• Medical Laser Device DC Fluid Chiller


    Integrated Cooling for Medical Aesthetics Equipment.

  • Integrated Cooling for Medical Aesthetic

    RIGID liquid chiller modules are integrated cooling for medical aesthetics devices. Those compact chiller modules are designed to be easily integrated into the user's device. It is a specialized chilled water cooling solution designed specifically for medical aesthetics equipment such as laser devices, aesthetic light therapy devices, and similar equipment. The primary goal of integrated chiller cooling is to provide reliable, efficient, and safe fluid cooling that can regulate the temperature of the equipment and protect it from overheating or damage.


    RIGID Integrated chilled water-cooled modules typically include a dc compressor, drive board, condenser, evaporator, capillary and other components. In addition, a PCB control system is typically included to drive and regulate the compressor speeds, which aims to adjust the temperature and operation of the chiller system. RIGID dc integrated water chillers can further improve the performance and reliability of medical equipment and clinic devices.


    All in all, the goal of the liquid chiller module is to provide a high-quality, reliable, and efficient integrated cooling solution that can regulate the temperature of medical aesthetic equipment and protect it from overheating and damage.

  • Integrated Chiller Cooling

    Large Power Chiller

    The Large Power Chiller works by circulating water over the heat parts of the medical device to absorb the heat and transfer it to a separate cooling unit. In response to market demand, RIGID's cooperative factories began small batch production of 850W to 1,780W hermetic DC rotary chillers in 2020.


    In close collaboration with the customer's engineers, RIGID development team designed a miniature DC chiller subassembly that includes the primary refrigeration components (dc compressor, drive board, condenser, expansion valve/capillary, and evaporator), as well as the coolant pump, condenser fan, temperature sensors, wire harnesses, and circuit boards. These components are housed in an open sheet metal chassis.

  • Chilled Water to Keep Medical Aesthetics Cool

    A water-glycol liquid cooling loop to maintain Medical Device temperature at +5℃ ~ 20℃.

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    In medical aesthetic systems that use lasers for hair removal, the RIGID water chiller is used to cool the laser device and protect it from overheating. The chiller circulates a coolant, typically water or a water-glycol mixture, through the laser device. Later the coolant absorbs the heat generated by the laser during operation, effectively removing the heat from the laser device. The heated coolant water flows from the laser device to the chiller, where it is cooled by a refrigeration system.

    The RIGID Integrated Chiller typically includes a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and other components that work together to transfer heat from the coolant to the surrounding air or water. The cooled coolant is then returned to the laser unit where it continues to absorb heat and cool the laser. This process is continuously repeated while the laser is in use, ensuring that the laser device maintains a stable temperature and is protected from overheating and damage.

    The RIGID Integrated Chiller is equipped with a driver board that allows direct control of the refrigeration system and accurate temperature control of the delivered refrigerant through the speed control input on the variable speed compressor. Custom designs are also available for easy integration of the chiller at the contract manufacturer's facility.

    RIGID designs and manufactures small DC chillers under its ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, which is fully compliant with customers who develop and supply medical devices. In continuous production for over 5 years, the compact DC chiller is small, efficient, integrated into the customer's device, and sets a new standard for medical device cooling systems. With thousands of units in operation worldwide, RIGID customers are highly satisfied with the integrated chillers.

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