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DC Condensing Unit for Mini-Chilled Water Systems

(World's smallest liquid chiller system, R134a) ​

· mini cooling system,DC Compact Unit,copper heat exchange
World's smallest liquid chiller module

Water Cycling Refrigeration Unit for Mini-Chilled Water Systems

Rigid has been looking for novel solutions, we are creative and capture new technologies. Our success is based on continuous involvement in research and development.

Product Name: Miniature Water Cycling Condensing Unit

Evaporator type: Copper Coil

N.W.: 2.3Kgs (5.1lbs)

Refrigerant: R134a

Voltage: DC12V/24V/48V

Compressor: Miniature BLDC Compressor

Cooling capacity: 100~300W

Rotate speed: 1500~6500rpm

External Size: L25 * W15 * H17cm (9.8x6.3x5. in)

Accessories: Compressor, Driver, Condenser, Evaporator (plate heat exchanger), Filter Drier, Capillary etc.


  • Liquid Cycle Cooling ;
  • Portable Cooling System; 
  • Mini-chilled Water System; 
  • Medical Imaging Equipments; 
  • Miniature Refrigeration System; 
  • Electronic Cooling Equipments; 
  • Thermally-Controlled Shipping Containers;
Compact water cooler
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