• Direct Current Compressors


    RIGID is the miniature compressor innovation leader in China. We keep looking for novel solutions in compact and portable cooling applications. At the same time, RIGID keeps pursuing innovative solutions to effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promoted the use of low-GWP refrigerants. Our aims are eco-friendly and meet the high requirements of the eco-design directive UE2015-1095.


    RIGID Inverter technology (DC) is the latest evolution of technology concerning the electro motors of the compressors. The dc compressor motor is controlled by an inverter, which continuously regulates the temperature.


    In the field of mobile refrigeration, RIGID has excelled with its DC compressors for micro refrigeration, portable air conditioner, mobile boxes, cars, vans, boats, trucks, electric vehicles, etc. In the food, laser, medical, military, green energy, and telecommunication industries. RIGID DC compressor series offers excellent performance.


    Reduce running costs in cooling and save up to 450W per hour!

  • Advantages of DC Compressors



    Low Starting Current


    High starting torque, high slip, and low amperes draw.

    Design for Mobile Applications


    Compact size, run on 24V/48V DC power supply.

    Inverter BLDC Motor


    Variable Speeds ranging from 1,800 to 5,500rpm.

    Excellent COP ≥ 3.46 (W/W)


    Excellent cooling capacity, low energy consumption.

  • Miniature 24V / 48V DC Compressor

    Tailored for Small and Light Commercial LBP/MBP/HBP Applications


    RIGID tiny DC compressors have many advantages: small size, lightweight, high efficiency, low vibration, and high reliability. The 48V DC compressor - QX8803VDL can be said to be the king of micro compressors, with the world's largest cooling capacity of 1,067 W.

    In addition, the micro dc compressor QX8803VDL uses DC frequency conversion technology combined with an M-cylinder motor, which is better at low noise and high-reliability technology and has an excellent performance in high energy efficiency, low noise, and long life. Both in the commercial refrigeration and home refrigeration field, we have won a high reputation for their reliable quality and advanced technology.


    RIGID BLDC direct current compressors feature an optimal pump that operates quietly, while also providing excellent performance. In addition to heat pumps, air conditioners, cabinet & telecommunications, and commercial cooling applications, the 48V DC compressor QX8803VDL is also well suited for various compact Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications.


    Compared to traditional compressors, RIGID variable-speed DC compressors offer highly efficient and energy-saving features. Unlike a fixed-speed compressor that constantly runs at 100%, the rotary inverter DC compressors deliver only as much air as it needs for cooling, saving significant amounts of electricity.


    RIGID is continuously developing direct current DC compressors, not only to discover new technological advances but also to improve and reach our most successful results when operating them.

  • 24V DC Compressor, QX3002VDL

    24V DC Compressor, QX3002VDL

    Nominal Capacity: ≥530W (1,807Btu)

    • 24V DC

    • 1.4 kgs /3.1 lbs

    • Displacement: 3.0 ml/rev

    • Refrigerant: R134A / R513A

    • Working Current: 8.6A

    • Rated Capacity: 530 W / 1,807 Btu

    • Compressor Rated Input: 208 W / 709 Btu

    • COP (Coefficient Of Performance): 2.55 W/W

    • Size: 103.5 x 65 mm (High x Diameter)

    • Variable speed drive board: (1,800~5,500 rpm)

    • Drive board included

    48V DC Compressor, QX3003VDL

    48V DC Compressor, QX3003VDL

    Nominal Capacity: ≥544W (1,855Btu)

    • 48V DC

    • 1.4 kgs /3.1 lbs

    • Displacement: 3.0 ml/rev

    • Refrigerant: R134A / R513A

    • Working Current: 4.5A (Max 6A)

    • Rated Capacity: 544 W / 1,855 Btu

    • Compressor Rated Input: 217 W / 740 Btu

    • COP (Coefficient Of Performance): 2.51 W/W

    • Size: 103.5 x 65 mm (High x Diameter)

    • Variable speed drive board: (1,800~5,500 rpm)

    • Drive board included

    48V DC Compressor, QX8803VDL

    48V DC Compressor, QX8803VDL

    Nominal Capacity: ≥1,067W (3,638Btu)

    • 48V DC

    • 4.7 kgs / 10.3 lbs

    • Working Current: 6.06A

    • Displacement: 8.8 ml/rev

    • Refrigerant: R134A / R513A

    • Rated Capacity: 1,067 W / 3,638 Btu

    • Compressor Rated Input: 309 W / 1,054 Btu

    • COP (Coefficient Of Performance): 3.46 W/W

    • Size: 185 x 94.4 mm (High x Diameter)

    • Variable speed drive board: (1,800~4,000 rpm)

    • Drive board included

  • DC Compressor Features and Benefits


    If you rely on battery power for up to 16 hours a day, be sure that your DC compressor will ever cool the battery and ensure it can last a long time. Reduce maintenance and replacement costs by securing your signal. Battery drain is a big issue,

    RIGID Battery-driven DC compressors will allow you to:

    • Energy-efficient direct current DC compressor with a high COP.
    • Ensure maximum performance by simplifying the overall system design.
    • Create a cooling system that can run on battery, solar cell, and wind turbine without converting the current to alternating current.

    *Compared to other solutions that rely on AC and 230V AC conversion compressors.



    Features and Benefits:

    • Outstanding Performance COP>2.95.
    • Ultra-quiet working noise level (32dBA).
    • Miniature DC compressors apply for mobile cooling applications.
    • Highly reliable and efficient solutions safeguard cabinet, food, medical, and telecommunication.
    • Variable speed driver control unit with built-in speed control, ON&OFF switch, thermostat signal, thermal protection, constant-current control, and safety against overload.


    R290 Mini Compressor Nominal capacity & Input Power - QX2802VDL-T


    DC Compressor Drive Board


    RIGID DC Compressors combine with variable speed drive board. It is easy to integrate the drive board (PCB) into your application if you need sophisticated functions or want to control them with your software.


    The PCB drive board is a variable speed drive. This allows the cooling capacity of the system to be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the compressor speed. The compressor drive board utilizes a user-supplied 0-5 VDC analog signal to set the compressor speed. The firmware has a minimum speed of 2,000 RPM (0.7 VDC or lower) and a maximum speed of 6,000 RPM (4.5 VDC or higher).

    The voltage to RPM relationship is linear between 0.7 and 4.5 V so the following equation can be used: S = 1132×V+1408.

    * Where S is compressor speed (RPM) and V is the control voltage (VDC).

    Highly DC Compressor Drive board PCB

    DC Compressor Applications -

    Mobile Cooling & Compact Refrigeration


    DC Compressor Applications -  Mobile Cooling & Compact Refrigeration
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