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12V Compact Cooler

Compact, Light, Rugged Liquid Cooler for Body Cooling

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Racing Cooler for Driver Body Cooling

12V Compact Cooler

Professional racers are under a lot of tension and stress, especially when a race lasts for a long time. One of the problems is the body heat that tends to increase as time behind the wheel passes.

You don’t even need to be a professional to experience heat issues while driving. Motorcycle riders encounter these issues at demanding off-road surfaces, or during long journeys on warm days.

The solution lies in finding a racing cooler for driver body cooling. These small cooling units are specifically designed for personal cooling and local cooling. That means they focus on keeping the driver cool despite environmental and other conditions.

RIGID Technology has developed unparalleled compact thermal management products based on patented miniature refrigeration technology.

Today, the latest developed 12V Compact Cooler, is the best solution for racing driver body cooling, as well as human body coolings. The Compact Cooler LC1910E-PRO is an impressively compact and light cooling system that manages to deliver consistent and admirable performance.

12V Compact Cooler for Body cooling, Small liquid cooling system
12V Compact Cooler - RIGID HVAC Cooling
12V Compact Cooler for Body cooling, Small liquid cooling system

Before we continue, here is a quick overview of why RIGID 12V Liquid Cooler is more popular among professionals and recreative drivers:

  1. Lightest and Compact
  2. Meets Industrial Standards
  3. It can run on 12V & 24V & 110V power
  4. Rugged design especially for very harsh environment

As you can see, RIGID compact cooler LC1910E-PRO designed by RIGID take the performance of personal units to an entirely new level. That is why they are an excellent fit for motor racing. Keep reading to learn a bit more about these liquid chillers.

Dedication to Innovation

RIGID has always been looking for innovative and unique compact cooling solutions to ensure breakthroughs in the refrigeration industry.

It is interesting to note that the company is the first who designed miniature BLDC rotary compressors in China. That hot them the attention of the public in this country, but also around the world.

Watch below video, see how our Japan customers feedback RIGID Compact Cooler

Racing Cooler for driver body cooling

What is the secret of these dc compressors?

The idea that RIGID had in mind was to maintain impressive cooling efficiency, but find a way to reduce the size and weight of the compressors.

That was not an easy task, which is why the company put in years of research and testing into designing the product.

The result is a unique miniature refrigerated compressor that is impressive light, and compact. That is important for two reasons – first, the cooling system takes less room than before. Second, it has the most powerful capacity.


Thanks to that, RIGID compact cooling systems will take less space, and ensure there is more room for other items. Additionally, it will keep the vehicle light, which can be important to achieve higher speeds.

You might think the difference is negligent, but it can be crucial for a better score.

Now, drivers can also appreciate the fact that the size and weight of the 12V cooler is reduced. Many of them consider the system to be weighing them down and limiting movement.

But with the unique lightweight and compact liquid cooling system, they can enjoy all the benefits of cooling without feeling any burden.

At the same time, the 12V compact cooler LC1910E-PRO achieves fantastic results and keep the racer’s body cool, which is not an easy task, especially in extreme conditions.

That slows the driver to focus on the road and performance, which boosts concentration and minimizes the chance of making a mistake.

Therefore, an optimal cooling system can be a critical factor in finishing the race in line with the expectations.

The Versatility of a Cooling System
Compact, Light, Rugged Liquid Cooler for Body Cooling

RIGID Liquid Chillers are already unique and innovative. They are high-performing, small, and light, but they are also versatile.

RIGID Technology always proudly pointed out that its primary goal is to deliver top-quality products to customers.

You can see that by the quality of their solutions, especially this cooling system.

Our R&D team listens to the feedback given by clients and looks to tend to their needs.

RIGID also invests a big part of corporate profit into research and development, which enables them to improve the product’s quality further.

You can use RIGID small cooling systems for various applications. If we are sticking to the rating and vehicle industry:

  1. Car drivers and motorcycle riders (including racers that need an efficient cooling system)
  2. Helicopter pilots and military aircraft cooling
  3. Aesthetic and medical equipment cooling
  4. Personal body cooling systems
  5. Battery Charging Station
Compact, Light, Rugged Liquid Cooler for Body Cooling
Body Cooling Systems - RIGID HVAC

These are only some examples of how you can use these potent compact chillers. However, that only scratches the surface of the versatility of these cooling systems.

Thanks to the high level of customization, these chillers can serve almost anywhere where you might think you can benefit from a cooling system.

How RIGID Liquid Chiller Works?
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Let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about how these compact cooling systems work. For starters, the key to adjusting the cooler’s performance lies in the compressor. A compressor is the heart of a refrigeation system, like a engine for a car.

RIGID small cooling units adopts brushless dc rotary compressor, with ourpatent drive board. Later is Tubing and Chilled water (or another liquid) goes through the tubing, and that’s what keeps you cool.

The liquid cooler LC1910E-PRO, 12V also comes with a small DC compressor that is the size of a standard can used to pack beverages.

Other components include a filter drier, condenser, evaporator, driver board, etc. The combination of a driver board and a mini compressor ensures an impressive cooling effect through admirable heat exchange.

RIGID Technology puts in maximum efforts to ensure optimal integration of all these components. The idea was that they seamlessly fit into a single unit, and experienced engineers achieved just that.

Thanks to that, the 12V dc cooling system has a fairly attractive design and maintains a compact size.

Now, we already established that it is chilled water that is in charge of continously cooling. The system serves to ensure the water circulates, and that ensures constant cooling. That enables the racers and other users to feel cool at all times, and without stops.

But here is the trick that drivers, motorcycle riders, and other racers will appreciate. RIGID Compact Cooler can come with a unique body vest. The vest is connected to the cooler and ensures impressive results in body cooling.

Even if the conditions are extreme and the temperature is hot, these chillers can keep you cool to enable that you focus on performance.

Compact  Liquid Chiller for body cooling - RIGID HVAC Cooling

Please take a look at the image above to learn more about how the RIGID compact chiller works. Notice the connection between the source cooler and the cooling vest and helmet.

These tubes are used to pump chilled water from the system to the driver’s body. That is how the chiller manages to regulate the temperature and make the racer cool.

Now, it is obvious that icy water only has a limited effect in a hot environment. It can cool down the driver, but it will get warm soon. Warm water circulates through the system, which makes it imperative to find a way to cool it down again.

Different from traditional ice water mixture, RIGID compact chiller adopts miniature refrigerated compressor, which has produced constantly chilled water to get away the heat generates from human body.

What Is the Best Solution for Consistent Cooling?

Before we discover that, let’s focus on some alternative solutions you can notice in the market.

For starters, you probably encountered a physical cooling that utilizes a “dry ice technique.” It involves placing dry ice to cool the water down after it gets warm when it gets closer to the driver.

The problem is that -90C is the temperature of dry ice. That is why the chilled water or liquid (which is usually a mixture of water or glycol) can get frozen. It is freezing at the start, very uncomfortable. Besides, the cooling way doesn't keep long. Drivers have to refill ice in about 1~2 hours.

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Furthermore, If it gets frozen, that can compromise the performance of the system, or cause its total failure.

Additionally, it is hard to pack enough dry ice to last more than several hours. That means you need to refill the system regularly.

Apart from being an additional expense, you might not have enough time to stop and refill the chiller during the race. You can waste precious moments that can get you to a better result.

Some manufacturers go with equipping their systems with small fans. That might be effective for city driving or personal body cooling when you are not using a vehicle.

However, the problem is that a small fan is no match for off-road driving, long journeys than last for hours, and especially demanding racers that professionals have.

In those situations, you need a cooling system that will keep you comfortable for up to 24 hours, and that is a challenging task for manufacturers.

Now, what if you are working in conditions that involve temperatures from 100 to 120F? That is extremely warm, and it can affect your concentration.

It is hard to focus on your driving when you can only think about how hot it is. That doesn’t only cause a result you won’t be satisfied with at the end of the race, but it can lead to accidents due to lack of focus.

Compact Liquid Cooler for body cooling  - RIGID HVAC

We don’t even have to mention that high heat can make people sick. You might be so uncomfortable that you pass out, and you lose control of the wheel, which can be very dangerous.

That is why RIGID designed a compact chiller module that will work ideally with a cooling vest and ensure long-term cooling.

Not only you will prevent accidents, but you will boost performance and optimize comfort.

The great thing about RIGID compact coolers is that they can handle extremely hot conditions and maintain the expected level of performance.

That is particularly true for the new 12V cooler LC1910E-PRO, which was presented by James Zhu, a respected engineer, in 2018.

This professional Liquid Chiller Module offers consistent heat transfer, which makes it perfect for personal and portable cooling, as well as miniature refrigeration.

What Is the Pro Liquid Cooler?
  1. A miniature compressor
  2. Evaporator
  3. Condenser
  4. Filter drier
  5. Controller
  6. DC Pump
Compact, Light, Rugged Liquid Cooler for Local Cooling

RIGID patented a unit mini compressor and driver board with impressive efficiency in cooling.

Everything was designed in a way to fit the client’s needs – from design to functionality. You won’t find a unit more compact-sized than the mini DC compressor designed by RIGID company.

The engineers reduced its size so much that you can palce it anywhere you like. You won’t feel that it is any burden as the vest was made to be light. That means it won’t affect your performance or any action you need to make, in any way.

At the same time, you can rely on the small cooling system to provide the necessary comfort and keep you cool. Apart from personal body systems, these mini compressors are ideal for any small cooling applications out there.

The important thing to mention is that the suit or vest for body cooling does not come with the cooling unit. Once you try the Plate Liquid Chiller, you will be impressed with how easy it is to use.

For starters, mounting is simple, and it won’t take long before it is ready to go. No Maintenance!

The vest doesn’t limit your maneuverability, and you don’t have to refill ice or frozen water.

You can forget about watching the time to see when it is time for a refill. Instead of replacing the ice water every several hours, you can focus on your performance and enjoy the driving experience.

What Are the Main Features of  the 12V Cooler?

The 12V Cooler weighs only 15 pounds with everything included. It is complete liquid cooling system with refrigerant fully-charged. What you only need to do is, run it on 12V dc power supply, and enjoy it.

Please note that it is not the weight of the vest, but the actual cooler that keeps the liquid cool and ensures water circulation.

The cooling capacity can vary from 360-1,535BTU (100-450W) depending on your desired application and effectiveness.

The product utilizes R134A refrigerant, and continuous water circulation keeps you cool at all times. You can use the driver board to control system operation.

The best part is that you can use three power sources to operate this plug and play cooling systems.

The easiest might be using car power, but if you want the best out of your vehicle, you might want to burden it, even though the cooler doesn’t spend a lot of energy.

Alternatively, you can connect it to a battery, or utilize solar power as the ultimate eco-friendly solution.

The moment you start using the vest, the system will start circulating cold water through the tubes. It will take seconds to experience the first effects of the cooling system.

You will notice that it is fairly quiet and much quieter than similar solutions.

Performance and consistency will impress you. RIGID 12V Compact Cooler will circulate glycol-water, and the small cooler will constantly keep its temperature at around 4C Degree.

You will continuously feel cool. You will be pleasantly surprised by how well the product can perform and how RIGID managed to find the ultimate balance between efficiency and compactness.

Compact, Light, Rugged Liquid Cooler for Body Cooling

RIGID Technology has nearly 10 years focuses on miniature refrigeration system, has built a comprehensive knowledge base in compact and portable thermal managements, enabling us to provide customers with complete solutions. Besides standard small cooling units, RIGID accepts customized order and OEM production. More details of compact cooling solutions, click here!