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Reasons Why Small Water Chiller Are The Best For Healthcare And Medical Device

Compact Liquid Chiller Cooling Units For Medical Device

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RIGID HVAC specializes in the manufacturing, and research and development of Mini compressors, Micro DC Aircon, Small Water Chiller, Compact Liquid Chillers, and custom refrigeration modules. Our products are extensively used in a variety of medical, commercial, industrial, and personal cooling applications. Using top-quality components in our products and stringent quality systems, we guarantee our customers the best cooling solutions for their applications. We also deliver at the shortest possible time and to any location around the world. Continue reading to know more about how our products, especially the small portable water chillers, are ideal for healthcare facilities and medical devices.


Pic. Small Water Chiller & Drawing

Mini Water Chiller for Healthcare And Medical Device


1. Excellent Performance

Medical devices like the cooling caps must exhibit robust performance to give the best care for patients. Small portable water chillers such as RIGID mini water chillers are designed to give an optimal cooling performance. RIGID mini water chillers are equipped with compressors that can achieve and maintain freezing temperatures throughout the treatment. 

Mini Water Chiller for Scalp Cooling Therapy Device


2. Compact Design

Small portable water chillers such as RIGID mini water chillers have small footprints and are lightweight. These features make them easy to use and convenient to transport. Furthermore, their compact design is perfectly suited to complement the appearance of the device they will be attached to. One medical application of the RIGID mini water chiller is its use for cold cap therapy. Cold cap therapy is given to chemotherapy patients to prevent hair loss. In cold cap therapy, cooling caps freeze the patient’s scalp to inhibit the effects of chemotherapy drugs that drive hair loss. RIGID mini water chiller’s compact design allows patients to conduct cold cap therapy even at home. Its design occupies a small space and does not require building layout modification. In fact, small portable water chillers can be mounted on top of any platform.

RIGID Lquid Cooling Systems ensure high quality X-Ray images


3. Ultra Quiet

In addition to the high efficiency of mini compressors used in small portable water chillers, they also produce minimal noise. Healthcare facilities are supposed to maintain a quiet environment. Loud noises are distracting and place healthcare providers in a situation that makes them prone to error. Also, noisy environments worsen patients’ stay in the hospital because distracting sounds deprive patients of rest and sleep. Small portable water chillers equipped with RIGID mini compressors are perfectly suitable for use in healthcare facilities with a noise reduction of around 5dB compared to other units.

RIGID Small Water Chiller Are The Best For Healthcare And Medical Device



4. Efficient

Small portable water chillers come with mini compressors that are very efficient. Take RIGID mini rotary compressors as an example. The total energy consumption of the RIGID mini rotary compressors is 40% less than other systems. They also come with a motor driver board that allows varying speeds from 2000 RPM to 6500 RPM. Having a cooling system using RIGID mini rotary compressors allows easy adjustment of speed depending on the needs, resulting in significant energy savings.

Brushless mini dc compressors



5. Easy to Install

Hospitals have areas that get hotter than other parts of the building. These include data storage centers, MRI rooms, and other imaging facilities. Maintaining these areas cool at all times is necessary to avoid overheating of devices that may result in breaking down of the device, interruption of services, or starting a fire. Central air cooling systems are not as efficient as when they were first built. Over time, their efficiency declines, lowering their cooling capacity and insufficient to cool rooms with heat-generating devices. Small portable water chillers provide an ideal solution to these heating issues because they can be easily installed on devices that need cooling. 

Pic. RIGID Small Cooling System Working Principle

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