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We Are Creative And Capture New Technologies In Compact Cooling Systems

Mini cooling solution for Military, Medical, Sport & Racing, Firefighter, Motorcycle, Vehicle Driver etc.

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Why Choose Rigid Liquid Chiller Module-LCM

For over 8 years RIGID has been providing compact and mobile Liquid Chiller Module (LCM) to microclimate and confined cooling devices. They widely apply to Laser Chillers, Medical Device Cooling, Electronics Cooling and a number of notable applications. We design, build and service custom miniature cooling system for your demanding heating and cooling requirements. Our custom liquid cooling systems include Plate heat exchanger type, Coaxial heat exchanger and Stainless coil heat exchanger type.

As one Miniature DC Compressor innovation leader in China, RIGID Technology is creative and capture new technologies in Compact Cooling Systems. With the advantage of our refrigeration expertise, RIGID mini chillers are able to apply to all small liquid cooling systems.

RIGID miniature DC fluid chiller module uses a tiny dc rotary compressor to achieve cooling capacity to 100W ~ 550W at 30°C ambient temperature. The fluid temperture is able to chill below zero degree (32 ℉) The compressor uses brushless rotary piston to reduce noise and vibration. It is designed to cool lasers, electronics, laboratory devices, medical applications, and other compact & portable equipment.

RIGID Liquid Chiller Module (LCM) includes Miniature Compressor/Compressor Drive/Condenser/Plate Evaporator. Refrigerant control mode is capillary tube. This subsystem was full charged and tested with R134a and ready to use.

DC Condensing Unit with miniature dc rotary compressor-RIGID HVAC

Rigid Small Liquid Cooling-12V/24V/48V DC

  • Extremely small, but high performance;
  • DC Rotary Variable speed running on 12V, 24, 48V DC;
  • Compact & precise design providing reliable results to cooling and refrigeration;
  • Small & light weight configuration is ideal for a wide range of small refrigeration application;
  • Variable speed refrigerated dc compressor can operate in battery, vehicle, grid or solar power.

Application: Military, Police & security, Medical, Sport and Racing, Outdoor, Motorcycle, Vehicle Driver etc.

Rigid Small Liquid Cooling-12V/24V/48V DC

At present, RIGID has successfully optimized plate type liquid chiller. This Pro mini cooler module equipped with higher efficient micro channel condenser, tiny quality heat exchanger. The Pro chiller series is developed aim to satisfy the growing market who wants microclimate cooling system, but also expect powerful cooling performance. The Pro chiller has more 15 efficiency than that of old types. RIGID Technology provides cooling solutions for small and confined space cooling. With the advantage of Rigid's refrigeration expertise, the Pro Plate type chiller is able to apply to all small liquid cooling systems.

RIGID liquid chiller module is good for customers who is able to deal with system control. They want cooling subsystem module only to integrate or assemble with their machine or equipment. Customer’s control board can connect with our DC compressor driver board to control compressor speed and get the best performance they needed.

RIGID Pro plate type chiller module is circulatory cooling subsystem. It consists of self-contained high-efficient refrigeration compressor with R134A coolant, smallest condenser, evaporator, filter drier, driver board and other refrigeration parts. All these refrigeration parts are all well integrated in one unit, sophisticated design by our skilled engineers. The miniature dc cooling kit is not only facilitates installation but also assures end users having the latest micro cooling solutions.

P1. Pro Version Liquid Chiller Cooling External Drawing

Pro Version Liquid Chiller Cooling Performance Chart-RIGID HVAC

P2. Pro Version Liquid Chiller Cooling Performance Chart

Pro Version Liquid Chiller Cooling Performance Chart-RIGID HVAC

The Pro Plate liquid chiller DV3220E-P is ultra compact cooling subsystem. Its peculiar design is perfect match backpack water circulation system, which are widely used for firefighter, race car driver, helicopter and other body cooling system. It made up of Rigid water circulation chiller module, liquid cooling vest or cooling jacket, using refrigerant R134A as coolant instead of traditional poor ice. Mini DC pump circulates chilled water from reservoir to cooling vest and continuously flow around the body, this will keep the user cool and comfort at hot condition.

Product LCM Parameters

  • Product: Liquid Chiller Module
  • Chiller Model: DV3220E-P
  • 24V DC,  R134A
  • Refrigerant control: Capillary tube
  • Evaporator: Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Cooling Capacity: 100~550W (360~1,880Btu)
  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.7 x 5.1 inch (L x W x H)
  • Net Weight: 7.72 lbs / 3.5kgs (including drive board)
  • Portable Microclimate Cooling System
Pro Version Liquid Chiller DV1920E-P, 24V DC

Laboratory test result: 1600ml water, Initial water temp 33.7℃ degree.

The Water outlet temp drops to 8℃ degree in only 10mins (Temp difference 25).

Pro Version Liquid Chiller Test result DV1920E-P

When you need liquid cooling done right, just feel free to contact us. RIGID chiller team, are easy to work with by offering fast response time to inquires; Plus, we have the best delivery times in the business. In the sophisticated engineers’ effort, all our chiller modules are designed integrated and ready to operate, and our service and support is second to none. No matter your applications, OEM or one-of-a-kind custom, please contact us to see what you have been missing. We are RIGID, Compact Cooling Specialist offering awesome solutions for liquid cooling, and we want to be your reliable chiller supplier. Isn't it time you experienced the best?

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Miniature Liquid Chiller Module for Small and Portable Cooling Device-RIGID HVAC