• Micro DC Aircon

    Micro Cooling System for Air Conditioning - The World's Smallest Cooling System

    AC-Micro DC Aircon

    AC-Micro DC Aircon

    • 5 kgs/11lbs;
    • Size: 330x200x150mm;
    • Small DC compressor cooling  module;
    • 12V/24V/48V mini compressor to enable peak performance;
    • Small refrigerant compressor provides reliable small refrigeration solution;
    • Mini compressor air conditioner provides excellent cooling solution where size/space/efficiency are important factors.


    The Micro DC Aircon is a circulatory air-cooled subsystem. It consists of mini compressor (12V/24V/48V) with R134A coolant, smallest condenser and radiator, evaporator, blower, filter drier, driver board and other refrigeration parts.


    The micro compressor air conditioner is developed aim to satisfy the growing market who wants small cooling for confined space cooling.


    The DC air conditioning module is frequently used in cubby, EV (eletric vehicle), helicopter, cab and other small space cooling.


    RIGID DC air conditioning system uses our vapor compression technology to chill the air within an enclosed environment.


    The air removes the heat from room and provides circulating chilled air without need to change user's existing system architecture.


    RIGID liquid chiller module is good for customers who is able to deal with system control. We provide drive board together accordingly.


    Users want cooling subsystem module only to integrate or assemble with their machine or equipment, in order to get small cooling solution.


    End user’s control board can connect with RIGID drive board (included) to control compressor speed and get the best performance they needed.


    Except standard chiller unit, RIGID also custom made or personalize small cooling modules to meet customer's special demand.

    P-Plate Liquid Chiller

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    Compact DC Air Conditioner Module-12V/24V/48V

    RIGID is miniature compressor innovation leader in China. We are creative and capture new technologies in compact cooling systems.

    RIGID air conditioning system consists of the basic 4 parts: a tiny compressor, a micro-channel condenser, an expansion valve or capillary, and an evaporator.


    In dc air conditioning system, the evaporator is typically a refrigerant-to-air heat exchanger which removes heat from the recirculating air. Blower is necessary to drive the air flow over the heat exchanger to drive the heat transfer.


    RIGID Micro Aircon module demonstrates the good coling performance of the vapor compression cycle for an air conditioning system.


    The benefits of RIGID dc air conditioner module includes ultra small radiator and evaporator with efficient blower. It has very compact size in design. By using mini compressor, it has features of lightest weight while excellent heat transfer performance as well.


    Themicro dc aircon also provides focused heat transfer and is especially useful for applications where space and weight is critical matters.


    RIGID has developed robust liquid chillers which are compact, use low cost parts, and frequently integrate directly into the user’s system.


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