• Micro DC Aircon

    Micro Cooling System for Air Conditioning - The World's Smallest Air Cooling A/C Unit

    The Micro DC Aircon is an air-cooled circulatory subsystem. It consists of a mini compressor (12V/24V/48V) with R134A coolant, the smallest condenser, evaporator, blower, filter drier, driver board, and other refrigeration parts.


    The Micro DC Aircon is developed to satisfy the growing market that wants small cooling for compact and confined space cooling. RIGID micro aircon is frequently used in the cubby, EVs (electric vehicles), helicopters, cabs, and other small space cooling.


    The small DC Aircon uses vapor compression technology to chill the air within an enclosed environment. The air removes the heat from the room and provides circulating chilled air without the need to change the user's existing system architecture.


    RIGID Micro DC Aircon is good for customers who are able to deal with system control. We provide a drive board to control the aircon speeds. Our Micro DC Aircon is a compact, light, rugged temperature control system for electronic device cooling. Plus, the end user's software or computer can connect with the RIGID drive board (included) to control compressor speed and get the best performance they needed.


    RIGID Micro DC Aircon enables EV batteries and electronics systems to be deployed effectively in hot, challenging environments. Over 10,000 micro dc aircon units have been deployed to outdoor telecom communications bases/electronics and Lithium battery applications worldwide. Also, RIGID has developed a tropical small & portable dc aircon (55℃) for extremely hot areas in the Middle East and Dubai.

    Provides effective cooling and dehumidification to EV, battery, and electronics enclosures.

    AC-Micro DC Aircon

    Micro DC Aircon - Cooling

    • Weight: 5 kgs/11lbs
    • Capacity: 100W~550W
    • Voltage: 12V/24V/48V DC
    • Refrigerant: R134A /R290
    • External Size: 350x280x180mm;
    • Orientation: <30° from flat
    • Adopts miniature rotary bldc compressor;
    • Humidity Control: 70% RH between 50°F and 140°F
    • Small refrigerant compressor provides reliable small refrigeration solution;
    • The mini dc aircon provides an excellent cooling where size/space/efficiency are important factors.
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    P-Plate Liquid Chiller

    The Best Micro DC Aircon for Camping, Van, Trailer, RV, Driver cab, and other compact space air cooling.



  • Key Features

    The Variable Speed Miniature DC Air Conditioner Unit Provides Unique Advantages for Your Applications

    Completely Electrical Power


    Reduced fuel expenses, No worry of maintenance.

    Comfort Cooling Temp


    Cooling temp 5℃~ 30℃, No oil comsumption, quiet.

    Environmentally Friendly


    Battery-driven, prevent atmospheric emissions of CO2

    Easy to Installation



    Easy mounting without drilling the cab on trucks with a hatch

  • Rugged Micro DC Aircon Unit

    Varable Speed DC Aircons - 12V 24V 48V

    RIGID is a miniature compressor innovation leader in China. We are creative and capture new technologies in compact cooling systems. It provides focused heat transfer and is especially useful for applications where space and weight are critical matters.


    The Micro DC Aircon consists of the basic 4 parts: a mini compressor, a micro-channel condenser, an expansion valve or capillary, and an evaporator. In the dc air conditioning system, the evaporator is typically a refrigerant-to-air heat exchanger which removes heat from the recirculating air. The blower is necessary to drive the airflow over the heat exchanger to drive the heat transfer.


    The Aircon demonstrates the good cooling performance of the vapor compression cycle for an air conditioning system. The benefits of the mini air conditioner unit include an ultra-small radiator and evaporator with an efficient blower. It has a very compact size in design. By using a mini compressor, it has features of lightest weight while excellent heat transfer performance as well.


    Input power is 150W with supposedly 550W of cooling. That's a COP of 3.0 W/W. It has a capillary tube, not an expansion valve. The compressor is variable speed, so it is energy efficient and saving. The Micro Aircon contains an evaporator and a mini blower itself.


    The maximum cold air outlet temperature (from the evaporator) is 5℃ (41℉). For extreme hot areas like the Middle East or Dubai, the max ambient temp is 55℃ (131℉), that is our tropical 24V air aircon unit DV1920E-AC(T). so the tropical A/C unit is able to operate in higher temps.


    RIGID Micro DC Aircon is an ideal setup for van life, to cool a bed. For example, one of those ducted air blankets that hospitals use. Or a bed platform/mattress with holes to duct air to the bed. 250W of cooling is enough to keep two people comfortable when sleeping. With only 10A-15A of input power that could be reasonable.


    Of course, there are no standardized ratings cited, so actual performance may vary according to different environments.



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    Micro DC Aircon DV3820E-AC-T R290
    $790.00 - $810.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV3820E-AC (R134a)
    $770.00 - $790.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV3830E-AC-T R290
    $790.00 - $810.00
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    Micro DC Aircon DV3830E-AC (R134a)
    $770.00 - $790.00
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    The Variable Speed Miniature DC Air Conditioner Unit Provides Unique Advantages for Your Applications.

    • Low Weight  Extremely Portable
    • Low Voltage → Proven Low Risk (12V / 24V / 48V)
    • Low Noise → Suitable for Office, Hospital, Home
    • Small Footprint → Easily Integrated into Small Spaces
    • High Capacity → Comparable to Systems 5x the Size
    • High-Efficiency → Low Power Draw, Less Heat Rejection
    • High-Reliability → Less Maintenance, Fewer Service Calls
    • Variable Speed → Accurate Temperature Stability Available

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