12V Compact Cooler LC1910E-PRO
1,200.00 - 1,300.00
Product: Compact, Light, Rugged Liquid Cooler for Body Cooling
Model Number: LC1910E-PRO

Voltage: DC 12V
Refrigerant: R134A
Capacity: 100~450W
Digital Display Controller
Reservoir: 145ml
Pump Flow Rate: 7.5L/min
Weight: 6.8kgs (15lbs)
L x W x H: 300x170x170mm (11.8x6.7x6.7 inch)


Body cooling;
Laser cooling;
Medical & Aesthetic;
laboratory Equipment;
Recycling Liquid Cooling;
Small mobile thermal cooling system etc.
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Coming soon
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The “Core” Power emitting the charm of science and technology
RIGID Technology has developed unparalleled compact thermal management products based on patented miniature refrigeration technology.
Nowadays, many engineers are facing the biggest challenges of compact and precise thermal management. A conventional scroll compressor is too big which isn't suitable for small devices and personal use. In the industry of compact and mobile refrigeration, there are no logical bits and bytes, nor industry qualification standards. Hence the design of a cooling system and the choice of the right technology, supplier, and products can only be based on knowledge and experience in those fields.
RIGID Technology has nearly 10 years of focuses on the miniature refrigeration systems, has built a comprehensive knowledge base in compact and portable thermal management, enabling us to provide customers with complete solutions. Besides standard small cooling units, RIGID accepts customized order and OEM production.
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