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Custom Liquid Chiller Module

Stainless Steel Evaporator - -Environmental friendly for pure water chilled

· Liquid Chiller Modul,custom refrigeration,Danfoss valve
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1. Power Supply: DC 12V&24V&48V

2. Cooling Capacity: 100W~500W

3. Refrigerant: R134A

4. Weight: 2.1kgs (=4.62lb)

5. Compressor Type: Various Speed Motor

6. Speed Range: 1500~6500rpm

7. External Size: 25x15x17cm

Ideally suited for mobile or portable refrigeration applications, including:

  • Countertop Appliances, table tops
  • Miniature Refrigeration/Freezer Systems
  • Portable Cooling Systems
  • Electronics Cooling Systems
  • Medical Devices
  • Beverage Dispensers
  • Mini-Chilled Water Systems

There are 3 places improvements:

1- Adopts Parallel Flow-type Condenser;

2- Adopts Danfoss Valve;

3- LOKRING (Germany).

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Fin-type Condenser: 350~400W;

Parallel flow-type Condenser: 850~900W, higher cooling effect and durable; Cooling efficient is 30% higher than Fin-type.

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Danfoss Valve replaces Capillary, charge & control coolant/refrigerant much easier.

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Product video: Model name: DV1910E-S (DC 12V)

LOKRING, no welding spot, no leaking, more safe.