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Compact Liquid Chiller Module

The World's Smallest Microclimate Cooling System

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RIGID Liquid Chiller Module

RIGID Liquid Chiller module-The World's Smallest Microclimate Cooling System

If you want an effective, workable body cooling device.

If you need a lightweight and small cooling system with the best cooling performance for continuously cooling.

If you look for a best performance liquid chiller module that achieves from a 12V liquid chiller module to suit a motor racing application.

RIGID Cooling has the solution!

RIGID company is considered to be the pioneer of miniature bldc rotary compressor in China. These groundbreaking compressors are the smallest size & lightest weight while excellent cooling efficiency.

As a technology company, RIGID re-invests a large portion of corporate earnings back into R&D each year. Our R&D team works directly with customers, supply a great choice of custom cooling systems to meet their specific cooling needs. Till now, RIGID systems provide compact cooling solutions for:

  • Body Cooling
  • Precised Instrument
  • Motorcycle & Race Driver
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Military Aircraft Cooling
  • Medical & Aesthetic Equipment
  • Laser / Glycol Recirculating Cooling
racing / motorcycle body cooling

RIGID Plate Liquid Chiller is designed to circulate chilled water or liquid throughout the tubing to get optimal personal cooling performance.

It includes a self-contained high-efficient a smaller coke-can dc compressor, smallest condenser, and evaporator, filter drier and driver board etc.

Made of mini compressor with driver board, RIGID compact cooling system provides better heat exchange and high cooling effect.

All these refrigeration parts are all well integrated in one unit, sophisticated design by our skilled engineers.

The Compact Cooling Unit serves as a source of chilled water for circulation through the water pipes, which enable your cooling device has constant circulatory cooling without any limits.

End users can combine RIGID Liquid Cooler Module with liquid cooling vest, it is a top choice of body cooling for those who work outdoors or in extreme hot conditions!

For a cooling system to work for body cooling, it must have the performance to pull down a small amount of liquid in a short time.

As you can see by the photo below (pic. 1), the cooled liquid passes into the cooling vest/tube from the system, but of course, the warm body of the driver in a very hot environment of the race car means the liquid leaving the vest is again warm.

So how to cool down the liquid quickly is the problem to solve on a continuous basis.

Pic 1, RIGID compact liquid chiller is widely applied for motorcycle, race car driver body cooling.

body cooling, motorcycle / race car cooller

In today's market, lots of system uses “dry ice” which surrounds the liquid in a container. But dry ice is -90C and it tries to freeze the liquid which is a mixture of glycol and water.

Eventually, the dry ice evaporates after 1 hour (maximum 4.5 hrs) and has to be refilled.

It is same that a small fan for cooling effect only required when the car is stationary, normally no more than 30 mins.

However, some of the races go for 12 or 24 hours so a refrigerated cooling system will be a winner.

Some people have tried the personal cooling system developed for the US military, but this is too small to be effective for more than a few minutes.

It can't match those applications which need continuously chilled water loop. ​

Furthermore, those applications request a chiller module which is capable of starting at 0C or lower after a cool down period. (Pic 2)

The Plate Liquid Chiller is perfect for cooling vest, which allows users to increase productivity while reducing heat injuries and safe body cooling.

body cooling, motorcycle / race car cooller
dry ice body cooling

When people work in temperatures between 100-120F degrees, they have to do something to lower body temperature. Otherwise, it is harm, people feel sick or even suddenly passed out.

That's why RIGID Cooling kept looking for a solution for those people who work in extreme hot environments.

Now the newest liquid chiller has been developed, unveiled in early this year (2018) by engineer James Zhu at RIGID Technology.

The Pro Liquid Chiller Module (LCM) provides focused heat transfer and is especially useful for applications like miniature refrigeration and portable cooling systems.

The LCM system has basic 4 components: a mini compressor, a condenser, an evaporator and filter drier. With our patented miniature dc compressor and driver board, offer excellent cooling capacity, and the highest flexibility for the customer’s application.

By using mini dc compressor offers the most compact cooling solution. It has features of compact, quiet and reliable, enables it widely used in many small applications.

Because of its smallest footprint and lightweight, you can able to wear it and accomplish all your work responsibilities without the unit interfering with what you are doing.

The Plate Liquid Chiller aims to cool down body but also have maneuverability, it does both.

body cooling, motorcycle / race car cooller

It comes with a vest or suit (not included) for body cooling. No bother to refill with frozen water or any ice water.

Generally, the frozen containers last 2-3 hours at most. However, you shouldn't be bothered by these redundant constraints.

Forget about any plans of having an extra frozen container. You needn't refill container/bottle any frozen water or dry ice anymore.

Go to Rigid and get samples directly for your body cooling. Click here, Order Online.

Plate Liquid Chiller Module

Plate Liquid Chiller Cooling Performance

Plate Liquid Chiller Cooling Performance

You can feel the cold water start to flow through the vest and literally in seconds you start feeling cooler.

It is plug and play. What you need is, connect to a power supply (battery, car power, solar power) and turn it on.

If you are looking for a great solution to help you stay cool in hot situations. This is a good option.

The glycol-water mixture passes into the vest at or below zero and returns into a staging tank to be cooled again to around zero on a continuous basis.

The ambient temperature will be up to 40 -50C inside the car.

To improve cooling performance we suggest the cooling system be subject to fresh air from outside the hot interior of the car, as the car travels at speed the cooling effect and efficiency will improve.

RIGID compact Plate Liquid Chiller (LCM), also called Microclimate Cooling System, is made up of a miniature dc compressor (12V/24V/48V DC) and comes with variable speed driver board, using chilled water as the coolant.

The mini pump circulates cold water from liquid chiller to cooling vest and continuously flow around the body, this will keep the user cool and comfort at the hot condition.

Plate Liquid Chiller delivers considerable cooling capacity 100-550W (340~1,875Btu) by using power supply like a battery, vehicle power, and solar power.

If you need something more compact and ​light weight, Rigid Liquid Chiller Module is perfect for your needs.

RIGID Liquid Chiller Module, Small Liquid Cooling


Product name: Liquid Chiller Module
Voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V Available
Cooling Capacity: 100-360W
Refrigerant: R134A
Weight: 4kg (8.8lbs)

Key Features:

Mini Liquid Chiller: 12V, 8A
Continuously chilled water loop
Refrigerated compressor, no ice support
Compact design, light weight, and small size
Diver board included for system operation control


Body Cooling, Motorcycle, Military, Vehicle crew, Tank crew, Helicopter pilot, Fighter Pilot, Naval ship, Racing Car Driver, Vehicle Driver etc.

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Small DC Air Conditioner with coke-can size tiny dc compressor
Small DC Cooling System / DC Condensing Unit / mini compressor / dc compressor

RIGID is Miniature Compressor Innovation Leader in China

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