• Rigid Compact Refrigeration System

    Rigid specializes in the design of Small Refrigeration Systems (12V/24V/48V DC) and provide cooling solutions to meet our customers' specific requirements which is minimize weight, smallest footprint and affordable price.

    The Liquid Chiller system has been widely used in Portable Cooling System or Medical Equipment. This product utilizes a refrigeration cycle to remove heat from various liquids and release it into the atmosphere.

    The Direct Refrigeration System is widely used in LBP applications (Evaporating temperature below -23.3 degree C) such as Portable Freezer and Mobile Refrigerator.

    • Air Conditioning System

    Our AC System is Ultra-Compact Size & Portable Design allows end users mount anywhere, and comfort anywhere you need it. The AC system is an ideal climate-control system for your air conditioning.

  • Compact Liquid Chiller Module Introduction

  • Bring Compact & Efficient Cooling Solutions to Portable Application

    • Prototype 1: Custom refrigeration module for Medical Equipment, environmental friendly! Click here!
    • Prototype 2: Compact module for Portable Cooling Equipment, more +30% Efficiency! Click here!
    • Prototype 3: Miniature module for Driver Cooling System, light weight & mobile! Click here!
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