, No oil comsumption, quiet.

    Environmentally Friendly


    Battery-driven, prevent atmospheric emissions of CO2

    Easy to Installation



    Easy mounting without drilling the cab on trucks with a hatch

  • Battery-Driven DC Air Conditioner Reduction of Diesel Consumption

    Battery driven dc air conditioner HS23P are widely applied to truck cabin driver cooling, Earth moving machines, JCB, Bobcat, Catter Pillar, Hittachi, Komatsu, Sany, Hyundai, Volve etc... In conventional way, truck a/c consume approximately 80~100 litres/hours of high speed diesel (HSD). The operator cabin is fitted with AC, which is powered by machine's engine. During operation, there are situations when driver waits for dump truck but keeps engine running to power the cabin AC. It has been observed that the idle running is about 2.5hrs per shift. Its a huge cost on account of HSD consumption. Also, it unnecessarily pollutes environment and increases wear & tear of your machine.


    Proposed Battery DC Air Conditioner
    A battery powered alternate air conditioning system has been installed in the operator cabin or driver cab. Additional battery has been provided for the secondary AC which gets charged from the alternator. DC Air Conditioner HS23P is off the shelf product, fully charged with refrigerant, plug and play, no need to alter any existing electrical or cooling system sircuit of your machine. Driver turns the engine off and switches on this secondary DC air conditioner for cabin cooling during idle times.


    DC Air Conditioner HS23P Benefits

    • Battery operated Air Conditioning (DC 24V, 48V or 72V available).
    • Plug and play, easy to maintain (refrigerant included).
    • Remote controller, can adjust the temperatures.
    • The A/C system doesn't hinder other operations in the cabin.
    • The A/C system doesn't decrease the usable size of the cabin.
    • Cost effective.

    DC Powered Air Conditioner

    DC Air Conditioner Installation - Battery Driven 24V 48V 72V

  • FAQ

     Battery Driven DC Air Conditioning Frequently Asked Questions

    This FAQ is for HS23P Model Only. More details? Please Go Here!

    1. How much does DC Air Conditioner cost?

    The DC air conditioner by itself is $880. Complete systems range from $880~ $930. See complete systems pricing here.

    2. Can we get quantity discounts?

    Yes, please contact us at [email protected] We will get back to you in 1hr.

    Substantial discounts are available for large-volume purchase.

    3. How much power does DC Aircon HS23P use?

    It uses ~/< 740w under normal running conditions. Max power is ~/<1000w.

    4. How much capacity (horse power) does HS23P have?

    It has capacity of 2,300W (7,843Btu) under normal running conditions.

    5. What is RIGID DC Air Conditioner included?

    Includes the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. It does include a remote controller, refrigerant, controller, metal bracket, and connecting lines. The price quoted by itself includes all the necessary components. Plug and play.

    6. How many batteries do I need?

    A minimum configuration is 24V or 48V or 72V (depends on what dc power supply you choose) deep cycle batteries depending on how many hours per day the system will need to operate.

    7. What about the connecting lines?

    No need worry about assembling or pipe connecting, we've done it before shipping, including refrigerant. Engineering Zero!

    8. What else do I need?

    You need to prepare a deep cycle battery, which stores energy and provides enough dc power supply.

    9. How large of an area will A/C HS23P cool?

    It is a 2300W (7,843 BTU) unit. Normally it can cool 300-400 square feet (20~30㎡).

    10. What about coastal or salt-air corrosion?

    The DC Air Conditioner HS23P series have anti-corrosion technology included as a standard feature.

    11. What about DC telecom cooling applications?

    We can another more compact aircon module for confined space cooling. It is the world's smallest and lightest dc air conditioner, especially apply to critical applications. For more related application information please email us or give us a call at +86 579 88379768

    12. Can I become a dealer?

    Yes, we work with compressors and HVAC companies in the USA and around the world. Please contact us.

    13. Do you have other sizes?

    The 2300W (7,843 BTU) system is the only size we currently produce. However, two or more of these systems can be combined for 15,000 BTU or more, and share a single battery or solar array, charge controller, and battery plant. Also, because the systems have an infinitely variable capacity, each unit is very efficient when running at 3000 BTU, 6000 BTU, 8000 BTU, etc. So any capacity requirement from 3000 BTU and up can be met.

    14. Do you have multi-head indoor systems?

    We have only a single indoor unit available. However, two or more of these systems can be combined for 15,000 BTU or more, and share a single solar array, charge controller, and battery plant.


    Plus, we accept OEM and personalize orders. Have other questions? Please ask us by email at [email protected] or give us a call at +86 13516900044.

    15. How come if the DC Aircon doesn't work?

    The DC Aircon HS23P is one of our hot-sales, it is rugged and has impressive cooling performance. Anyhow, we have a few customers feedback us it doesn't work after running for a while. That's the problem with your batteries!


    After a period of time using it, your battery probably drained. Recharge your battery and make it enough energy is a must.

    16. Where does HS23P use for?

    We specialize in custom modification and provide OEM production. Here are some applications and vehicles that DC Air Conditioner HS23P can be used for:


    Electric Vehicle, camping, trailer, RV, trucks, truck crane cab, heavy equipment, delivery vehicles, outside working driver, and other specialty vehicles like ambulances, emergency vehicles, construction machines etc.

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