RIGIDHVAC Micro Air Conditioner DV1910E-AC (12V, Pro)
550.00 - 570.00
Product: Powerful Micro Air Conditioner (Pro version)
Compressor: QX1901VDH
Voltage: DC 12V
Capacity: 450W (1,535Btu)
Refrigerant: R134A
Size: 338*208*145mm (13.3*8.2*5.7 inch)
Weight: 5.0kgs (11.02lbs)

Small Space Cooling;
Compact Air Conditioning;
Portable & compact cycle cooling;
Cabins, cuddy cabins and electric vehicles;
Carriage cooling for trucks and other specialized vehicles;
... ... (Included above applications but not limited)
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Micro DC Aircon - Compact, Light, Rugged DC Air Conditioning
RIGIDHVAC focus on working for Microclimate Cooling System and provides compact cooling solutions for extreme hot environment and confined space. RIGIDHVAC has his own R&D and sophisticated technicians, we welcome OEM and ODM projects.
RIGIDHVAC Micro DC Aircon units are ruggedized miniature refrigeration systems designed and developed specifically to meet the demands of compact and confined space air cooling.
It is compact size, lightest weight and industrial-class reliability DC air conditioner for many small cooling applications.
RIGIDHVAC Micro DC Aircon applies for a wide range of applications cooling, like electronics, animals, computer, advertising board, LED sign, telecom basement etc. It provides cooling and dehumidification to electronics enclosures.
Furthermore, because of its lightest weight, it is perfect for mobile applications like mobile dc air conditioner. It enables electronics systems to be deployed effectively in hot, challenging environments.
Besides cooling, Rigid micro dc aircon also provides heating function. Using our miniature dc compressor technology, our micro air conditioner module is 4 times more efficient, 7 times lighter, and 5 times smaller than competing thermoelectric systems.
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