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Miniature Liquid Chiller Module for Portable Cooling

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Miniature Portable Cooling System

miniature body cooling system

Improves Safety & Productivity for All Heat Intensive Operations

Extreme environments present significant challenges to industrial, military and public safety operations, demanding strenuous activity in dangerous conditions. When people have to work in desert, high temperature workshop and other tropical area, it is a challenge to human body if without any source of ice or refrigeration equipment. It will cause abnormal physiology changes when the ambient temperature beyong the limits of human body, such as cardiovascular burden, blood pressure raise and making your heart work harder. Even worse, heatstroke is when your body loses its ability to regulate its temperature. A temperature of 40C or more is a life-threatening condition. So, how to carry out tasks and high-strength training under high-temperature environments? This is a challenging question.

Thanks for the innovative technology, we've successfully designed and manfactured miniature body cooling system. The tiny refrigeration system is smallest size, footprint and lightest weight enables it works in high temperature conditions, where space and weight are important factors. Our Liquid Chiller System is also a perfect match with liquid cooled vest. This technology is a great blessing for those who work in desert and other high temperature conditions, as well as race car driver body cooling.

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How it works?

The miniature compressor plays the most important part in this module system. This brushless dc compressor quick chills cycling liquid in the system. And mini water pump transports selected operating low temperature water to pipeline vest. The chilled water inside the vest take away the heat generated by human body and brings cooling to body by cycling. The selected operating temperature is able to set 5 ~ 20 degree, to keep body in a comfortable condition.

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Chart 1: See our liquid Chiller module cooling capacity

Notice: This is rough experimental results from the lab, there is about 10~12% energy loss. The cooling capacity is more impressive in actual hermetic system and device.

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Chart 2: Compact Liquid Chiller Module

Liquid Chiller Module


Product Name: Liquid Chiller Module

  • Chiller Model: DV1920E-P
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs / 2.3kgs
  • 24V  DC input
  • Brushless DC compressor
  • Fully tested, simple to install unit
  • 500Btu~1,600Btu cooling capacity


  •     Integrated design, easily install
  •     Large refrigeration capacity
  •     Minimize weight&footprint&noise
  •     Reliable & Energy efficient and very competitively price


  • Precision instruments
  • Race car driver body cooling
  • Aesthetic-Medical Device
  • Small refrigeration system
  • Portable Cooling systems
  • Portable packaged freezer
  • ... ...

Rigid has been looking for novel solutions, we are creative and capture new technologies. Our success is based on continuous involvement in research and development.

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