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    RIGID mini water chillers employ miniature brushless DC compressors, making them exceptionally compact and lightweight. Designed for cooling air and liquids, these chillers utilize a refrigeration cycle to extract and dissipate heat from various liquids. They play a pivotal role in directing chilled liquids to heat exchangers, process equipment, or other fluids.


    RIGID mini water chillers find versatile applications in cooling liquid mixtures for battery management, as well as maintaining precise temperatures for batteries, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. With their small size and lightweight, they serve diverse industries including medical devices, food and beverage, plastics, HVAC, lasers, and computing.


    RIGID offers customized refrigeration systems that cater to various thermal management needs in ultra-compact forms.

    Mini Water Chiller

    Mini Water Chiller

    • 2.5 kgs / 5.5lbs
    • R134a / R290
    • 12V/24V/48V DC
    • Capacity:100~550W (1,880Btu)
    • BLDC Miniature Compressor
    • 200x230x145 mm / 7.8x9.0x5.7 inch
    • Temperature Range: ±20℃ (-4~68℉)
    • 2,000~6,500rpm variable speeds drive board
    • Features: Small, reliable, efficient, and affordable cost.

    Mini water chillers offer compact sizing and high heat dissipation, bolstered by an advanced motor drive controller for precise temperature control and efficiency. Notably, the inclusion of a sine wave drive board allows adjustable compressor speeds, catering to diverse performance needs and temperature precision.


    The standout feature of these mini water chillers is their suitability for applications such as lithium batteries, electronics, and medical device cooling. Their integration-ready design enables recirculating water-cooling for equipment, with voltage options (12V, 24V, and 48V) and broad compatibility, extending to batteries, electronics, lasers, medical devices, and precision instruments.


    RIGID also crafts tailored cooling modules alongside standard offerings, catering to unique customer requirements.

    Drawing DV1920E-P(S) 24V DC Mini Water Chiller (RIGID Cooling)

    RIGID Mini Water Chiller: Superior Temperature Stability, Minimal Size.

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    Mini Water Chiller Cooling System-12V/24V/48V

    RIGID stands as a pioneering force in miniature compressor innovation based in China. Our ingenuity drives the advancement of compact cooling systems through cutting-edge technologies.


    The mini water chiller comprises four integral components: a mini compressor, micro-channel condenser, evaporator, and capillary or expansion valve. Within this water chiller configuration, the frame & plate evaporator functions as a condensed refrigerant-to-coolant heat exchange module.


    R134A refrigerant adeptly absorbs fluid-generated heat, facilitated by a circulating pump directing liquid flow through the evaporator and accompanying tubing.


    The small water chiller delivers remarkable advantages, including an exceptionally compact radiator and heightened heat dissipation capability. Its design emphasizes minimal size, leveraging a mini compressor to achieve unparalleled lightweight attributes. This Plate-type water chiller excels in precise heat transfer, proving invaluable in scenarios where spatial constraints and weight considerations are pivotal.


    RIGID has engineered robust liquid chiller solutions that merge compactness, affordability, and seamless integration into user systems. Our complete product range is not exhaustively featured here. Should your specific requirements not align with the displayed options, please reach out via email info@rigidhvac.com or phone +86 579 8837 9768.

  • Key Features

    Easy to install, compact, Micro-channel condenser, Stainless Steel Evaporator and more.

    Cooling-fluid Loop Chiller


    Compact water chiller: mini compressor, condenser, evaporator; Temperature cools from -25℃ to 20℃.

    Mini refrigeration Expertise


    Empowers core cooling, offering endusers unparalleled adaptability for their devices.

    OEM Refrigeration Solutions


    Ideal for laser, battery, laboratory, medical devices, electronics, ensuring reliability, and temp stability.

    Thermal Management Solutions


    Compact size, minimal weight and industrial-class reliability for various of cooling applications.

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    Mini Water Chiller DV1920E-P-S (24V)
  • Standard Products and Custom Solutions

    Established in 2010, RIGID is the manufacturer who's behind many popular brands in the US. RIGID's vision is to set the benchmark standard for the micro cooling industry. We are a China manufacturer and supplier of compact cooling systems, working in close cooperation with the leading United States and European manufacturers of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration.


    In addition to offering standard products including Micro DC Aircon (ruggedized air conditioner modules for compact and confined space cooling), Liquid Chiller Modules (battery-driven compact refrigeration systems that our customers integrate into their applications), and DC Condensing Units (the world's small direct cooling units used by customers in small freezer, medical, laser, and electronics cooling). RIGID also custom design or modify refrigeration systems for most customers' specific applications.


    Let our engineering team develop the perfect cooling solution for you!

    Micro DC Aircon

    Ultra Compact & Light Weight


    Plate Type Liquid Chiller

    Frame and Plate Evaporator


    Coaxial Type Liquid Chiller

    St. St. Coaxial Evaporator


    Stainless Steel Liquid Chiller

    Stainless St. Coil Evaporator


    Copper Coil Liquid Chiller

    Copper Steel Coil Evaporator


    DC Condensing Unit

    Ultra Small Direct Cooling


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    We have our own R&D department and manufacturing facilities. Thereby, we control the complete process from the first idea to the delivery of finished cooling products to customers. If you don’t see what you are looking for in our product lineup, do not hesitate to talk to us about your system. Apart from standard cooling systems, RIGID also provides custom solutions. We have developed solutions for medical devices, life science, laboratory, electronics, laser, Lithium battery, and electric vehicle customers. We can design a miniature cooling system to meet the requirements of your application. To learn more, go to our Design & OEM page. Or, please contact us for a free evaluation of your application.

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