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RIGID Mini Compressor Cooling Systems

– RIGID Active Thermal Management Solutions

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Mini Refrigerated Compressor Vapor Compression Cooling Systems– RIGID Active Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal Management is the ability to control the temperature of a system by means of Technology based on Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. RIGID Technology has been in miniature cooling systems for 11 years. Our compact liquid modules act as "sub-systems", is easily assembly to customer's device and equipment, and widely used in many industries as well.

As we known all electronic devices and circuitry generate excess heat and thus require thermal management to improve reliability and prevent premature failure. The amount of heat output is equal to the power input, if there are no other energy interactions. There are several techniques for cooling including various styles of heat sinks, thermoelectric, air conditioning and fans, water coolers, and others. In cases of extreme low environmental temperatures, it may actually be necessary to heat the electronic components to achieve satisfactory operation. 

If your application requires thermal management? RIGID made a huge success by designing modules and systems that help to cool down the temperature to the desired level. Additionally, these products can maintain that heat level by guaranteeing consistent performance. 

If you are looking for a compact and light-weight cooling unit, you are in the right place. Here is a short overview of the compression cooling and circulating systems for active thermal management. Check out different solutions, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

1. Mini Compressor – Vapor Compression Refrigeration

RIGID put years of hard work into developing a revolutionary solution in vapor compression technology. The mini compressors we've designed are the result of this research. Their main advantage is that they have marvellous cooling performance, while very small size. Additionally, the system features low vibration, which contributes to lowering the noise.

mini compressors

It is true miniature BLDC rotary compressor. That’s why the products we design aren’t an inch bigger than absolutely necessary. We are proud to say that the miniature technology enables compact and lightweight refrigeration systems in the industry. Our customer's laser cooling system features a compact size while maintaining impressive performance.

The compressor is a crucial part of our small refrigerating system. That’s why the idea was to make this component as miniature as possible. After years of trying, RIGID has designed revolutionary BLDC miniature rotary compressors.

The biggest advantages of our rotary compressor include:

A compact size

Surprising lightweight

An efficient performance that compares with bigger units

We like to think of our compressors as “true power in small packaging.” This micro DC unit is perfect for portable and compact cooling machines. Although it already delivers consistent performance, our experts keep improving the compressor. The current fifth-generation implements the sine wave drive board. We patented this approach as we believe it’s crucial to impressive performance.

What Are the Main Features of the Miniature BLDC Rotary Compressors?

At RIGID, customers have always been the top priority. That’s why we came up with a solution that will meet each client’s needs.Our BLDC compressors are available with different cooling capacities. It starts at 100W or 240Btu if you are looking for the smallest possible solution. If you prefer more power, our compressors are ready to deliver up to 700W (2,387Btu) of strength. 

You are in complete control of the mini compressors. It comes with a drive board, which makes it easy to adjust the desired speed. The velocity can vary from 2,000RPM to 6,500RPM, and it all depends on your needs.

Our compressors can use 12V, 24V, or 48V DC. It’s also possible to convert it to AC by using the right kit. This incredible versatility made this portable cooling system extremely popular. It’s possible to use it for various applications. That includes a laser hair removal cooling system, as well as other medical, military, and similar purposes. You can put the device on the countertop as it takes a minimum footprint on it. It’s also excellent to use on the go. The compact size contributes to impressive portability.

RIGID mini rotary compressor is extremely efficient, which is possible because it uses the R134A refrigerant. The device is also compatible with natural refrigerant R290 for those who prefer that option. The total weight of the unit doesn’t exceed 720 grams, which is around 1.5 pounds. Our experts implemented a one-cylinder setup under standard ASHRAE requirements.

And here is the best part – the total energy consumption is surprisingly low. You’ll find that it utilizes 40% less energy than other systems. While we are discussing that, let’s mention the noise reduction is around 45dB(A). That’s an impressive advancement compared to the previously used system. It ensures the compressor is quiet and efficient, which means its activity won’t disrupt others. It is very well-received by medical and aesthetic industry for dedical device cooling.

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Can You Use the Compressor in Indoor or Outdoor Conditions?

The primary purpose of RIGID’s rotary compressors is indoor use. That could be in vehicles for transport or other indoor settings. The reason for this is that optimal lubrication requires an ambient temperature of at least 5℃. 

However, if you require outdoor or hot ambient temperature use, you should be aware that RIGID designed a T-tropical series of its units. These mini compressors can operate at temperatures up to 55℃. That makes them the perfect cooling solution in outdoor environments. You can use it for automotive purposes to reduce and maintain optimal temperatures. 

The best part is that RIGID’s compressors can deliver excellent performance and optimal thermal management while maintaining impressive lightness. The compressor that weighs 1.5 pounds can have a 30% better performance than a unit that weighs six times as much. 

2. Micro DC Aircon – Air Circulating Systems

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The idea of a micro DC air circulating system is simple. It removes the heat from the device to cool it down. The hot air that gets removed from the product circulates through our unit. Thanks to the circulation, it becomes cooler when it returns to the device. That ensures the overall temperature of your product goes down. It’s the perfect option of a CO2 laser cooling and many other applications.

Here is the overview of the main characteristics offered by the Micro DC Aircon systems:

Voltage. RIGID ensures that you can pick the desired voltage option from 12V, 24V, and 48V adjustments. The DC voltage ensures you utilize minimum energy without requiring converters.

Weight. The weight varies from around ten to twelve pounds. This is a small difference between the least and most powerful options. It’s worth noting that even the settings with the fewest wattage offer efficient performance.

Size. The size of our micro DC aircon is 350x260x180 millimeters. That means the entire unit is incredibly small, like a Paper A4 size!

All standard aircon units use the R134A coolant, and they operate with an airflow rate of 28.3CFM at the cold air outlet. You can adjust the desired heat transfer rate, and the unit will exceed all expectations when it comes to managing the target temperature. If you require R290 natural refrigerant or your own design, RIGID is able to customize base on your requirements.

What Are the Main Advantages of the Micro DC Aircon?

We already mentioned that the device is light and compact. However, that’s not the only advantage. Here are the other benefits you get with our micro DC aircon unit:

Easy to install. There’s no need for drilling because the mounting process is simple.

Powered by battery. There’s no need to worry about the fuel, and there’s no maintenance involved.

An eco-friendly solution. There won’t be any CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, which means you’ll show responsibility to the environment.

Maintaining the desired temperature. The cooling temperature can be anywhere from 15℃ to 30℃.

Minimal noise. The product is surprisingly quiet and has lower noise levels than other units.

RIGID doesn’t use converters to transfer AC to DC. Instead, our micro DC aircon solutions are powered by DC. That means they are efficient and enable incredible fuel savings. It runs on DC power supplies, battery and solar power. The best part is that you’ll save while ensuring optimal performance. Our eco-friendly systems don’t require any oil. That minimizes the hassle around maintenance and ensures your company shows responsibility for the environment. 

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3. Small Cooling Systems – Liquid Circulating Systems

RIGID has been developing compact cooling systems for almost a decade. During that time, we’ve maintained a super quality and performance of our products. Our team did that because we have an impressive dedication to innovation. A portion of our revenue goes to the research department to develop new solutions and implement fresh technologies in our circulating systems.

Our standard cooling systems include:

Mini Water Chillers

You’ll be more than happy with our micro liquid circulation systems. Once again, our idea was to design compact cooling solutions for various applications. That includes medical device chiller, eletronics cooler, EV battery cooling, or a laser cutter cooling system but also other applications across different industries.

RIGID Small Cooling Modules and Micro Chillers

What’s the Working Process of a Liquid Circulating System?

The idea is simple, and it all starts with an intuitive design. The fluid goes into a heat exchanger.  Heat exchangers, metal shells and tubes, work by transferring heat from one place to another. It transfers heat from one medium to another. These media may be a gas, liquid, or a combination of both. Heat exchangers can improve a system's energy efficiency by transferring heat from systems where it is not needed to other systems where it can be usefully used.

RIGID has two options for our customer's selection:

The two chillers have same configuration and layout, the only difference is different evaporator. Attached are specifications and cooling performance charts, for your reference.

  • For Plate Liquid Chiller, in part of the heat exchanger between refrigerant and liquid, it is fin-tube heat exchanger.
  • For Coaxial Liquid Chiller, in part of the heat exchanger between refrigerant and liquid, it is double layer pipe heat exchanger.
  • Stainless steel liquid cooler. It chooses stainless steel material.  
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The system requires an external pump but managed to keep a compact size. It also has an impressive capacity and surprising efficiency. It can lower the heat level significantly while maintaining a consistent temperature. It’s perfect for active thermal management, where you need to keep the heat at the same level for a long time.

It’s possible to use the device as part of your chilling system. Alternatively, it’s even possible to integrate RIGID’s liquid circulation system into your setup. That means they can become a part of your product. The increase in weight and size will be only minimal, and the cooling benefits will exceed all your expectations.

4. DC Condensing Unit – Direct Expansion Systems

The main difference between this dc condensing unit and other chiller is that it features direct expansion. This is a subsystem that doesn’t come with an evaporator. Its components are the mini compressor, condenser, filler drier, driver board, capillary, and other parts.

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Our condensing unit is an expansion system. It is ultra compact and flexible to customer's applications because it comes without an evaporator. Instead, you have the freedom to customize the cold plate to your requirements. Please note that we can adjust the system to fit your needs. Our engineers have years of experience and are ready to design a laser cooling water system that will meet your expectations to the smallest detail.

Versatility is the biggest advantage of our systems that directly integrate into your products. That ensures maximum customization and allows tailoring to your requirements. Inserting the cooling system perfectly into your device is imperative for many applications. If you have a precision instrument like a laser, you’ll appreciate mounting the evaporator directly to the product’s module or cold plate.

Apart from the ease of installation, our condensing unit puts complete control in your hands. You can use our patented drive board to adjust the speed to identify optimal performance. That allows you to control the temperature with incredible precision. As with all other cooling solutions, you can pick from multiple voltage options. Our DC condensing unit is compact and light, which means its weight won’t go over 5.5 pounds. That means it will fit your requirements perfectly!