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Miniature Liquid Chiller Module

Specially use for Medical & Beauty Equipments

· Liquid Chiller Modul,Medical Cooling,refrigeration system
Miniature Liquid Chiller Module

Special for Medical & Beauty Equipments

RIGID HVAC specializes in the design and manufacture miniature rotary compressor and compact refrigeration systems. We keep years in miniature BLDC compressor research & development. RIGID has designed & custom numerous commercial and personal miniature freezer systems according to customers' demand.

The Miniature Liquid Chiller Module (adopts stainless steel evaporator) is special for Medical and Beauty Equipments. Stainless steel evaporator is harmless and much more environmental friendly than copper tube.

This mini 12V Water chilled unit has power cooling capacity, whose evaporating temperature is able to reach to 8 degree from ambient temp in 14' seconds, and get to frosting in 35' seconds, very impressive!

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