Mini Compressor QX3003VDL (48V)
  • Mini Compressor QX3003VDL (48V)
  • Mini Compressor QX3003VDL (48V)
  • Mini Compressor QX3003VDL (48V)

Mini Compressor QX3003VDL (48V)

Product: Miniature Variable Speed Inverter DC Compressor

48V DC
1.4 kgs /3.1 lbs
Working Current: 8.6A
Displacement: 3.0 ml/rev
Refrigerant: R134A / R513A
Rated Capacity: 544 W / 1,855 Btu
Compressor Rated Input: 217 W / 740 Btu
COP (Coefficient Of Performance): 2.51 W/W
Variable speed drive board: 1,800~5,500 rpm
Size: 103.5 x 65 mm (High x Diameter)
* Drive board included

Miniature Refrigeration & Freezing Systems; Portable & Compact Circulatory Cooling Systems
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Miniature 24V / 48V DC Compressor - Tailored for Small and Light Commercial LBP/MBP/HBP Applications

addition to heat pumps, air conditioners, cabinet & telecommunications, and commercial cooling applications, the 48V DC compressor QX8803VDL is also well suited for various compact Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications.


Compared to traditional compressors, RIGID variable-speed DC compressors offer highly efficient and energy-saving features. Unlike a fixed-speed compressor that constantly runs at 100%, the rotary inverter DC compressors deliver only as much air as it needs for cooling, saving significant amounts of electricity.


RIGID is continuously developing direct current DC compressors, not only to discover new technological advances but also to improve and reach our most successful results when operating them.




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