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How Direct & indirect Water Chiller Work?

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Direct vs. Indirect Water Chillers

In today’s market, customers demand quality and consistency product. To that end, precision temperature control is key, making a good water chiller a must in physical medicine and aesthetic devices, small chiller system and any water refrigeration cycle equipment.

When choosing a water chilling system, you have many options. The first and perhaps most important choice you have to make is whether a Direct or Indirect system is best. What’s the difference?

Direct Water Chilling Systems

A direct water chilling system utilizes a refrigerated "plate" or "coil" evaporator (heat exchanger) that is submerged directly into the water tank to be chilled. Once the water reaches the set temperature, it can either be pumped or gravity fed to its final destination.

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Since the cooling medium and the tank are in direct contact with the water supply, they must both be cleaned frequently so as not to adversely affect the taste of the water or finished product. Additionally, a direct water chilling system must be maintained regularly to avoid any leakage from the cooling medium. If the coil or plate leaks, Freon will contaminate the water, ruining the finished product and posing a health hazard. (Rigid's chiller module adopts stainless steel coil which meets AISI 316 standard which is perfectly for medical and aesthetic devices, details click here.)

Finally, because the supply is not under pressure, water must either be pumped to its destination, or the tank must be placed high enough to rely on gravity. This can make a direct water chilling system difficult to clean and service.

Indirect Water Chilling Systems

Indirect water chilling systems separate the cooling apparatus from the water supply, creating a clean and hazard free water chilling method. Freon is passed through a coil that quickly freezes the water around it into a block of ice. The water supply flows through the ice block within a separate stainless steel coil so there is no danger of contamination. Under the indirect system, the separate tubing units ensure that the water supply and Freon can never cross paths.

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Additionally, since the water supply is running through a coil, there is no collection tank to keep clean; and the flowing water provides more than enough pressure to avoid the use of either a pump or gravity fed supply methods. That means you can place an indirect water chilling system anywhere you need it, making it easier to clean and service.

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