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Wine Chiller

Wine Enthusiast Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller

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Wine Chiller Design

Electric Wine Chiller

It is known that temperature can have a huge effect on wine’s taste. It is cool if a small wine chiller that chills your wine to just the right temperature without the need for copious amounts of ice. Upon clients' request, Rigid Technology also 1) provides refrigeration solutions for their wine chill systems, 2) as well as design & custom a complete set of wine bucket/wine cooler bucket according to customer requirements .

Rigid design brings technology to wine chiller, make sure chill and serve wines at their proper temperature. Besides, our sophisticated engineer will assist you to develop attractive classic design with streamlined body enhances table presentation beautifully.

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System Description

Chill warm drinks in minutes versus hours in the refrigerator using the miniature dc compressor. It is ideal for chilling single or double-serve drinks like beer, wine and champagne. It is smart no need to trouble to add ice cubes and water, only plug in Rigid wine chillers and it gets ready in a minute. It stops automatically when drinks are chilled. This rapid wine chiller uses a patented process that is 90 times faster than using a refrigerator by using Rigid technology. It also features a compact, portable and lightweight design that makes it easy to transport and store.

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RIGID works with clients to design and custom compact system for their wine chillers. And we also develop a commercial product which chills wine while waiting to be served.

Rigid's Technology:

  • Compact, portable and lightweight;
  • Powerful quickest cooling capacity;
  • Classic design with streamlined body;
  • Affordable cooling system and smart temperature control.

RIGID Design - Wine Cooler Buckets

wine cooler buckets
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