• Micro DC Aircon - Cool & Heat

    Compact, Light, Rugged DC Air Conditioning Unit

    If your power source is 12V, 24V, or 48VDC as part of a telecom or off-grid solar application, RIGID Micro DC Aircon all-DC air conditioners are your most efficient cooling choice. The micro dc air conditioning series can substantially reduce power supply/generation costs and battery requirements. An all-DC system means you get the advantage of extremely high efficiency without the need for inverters.

    RIGID Micro DC Aircon removes heat from the air which is circulated through the system to cool the heat source. They are especially applied to critical applications where space and weight are important to them. It is widely used for compact and confined space cooling. DC Air conditioning systems are ideal for cooling bulk heat loads where minimal modification to the system is desired. The mini compressor air conditioner provides an excellent cooling solution where size/space/efficiency are important factors.

    If your existing infrastructure requires minimal changes, RIGID Micro DC Aircon is probably your best choice. It is the world's smallest air condition unit, driven by a battery. Our small air conditioning system uses our patent mini dc compression compressor to chill the air within an enclosed environment. The air removes the heat from the payload without the need to adopt a heat exchanger to the existing architecture.

    RIGID Micro DC Aircon - Built for superior comfort.

  • DC Aircon DV1910E-AC/H

    DC Aircon DV1910E-AC/H

    Capacity: 450W (1,535Btu)

    • 12V DC
    • 5.0 kgs/11.2lbs
    • Refrigerant: R134A
    • Compressor: QX1901VDH
    • Working Amps: 1~8A, (Maximum 25A)
    • Size: 355×336x170mm(14x13.2x6.7 inch)
    • 24V mini compressor to enable peak performance
    • The airflow rate at the cold air outlet: 28.3CFM
    • Cooling Capacity:
      Cooling: 450W (1,534Btu)
      Heater: 300W (1,023Btu)
    Benefits: Compact, light, competitive price, high heat transfer rate, adaptable/configurable highest heat transfer rate, most compact, lowest part count, uniform temperature.
    DC Aircon DV1920E-AC/H

    DC Aircon DV1920E-AC/H

    Capacity: 450W (1,535Btu)

    • 24V DC
    • 5.0 kgs/11.2lbs
    • Refrigerant: R134A
    • Compressor: QX1902VDH
    • Working Amps: 1~7A, (Maximum 16A)
    • Size: 355×336x170mm(14x13.2x6.7 inch)
    • 24V mini compressor to enable peak performance
    • The airflow rate at the cold air outlet: 28.3CFM
    • Cooling Capacity:
      Cooling: 450W (1,534Btu)
      Heater: 400W (1,364Btu)
    Benefits: Compact, light, competitive price, high heat transfer rate, adaptable/configurable highest heat transfer rate, most compact, lowest part count, uniform temperature.
    DC Aircon DV1930E-AC/H

    DC Aircon DV1930E-AC/H

    Capacity: 455W (1,552Btu)

    • 48V DC
    • 5.0 kgs/11.2lbs
    • Refrigerant: R134A
    • Compressor: QX1903VDH
    • Working Amps: 1~4.1A, (Maximum 8.3A)
    • Size: 355×336x170mm(14x13.2x6.7 inch)
    • 24V mini compressor to enable peak performance
    • The airflow rate at the cold air outlet: 28.3CFM
    • Cooling Capacity:
      Cooling: 455W (1,552Btu)
      Heater: 400W (1,364Btu)
    Benefits: Compact, light, competitive price, high heat transfer rate, adaptable/configurable highest heat transfer rate, most compact, lowest part count, uniform temperature.
    DC Aircon DV3220E-AC/H

    DC Aircon DV3220E-AC/H

    Capacity: 550W (1,876Btu)

    • 24V DC
    • 6.5 kgs/14.3lbs
    • Refrigerant: R134A
    • Compressor: QX3202VDH
    • Working Amps: 1~7.1A, (Maximum 16A)
    • Size: 355×336x170mm(14x13.2x6.7 inch)
    • 24V mini compressor to enable peak performance
    • The airflow rate at the cold air outlet: 28.3CFM
    • Cooling Capacity:
      Cooling: 550W (1,876Btu)
      Heater: 400W (1,364Btu)
    Benefits: Compact, light, competitive price, high heat transfer rate, adaptable/configurable highest heat transfer rate, most compact, lowest part count, uniform temperature.
  • Key Features

    The Variable Speed Miniature DC Air Conditioner Unit Provides Unique Advantages for Your Applications

    Completely Electrical Power


    Reduced fuel expenses, No worry of maintenance.

    Comfort Cooling Temp


    Cooling temp 5℃~ 30℃, No oil comsumption, quiet.

    Environmentally Friendly


    Battery-driven, prevent atmospheric emissions of CO2

    Easy to Installation



    Easy mounting without drilling the cab on trucks with a hatch

  • Micro DC Aircon - Cool & Heat - RIGID Drawing

    Micro DC Aircon- Cool & Heat

    Easy to install, compact, Micro-channel condenser, Copper Antimicrobial Evaporator Coils, and more.
    • Heating mode 400W Heater
    • Low Weight Extremely Portable
    • Low Voltage → Proven Low Risk (12V / 24V / 48V)
    • Low Noise → Suitable for Office, Hospital, Home
    • Small Footprint → Easily Integrated into Small Spaces
    • High Capacity → Comparable to Systems 5x the Size
    • High-Efficiency → Low Power Draw, Less Heat Rejection
    • High-Reliability → Less Maintenance, Fewer Service Calls
    • Variable Speed → Accurate Temperature Stability Available

  • Micro DC Aircon Installation - Battery Driven 12V 24V 48V

    Micro DC Aircon - Cool & Heat
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  • Standard Products and Custom Solutions

    Established in 2010, RIGID is the manufacturer who's behind many popular brands in the US. RIGID's vision is to set the benchmark standard for the micro cooling industry. We are a China manufacturer and supplier of compact cooling systems, working in close cooperation with the leading United States and European manufacturers of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration.
    In addition to offering standard products including Micro DC Aircon (ruggedized air conditioner modules for compact and confined space cooling), Liquid Chiller Modules (battery-driven compact refrigeration systems that our customers integrate into their applications), and DC Condensing Units (world's small direct cooling units used by customers in small freezer, medical, laser, and electronics cooling). RIGID also custom design or modify refrigeration systems for most customers' specific applications.
    Let our engineering team develop the perfect cooling solution for you!

    Micro DC Aircon

    Ultra Compact & Light Weight


    Plate Type Liquid Chiller

    Frame and Plate Evaporator


    Coaxial Type Liquid Chiller

    Stainless St. Coaxial Evaporator


    Stainless Steel Liquid Chiller

    Stainless St. Coil Evaporator


    Copper Coil Liquid Chiller

    Copper Steel Coil Evaporator


    DC Condensing Unit

    Ultra Small Direct Cooling


  • Apply for Custom Design

    Can't find what you're looking for in our standard product line? No problem. We produce a great deal of custom-designed and modified standard products for our volume production customers. We can develop a custom solution to meet your specific needs. Please contact us with your requirements so we can develop a detailed specification in conjunction with your engineering team, develop a design, build a prototype, validate it in collaboration with you, and then manufacture your product according to your specifications.
    With our comprehensive ISO 9001 design and testing process, we will provide you with a prototype that meets your expectations. Our manufacturing team will take your system from concept to production, and our quality system will guarantee that every system that leaves our production line meets your reliability standards.

  • FAQ

    Battery Driven Portable DC Aircon Unit Frequently Asked Questions

    This FAQ is for Micro DC Aircon Models Only. More details? Please Go Here!

    1. How much does Micro DC Aircon cost?

    The DC air conditioner by itself is $550. Complete systems range from $550~ $650. See complete systems pricing here.

    2. Can we get quantity discounts?

    Yes, please contact us at [email protected] Nice quotation for mass production will be provided in 1hr.

    3. How much power does Micro DC Aircon use?

    It uses ~/< 180w under normal running conditions. Max power is ~/<550w.

    4. How much capacity (horse power) does Micro DC Aircon have?

    It has capacities of 450W~550W under normal running conditions.

    5. What is RIGID Micro DC Aircon included?

    The portable dc aircon unit is the ultra-compact and lightest weight, It includes a mini dc compressor, condenser, evaporator, blower, fans, and refrigerant.

    It is a completed air conditioning unit, connect to your dc power, it works.

    6. How many batteries do I need?

    A minimum configuration is 12V or 24V or 48V (depends on what dc power supply you choose) deep cycle batteries depending on how many hours per day the system will need to operate.

    7. What about the connecting lines?

    No need worry about assembling or pipe connecting, we've done it before shipping, including refrigerant. Engineering Zero!

    8. What else do I need?

    You only need to prepare a battery, which stores energy and provides enough dc power supply.

    9. How large of an area will RIGID DC Aircon Unit cool?

    The maximum cooling capacity is 550W (1,876 BTU) unit. Normally it can cool 15-20 square feet (1~2㎡).

    10. Does the portable dc air conditioners need to vent?

    The short answer is yes. Like any air conditioning system, RIGID micro aircon unit condenser must be installed outside. Vent the hot air that comes off the heat exchanger to the outdoors.


    Portable dc air conditioners pull in warm air, cool it, and expel the cooled air out of the evaporator and the remaining warm air and moisture out of the back of the unit. This warm air and moisture need to be vented out of the room you are currently cooling. Make sure to heat the air exhaust outside. The easiest and most popular way to vent heat air through a nearby window.


    Hoses are available as optional parts if you requested.

    11. What happens to the moisture in the air or condensate water?

    Many people are concerned about where the water goes. Well, our compact dc aircon has a condensate water drainage.


    Since the dc air conditioners pull moisture as well as heat out of the air, RIGID small aircon units have self-evaporative technology. This innovative technology internally processes and evaporates the collected moisture and then exhausts it out of the back of the unit.


    In climates that are extra humid, some water will be collected in a reservoir located at the bottom of the a/c. So condensate water can be drainaged by a pipe. In this case, you can either manually empty the reservoir when it is full or use the integrated gravity drain.

    12. How noisy is RIGID micro dc aircon unit?

    Because of the differences in personal preference, this can be a hard question to answer. Since portable air conditioners contain both a compressor and fan, they sound similar to a window air conditioning unit, which most of us have heard at one time or another. With that said, you want to pay attention to a portable air conditioner decibel rating (dB level) which is located on each product description page.


    Most units between 48 dB (which is the same noise level as falling rain) and 60 dB (which is the same noise level as a normal conversation).

    13. Can I become a dealer?

    Yes, we work with compressors and HVAC companies in the USA and around the world. Please contact us.

    14. What factors should I consider when looking for the micro A/C unit?

    BTUs/Room Size — This directly affects the room size and how quickly the unit will be able to cool. The higher the BTU, the larger the area the micro dc aircon can efficiently cool.


    Indoor or Outdoor Design — Indoor units expel warm air and moisture and are easy to install. Outdoor units need to be custom-made, which are also fairly easy to install, enclosure or cover is requested while simultaneously pulling in more air to cool.

    15. What additional parts should I need when install the micro dc air conditioner unit?  

    a) DC Power Supply; b) User Interface (optional); c) Temperature Sensor (optional)

    16. How long is the duct that dc air conditioner comes with?

    The lengths of the standard duct are 1 meter (3.28 feet). They are made of PVC plastic. We also accept personalized orders for mass production.

    17. Can I use the dc air conditioner to cool my server room?

    RIGID micro dc aircon units are especially applied to compact and confined space cooling, this is an excellent use for a portable dc air conditioner. Even with central air, computer server rooms have more robust cooling needs than other parts of the building tend to require. Our small dc aircon works well to boost the cooling in a server room.

    18. How about the micro dc aircon Dehumidification Capacity?

    Besides cooling, RIGID dc aircon has a function as a dehumidifier, working to remove moisture from the air while they cool.


    The A/C unit can remove 150ml condensate water per hour.

    19. Does RIGID micro dc aircon unit have heating function?

    Sure, we have. RIGID has successfully developed more powerful dc air conditioner unit that has both functions of heating and cooling. Samples are available from our online store, feel free to click here: https://www.rigidhvac.com/store/products/203326

    20. Can I use RIGID micro dc aircon unit in my car?

    Sure, RIGID company supplies 12-volt dc air conditioner for car, can be connected through your cigarette lighter and they will be extremely useful for your needs. But you should consider the cooling space wouldn't exceed 2 cubic meters and have nice insulation. It is a better choice if you use the a/c unit blowing cold air to you directly.

    21. What is the air flow rate at the cold air outlet?

    Blower 28.3CFM, 3000R.P.M; Size: 120mm x 120mm x 32mm

    22. What is the air flow rate at the heat exchanger?

    Fan 92.52CFM, 2700R.P.M; Size: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm

    23. How to get peak capability of this cooling unit?

    You can get more cooling capacity by turning up compressor speeds. But notice, working current and noise will go up as well. The micro aircon will shut down for protection automatically when the speed reaches a maximum of 6000rpm. It will re-start to work in 5~10mins when the system back to balance.


    Still, we suggest you insist on our factory default speed: 3000~3500rpm. This setting is the premium considering noise and current.

    24. How to adjust the dc aircon compressor speeds?

    There are 4 ways to adjust compressor speeds.

    1. PWM Speed Control
    2. Potentiometer speed control(Included)
    3. 0-5V Speed control
    4. TTL communication port

    25. How long will the micro aircon works connected from battery?

    Firstly we need to specify the battery. The 12V Aircon nominal 1-8 amps. If we assume about 8 amps continuous. A car battery is usually 35 amp-hours. A prismatic lithium battery from battle born or a 190 amp hour battery from EVE would be a longer run time, just divide the battery by the 8 amps. For example, 100/8=12.5hrs (100 amp hour battery divide by 8).


    Technically, it is easy to find 200-300 amp hour batteries and 400-800 or more watts of solar panels, it run this micro dc air conditioner unit all day.

    26. Can I use this portable aircon for my trailer or RV?

    If you want this Micro DC Aircon for your trailer or RV SMALL room cooling, you have to make sure more capacity battery. Plus, you'll need to get an inverter at least 1000 watts in case you want to run more things later. Furthermore, if possible, it is cool to add solar panels as power supply backup, that you can run your air conditioner all day long.

    27. Can I use this dc aircon for both heating and cooling?

    RIGID has another design dc aircon with both Heating and Cooling, they are:

    In heating mode, it’s an electric resistance heater, not a reversible heat pump that does both heating and cooling.

    28. Is there a dehumidification function?

    The Micro dc aircon units also work as dehumidifiers and have an internal tray that collects condensate water, as well as a drainage pipe. Also, it still requires ventilation, but usually, only the heat part (condenser) needs to exhausts.

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