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Everything You Should Know About RIGID Liquid Chiller

Use Miniature Variable Speed Rotary Compressor- 12V 24V 48V DC

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Ultra compact refrigeration systems to meet challenging active thermal management

A liquid chiller is a product that secures cooling by using liquid circulation or convection. The liquid serves as a heat conductor and removes the heat from devices and components. That is how it manages to cool them down and keep them cool.

RIGID Liquid Chiller utilizes liquids flowing through tubes to deliver a cooling effect for various applications. Users have the option of splitting the main feed into smaller lines with thin wall thickness.

Whatever setting you use, the chiller will be able to rapidly remove heat and optimize the temperature of your device or body.

If you are worried about size, and you need the smallest liquid chiller out there, RIGID compact cooling chillers are the best choice.

RIGID has developed a powerful, but compact Liquid Chiller Modules that are incredibly versatile and can be used throughout many industries.

The main features of RIGID Liquid Chiller Modules include:

  1. Rapidly developed custom systems – our company will develop a custom solution based on your needs.
  2. World’s smallest liquid chiller – its low weight and compact size make it ideal for transport.
  3. Spectacular cooling performance – despite its small size, our liquid chiller is incredibly efficient and delivers excellent cooling results.
  4. Portable design – you can easily take the chiller wherever you go.
  5. Reliability in extreme environments – whether the temperatures are exceptionally hot or cold, our liquid chiller will still perform great.
Rigid Liquid Chiller-Compact Liquid Cooling Systems

RIGID Liquid Chiller Modules are unique solutions that can serve an extensive range of customers.

Our product was primarily designed to keep small devices cool and chill down water or liquid mixture like glycol.

However, the growing demand for military, medical, lab, transportation machine, and other professional uses led us to take things to the next level.

Today, we are proud to present a liquid chiller that combines maximum efficiency, smallest size, and reliable performance.

RIGID Liquid Chiller is also durable and capable of withstanding severe weather and environmental conditions. It is highly portable, and you can quickly move it from one location to another.

The flexible design allows you to use the cooler as a separate product, but also integrate it into your devices. That makes the chiller a perfect match for machines and equipment where space and weight are critical.

Practical Use

Users from a wide range of industries can utilize the power of RIGID Liquid Chiller.

Whether you are a professional racer looking for a body cooling system or a medical clinic owner that needs to keep its equipment cool, a liquid cooling system can be the right solution.

Our liquid coolers are small, lightweight, and durable by using mini dc compressors. Thanks to that, you can use liquid coolers for a wide range of portable and mobile applications, such as:

  1. Medical equipment
  2. Electronics cooling systems
  3. Freezer and miniature refrigeration systems
  4. Thermally-controlled shipping containers
  5. Small chilled water systems
  6. Beverage cooling
  7. Portable cooling systems
  8. Battery packs
  9. Body cooling
  10. Water purifier

RIGID Liquid Chiller has a wide array of potential applications beyond the ones mentioned above.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. If you know how you want to use our cooling system, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Rigid Liquid Chiller-Compact Liquid Cooling Systems
Coaxial Liquid Chiller for Medical and Aesthetic Industry

Is it necessary to alter the body temperature of a patient to assist in achieving a better treatment outcome? The process of adjusting temperature involves removing the heat from the body.

At the same time, this process shouldn't affect any other procedure. Professionals use pads with water channels and apply them to the patient’s skin.

For this approach to work, you will need a cooling system. That is where a liquid chiller comes into play. The chiller will secure cooled liquid by using a recirculating stream.

You can also use the same approach for localized skin cooling. If there is no need to reduce overall body temperature, a liquid chiller can cool down the skin locally.

The custom solution developed by RIGID provides more than one hour of thermal treatment by utilizing only a single battery. That ensures maximum product and energy efficiency.

Plate Liquid Chiller for Lase and Glycol Cooling

You can use a liquid chiller in treatments that directly affect the patient. However, these products are also vital for thermal management of medical lasers and lab equipment.

If you want them to perform optimally, it is essential to keep their temperature under control. Overheating may lead to performance problems and equipment failure.

RIGID offers a chiller system for a laser used for medical purposes. You can benefit from a cooling system that takes little room and has a small footprint. That can be essential in situations where you have limited space available.

You can see chiller systems for lasers in clinics, operating rooms, and lab equipment facilities. The main benefit of this cooling system is to optimize laser and energy efficiency.

At the same time, the chiller will take less space than an external cooling system you might have to use otherwise.

Our medical laser cooler can integrate with your assembly and provide optimal cooling. The maximum power is more than 300W, which should be more than enough for medical laser applications.

The installation and use are both simple. If you combine them with acceptable rates, it becomes clear why our chiller is so popular.

DC Condensing Unit for Military Liquid Chiller Unit

If you are planning on acquiring a liquid chiller unit for military application, you will need a durable device. You want a product that can withstand harsh conditions and help other devices to cool down.

RIGID Liquid Chiller can work in environments up to 122F (50C) and deliver coolant below zero degrees. It adopts reliable rotary miniature compressors 12V 24V 48V DC.

 rotary miniature compressors 12V 24V 48V DC

You can use our cooling system for any devices that generate high heat, including electronics. The liquid chiller weighs less than 9 pounds, which makes it suitable for transport.

It also has small dimensions, and this compact size enables it to fit in limited spaces. That combination of lightness and compact size contributes to the amazing versatility of the cooler.

The integrated reservoir and pump are in charge of circulating liquids. It is interesting to note that the product has both cooling and heating options, which guarantees complete and precise thermal management.

The chiller is easy to use and maintain. You can use the port to pick the desired temperature and see how the product performs. The compact size of the chiller makes it ideal for transport.

We designed it in a way that it fits any mobile application. You do not have to worry about vibration and shock because the construction can handle them.

Rugged Liquid Chiller Unit

You could compare this system to the one designed for military applications. The difference is that this chiller can improves system performance even further.

The idea was to design a product that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. We carefully picked each component to build the most durable chiller solution you have ever seen.

Vibration and shock won’t be a problem, and the unit can also handle severe environmental conditions.

Whether the temperature is as high as 50C, or as low as -35C, you can rest assured your chiller will work flawlessly.

Despite its durability, RIGID Liquid Chiller is fairly lightweight. It shouldn’t be a problem to move 9 pounds from one place to another.

The unique mixture of portability and ruggedness is what makes this chiller unique. As for the performance, you can expect more than 350W cooling power.

If you want to heat the area, you can enjoy 200W of power. Additionally, temperature tolerance is low. We made sure that it sticks to +/- 0.5C so that the unit can deliver consistent results.

Race Car Driver Chiller

Are you a part of a professional car racing team? If you are, you know how important it is for the driver to remain focused every second of the race.

It is hard to do that when the heat is troubling the driver. That is why it is vital to find a way to cool him down whenever the race track gets too hot.

And it can get hot out there because the temperatures can go up to 140F (60C).

RIGID Liquid Chiller is a personal cooling system, but it is widely used in the automotive industry.

Many teams used to buy it for their drivers to improve overall results. We are also seeing individuals purchasing this system for long-distance trips.

Chart 5.1 , RIGID Compact Plate Liquid Chillrer for Racing Driver Body Cooling

Race Car Driver Chiller

Chart 5.2 , Race Car Driver Body Cooling with Cooling Vest

body cooling /  racing cooling / driver body chiller / personal cooling system

Chart 5.3 , Race Car Driver Body Cooling Performance after Wearing Cooling Vest

body cooling /  racing cooling / driver body chiller / personal cooling system

Why would you be hot when you can cool down even in the most extreme weather conditions?

Here is how the chiller works – it is incredibly lightweight, and it utilizes the new vapor-compression approach. Thanks to that, it is lighter and provides a better result than chillers who utilize thermo-electric solutions.

You will need to set up the chiller within the vehicle before you head to the racecourse. As soon as you do that, you give the driver an option to choose how cool they want to be.

The maximum strength is 250W, which is quite generous, and should be enough for various weather conditions.

You shouldn’t worry about decreasing the performance of the car. Power consumption of the RIGID Liquid chiller is that low that you won’t even notice the difference.

However, you will notice many benefits from keeping the driver cool. By maintaining the ideal temperature, the driver won’t be nervous, and won’t feel cramps or fatigue during the race.

There will be no distractions, which means they can focus on the race itself. We can’t think of a better way to maximize results!

6. Personal Cooling Systems

Personal Cooling Systems for small and compact cooling

The versatility of personal cooling systems is impressive.

Are you a motorcycle driver that wants to maximize its riding experience?

Maybe you are a clinic owner that needs to find a way to cool down their lab equipment? Or you need a portable cooling solution that will keep you cool wherever you go?

If you need a personal cooling system, you can count on the RIGID Liquid Chiller. We won’t ask you why you plan to use it because there are so many industries where it can play an essential role.

However, feel free to contact us so that we can design a custom cooling system that will perfectly fit your needs. In the meantime, here are some general specifics of our cooling systems.

We invested years of research and development in designing a liquid chiller that will deliver consistent performance. Our team managed to secure maximum efficiency of our cooling systems.

We also ensured that its size is as compact as possible. The result of that is that they are so small you can carry them wherever you go.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about finding an electrical socket to make them work. We included a rechargeable battery.

As long as you charge it before you go, it can keep you cool for a long time. A single battery charge will last over an hour before it needs recharging.

You can use our portable systems in extreme weather conditions. They can cool you down in temperatures up to 50C.

Their performance will exceed your expectations. You can expect a mixture of performance, small size, and reliability.

7. Wine Chiller

Mini chiller for Wine Cooling

Are you and your partner celebrating an anniversary tonight? Perhaps you are a restaurant owner that needs to keep the wine cool for its guests?

If you need to keep your drinks and beverages cool, there is no better way than by using our wine chiller.

It is something that restaurant owners and caterers will appreciate. You need to keep some of the wines cool for the users to experience most of their flavor.

The main advantage of our wine cooling system is that you can keep it at a precise temperature. It's not only about the wine being chill but being as cold as you need it.

By choosing the desired temperature, you will ensure always to serve the optimally cool wine.

RIGID Liquid Chiller is very portable thanks to its compact size. You can keep it at a visible place by the bar because it is visually attractive.

We make sure that it doesn’t only perform well, but it also looks great. That portability also allows the caterers to take the cooler from one venue to the other.

8. Beer Chiller

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The approach is similar to the one used for the wine chiller.

We tried to keep our beer cooling system as compact as possible, and we are proud of its small footprint. You can quickly move it from one room to another, or change venues.

RIGID Liquid Chiller works with a keg, and it is easy to install everything. As soon as you hook it up, it will start cooling the beer down.

It will also keep it cool during the entire day. When you feel like having a glass of cold beer, it will be right there. Our beer chiller is an excellent addition to any party or special event.

Whether you plan to hang out with friends and want to impress them with a cool beer, or you plan a birthday party, this can be an excellent product for you.


RIGID Liquid Chiller is an incredibly versatile product. You can use it for many different professional and personal applications. Whether you are looking to cool your medical equipment or keep your beverages cold, this product will deliver the expected effects.

It is the unique mixture of reliability, performance, and portability that makes RIGID Liquid Chiller so popular among the customers. If you need a cooling system, make sure to give it a shot. You will be delighted with its effectiveness!

Rigid Liquid Chiller-Compact Liquid Cooling Systems