• Custom Product Development Process


    RIGID Custom Product Development Provides End-To-End Product Development, Design, Proto to Order of Products.

  • Custom Cooling Systems Development Process

    The process of developing a custom cooling system begins with a simple and direct approach. You can contact us with your requirements and we will engage in a collaborative dialogue, asking questions until we have a complete understanding of what you need from your system. We will also discuss pricing and annual production volume requirements to ensure a good market fit for your needs. Often our customers require an immediate feasibility prototype to test integration, performance, or other complex controls, such as determining the suitability of the technology for the product they are developing. Depending on your needs, RIGID can often provide this prototype in a short timeframe.


    After the initial feasibility analysis and prototyping phase, our engineering design and development process adheres to the ISO 9001 standard, ensuring the production of high-quality and reliable products that meet our customers' requirements. The RIGID R&D team follows a stage-gate process that begins with a well-defined and customer-approved product specification that outlines all requirements. We then proceed with preliminary design and prototype sample production. A design intent prototype is produced and subjected to detailed design verification testing by RIGID, followed by validation testing by the customer in their application. Once the customer is satisfied with the product, RIGID will prepare the final product documentation and proceed with engineering release to production. All engineering review meetings are attended by representatives from engineering, purchasing, quality, manufacturing, and management.

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  • Custom Solutions

    The production release process is a critical step that must be completed before actual production can begin. It includes production planning, material procurement, pre-production preparation, manufacturing, initial testing, and final product testing. During this process, all manufacturing documents such as work instructions, product test data, and final product performance data are created. A pilot run is conducted prior to mass production to ensure that everything is ready, and representatives from manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, quality, and management attend the production release, which is a key milestone.


    We understand the importance of time efficiency while maintaining a thorough and successful product development and launch process. Therefore, we can expedite the process when necessary to meet the product development cycle needs of our customers. Our custom prototype production time is typically 20-30 days, and production orders (500+ units) can be completed within 30-35 days of material availability.


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