• XKooler-130D2
  • XKooler-130D2


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All-in-One Ice Bath Cooler - Powerful. Portable. Automatic.

Refrigerant: R410A
Cooling Capacity: 1,300W
Power Supply: 220V / 60Hz
Trusted by Thousands Globally
Tub Size: 34"x 37.4"(Diameter x Height)
Cooler Size: 26"L x 15"W x 18"H (680x375x450mm)
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Transform your regular bathtub into an invigorating cold plunge experience with our electric ice-bath chiller! With a straightforward plug-and-play setup, you'll be enjoying the refreshing benefits in a matter of minutes. This robust chiller has the capability to cool water down to 40℉, and its convenient Remote control ensures that your plunge is perfectly chilled and ready for you as soon as you arrive home. Make your chilling routine effortless and efficient!


  1. XCOOLER ICE BATH. Chill Anywhere, Anytime! 

    Immerse yourself in the revolutionary chiller-ready portable tub, designed for all body types. Our 34" x 37.4" (Diameter x Height) tub ensures a full-body experience, providing the ultimate cold plunge system.

  2. XCOOLER ICE BATH TUB. Freeze the Ordinary, Dive into Extraordinary!

    Experience versatility with our design that caters to both cold and hot water preferences. Crafted from high-grade wood for superior insulation, the wooden tub provides a complete solution for all your water temperature needs.

  3. XCOOLER ICE BATH. Chill in Style with the Best! 🏆  

    Say goodbye to brittle plastic designs. Our compact and portable chiller connections are built to last, connecting seamlessly to any tubs. Cold therapy helps reduce depression, anxiety and stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

  4. Unleash the Cold Anywhere, Any Season! ❄️ Indoor or Outdoor, Our Portable Ice Bath Delivers!

    Rain or shine, our portable ice bath thrives in all weather conditions. With a garden hose drainage system, cleanup is a breeze. Experience the versatility of all-season performance.