• Vapor Compression Refrigeration


    Vapor compression uses a circulating liquid refrigerant medium to absorb and remove heat from the space being cooled - RIGID HVAC.

  • RIGID Technology Background

    RIGID Technology is a leading company in the field of miniature compact vapor compression refrigeration systems, providing innovative and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of a wide range of industries. Originally founded in 2010 as Ruiyun, RIGID company was established with a mission to introduce miniature compressors and compact, portable refrigeration solutions to the domestic market. RIGID is a professional HVAC company with its own factories dedicated to small refrigeration and air conditioning products.


    Since its inception, RIGID has achieved remarkable success in the domestic market and expanded its operations to overseas markets under the RIGID brand, which was established in 2016. With over 12 years of experience and a wealth of resources in the HVAC industry, RIGID has established long-term relationships with high-volume equipment manufacturers and prides itself on providing value to its customers.


    Today, RIGID supplies thousands of cooling systems annually to leading equipment manufacturers in industries such as laser, medical, life science, laboratory, pharmaceutical, vertical smart farming, electronics, electric vehicles, and many others.

    RIGID Technology Background
  • Custom Cooling Systems Development Process

    RIGID Miniature Refrigeration

    Our miniature, variable-speed DC compressor with a high-efficiency, high-energy-density brushless DC motor gives us an exceptional advantage in the field of lightweight and compact cooling systems. We specialize in designing complete, high-capacity cooling systems that can be as small as an A4 sheet of paper and easily fit into the tight spaces of your equipment chassis. Our expertise includes air cooling, liquid cooling, direct cooling systems, liquid cooling systems, and mini chillers where the refrigerant circulates directly through a cold plate evaporator in contact with the heat load.


    At RIGID, we utilize advanced miniature compressors and system components, along with our innovative packaging approaches, to create the most compact, high-performance solution for your specific needs at a minimal cost. If your application requires a unique, highly efficient, and compact cooling system, our decades of experience and leading-edge technology can help us design and manufacture a custom cooling system that meets your needs and gives you a distinct market advantage.


  • What Are The Benefits of Vapor Compression?

    The vapor compression refrigerator is known for its ability to remove large amounts of heat with a small mass flow of refrigerant. It is one of the most efficient refrigeration systems on a macro scale, with a high coefficient of performance (COP). In addition, this system is capable of achieving sub-ambient temperatures without the need for additional pumping energy at the cold junction.


    How Does a Compression Refrigeration System Work? In the compression refrigeration cycle, a liquid refrigerant is continuously circulated through a closed system consisting of four stages. As it travels through the system, the refrigerant undergoes both compression and expansion, resulting in a change in state from liquid to vapor. As this occurs, the system absorbs and releases heat, effectively lowering the temperature of the conditioned space.


    Vapor compression cooling uses the phase change of the refrigerant to efficiently cool heat sources, often to temperatures below the ambient air. This technology is commonly used in home refrigerators to keep the interior colder than the room it is in. It has been around for over a century and has been continually improved with the latest technological advances. A compressor is used to pump refrigerant from an evaporator, where it absorbs heat, to a condenser, where it releases heat. The refrigerant changes phase from liquid to vapor in the evaporator and from vapor to liquid in the condenser. This phase change, along with the compressor, makes the process very efficient.


    By using appropriate refrigerants, compressors, and heat exchangers, a vapor compression refrigeration system can provide a highly reliable and efficient means of cooling a wide range of applications, including medical equipment, laboratory equipment, high-tech lasers, military communications, and electric vehicle charging cables. At RIGID, we use only approved, environmentally safe refrigerants that comply with international regulations to reduce ozone-depleting and global warming substances. We continually monitor the evolution of international regulations and are currently testing alternative refrigerants that are even more environmentally friendly than those currently in use around the world.


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