Free Piston Stirling Cooler-RS150
Cooling Type: Free Piston Stirling Engine

Capacity: 150W
Coolant: Helium=2.5g
Cooler N.W: 5.5kg (12lbs)
Power Input: DC36V 6A(RMS)
Size: Diameterф115.5mm×Length 266.5mm

Coolant injection pressure: 3.4Mpa(20°)
Drive Power: 69Hz AC2.0~14.0V 12A(RMS)
Working Lifetime: Continuously operation ≥10,000hrs
Working Condition: 0℃~+60℃(32℉~140℉)
Installation: Any direction is workable

Temp Range in Cold Fin (Cold part): -100℃~0℃
Temp Range in Heat Sink (Hot part): 0℃~+60℃
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More Details
FPSC, Free Piston Stirling Coolers, Application Examples
    Oil-Free, Ultra Quiet, Vibration-Free
    Smallest & Lightest, 2.0kgs (only 1/5 weight of normal compressor)
    For liquid freezing application, 30% at least energy savings
    For air cooled application, 50% at least energy savings
    MagLev technology better reduce system redundancy
    Deep Fast Freezing
    Bio-tec & Medical
    Electronics Cooling
    Microclimate Cooling
    Medical Device Cooling
    Chemical, Energy, Foods and Logistics
    ... ... (Included above applications but not limited)
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