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Developed Mini-Chilled Water Unit

Bring Compact & Efficient Cooling Solution to Portable Application

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Fluid Chiller Module

Developed Mini-Chilled Water Unit

This Compact Fluid Chiller is designed for small & mobile liquid refrigerant cycle systems

This Compact Chiller Module has very small size and low weight (5.07 lbs), it can be applied in mobile or portable liquid refrigerant cycle systems. And because of its low energy consumption, minimize weight&footprint&noise, it’s very suitable for miniature cooler and micro refrigeration applications where space and weight are important.

Test Result:

2,000ml Water tank: Temperature from 31 degree to 17.2 degree in 5 minutes.

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Power Supply: DC 12V.

Refrigerant: R134A.

Compressor: QX1901VDL (1.9cc; 12V).

External size: 25x16x13.5cm (9.84*6.3*5.3 inch).

Efficiency: 30% higher than ordinary copper coil evaporator.

Development: Plate Bed Evaporator replace Coil Evaporator.

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