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DC Refrigeration Unit

Offer high heat transfer rate for compactly designed mobile refrigeration system.

· custom refrigeration,condensing unit,dc cooling module

DV14 & DV19, H Series

RIGID's DC Refrigeration Unit is designed for portable & compact direct refrigeration applications.​

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DC Refrigeration System

RIGID Cooling, a new concept in refrigeration, is a complete cooling solution available for reach-in freezers and refrigerators in personal and commercial use, and professional medical refrigeration applications. it also provides outdoor study / operations with several other benefits, as its portable and compact concept offers flexibility and its pocket size function, allowing users to take it from one place to another. 

Key Benefits:

  • Stationary or portable available
  • Minimize weight&footprint&noise
  • Compact refrigeration unit for precise thermal control
  • Reliable & Energy efficient and very competitively price


  • Weight: 5.1 lbs / 2.3kgs
  • 12V 24V 48V DC input
  • Inverter brushless compressor
  • Fully tested, simple to install unit
  • 500Btu~1,600Btu cooling capacity


  • Small refrigeration system
  • Portable Cooling systems
  • Portable packaged freezer
  • and other mobile miniature fridge
  • ... ...
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