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2 Smartest Innovative Solutions for Small Cooling

Portable tiny refrigeration system for precise cooling!

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Movies like Back to the Future predicted amazing technology advancement decades ago. Today, we have exceptional new products across various industries, and the cooling industry is no exception.

The primary focus of the industry leaders like Rigid remains on providing efficient cooling solutions, while reducing the size of the systems as much as possible. As a result, you can choose small and portable cooling solutions that are both innovative and smart.

In this article, we will present two of those solutions. The first one is the Rigid mini compressor, which offers a compact but extremely versatile cooling system.

And if you are looking for compact cooling kit, the company designed a revolutionary product when it came up with the free-piston Stirling cooler.

If those ideas sound interesting, keep reading to find out more about the systems!

  • Rigid Mini Refrigerated Compressor
Rigid Mini Refrigerated Compressor

We will start with the most compact solution you have ever seen. Many companies like to put the "mini" prefix in front of their product names, but when Rigid does that, they mean it.


The mini compressor they designed is the lightest solution you have ever seen. It weighs only 1.6 pounds, and its dimensions are 56 x 78mm.

It is the smallest size you can get while maintaining optimal performance, and this product does that. If you don’t trust us, check out the photo below. On the left side, you will find a traditional compressor. On the right, you can see the unit designed by Rigid.

The mini compressor combines performance, reliability, and portability, and that makes it truly exceptional.

You can choose between three types of brushless motors. The available variants include 12V, 24V, and 48V. The variable speed of the driver board can go from 1800RPM to impressive 6500RPM.

Another essential feature of the Rigid mini compressor is the cushion that minimizes vibrations. Thanks to it, the vibration of the product is at a low level.

Finally, Rigid mini compressor can work even in high heat conditions. As long as the ambient temperature is below 52 degrees, your cooling system will work flawlessly.

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Rigid Mini Refrigerated Compressor
  • How Does It Compare to a Standard Compressor?

That is an interesting topic to discuss, but before we do that, how about checking out the following table:

Mini Compressor specification-RIGID

You already saw the photo of the two units, and that makes these statistics even more impressive. For starters, Rigid compressor is also approved for R-134a refrigerants.


RIGID micro DC compressor has as much as 30W to 550W of cooling capacity under standard ASHRAE conditions, using a single cylinder configuration. By using R134A refrigerant, RIGID mini compressor is able to run on 12V, 24V and 48V DC or AC power through a AC-DC conversion.


It has a smaller volume, but also exceptionally low weight. Despite that, it manages to achieve an almost double speed compared to standard compressors.


It is starting a new trend in various compact mobile cooling systems as well as small footprint countertop appliances.

  • How Can You Use Rigid Mini Compressor?
  1. Extremely small, but high performance
  2. DC Rotary Variable speed running on 12V, 24, 48V DC
  3. Starting a new trend in various mobile small cooling system
  4. World’s lightest dc compressor produce 100W to 550W cooling capacity
  5. Variable speed refrigeration compressor operates in battery, vehicle, grid or solar power
Rigid Mini Compressor for small and portable cooling applications

A wide range of choices and appliances can use this compressor. If you are looking for a light, but the powerful cooling unit, you cannot go wrong with this product. It supports both small and compact refrigerators, and air conditioning systems.

For example, restaurants can benefit from using Rigid mini compressor. They can keep their wines cool at an optimal temperature. The compressor is also perfect for all beverage dispensers and cooling systems.

Thanks to the amazing temperature control and precision, you can rest assured that the guests will always enjoy a perfectly cool beverage.

Mini compressors are also an excellent choice for caterers and food transport. Milk coolers, ice cream cabinets, and even smoothie machines are all powered by this type of compressors.


Apart from corporate clients, individuals can enjoy these cooling systems, too. If you like to kick back with a cold beer in the evening, this unit will help to refrigerate it at an ideal temperature.


They can also come in handy if you have guests coming, and you want to impress them by offering cool drinks.

Mini compressors are also suitable for countertop refrigerated appliances, solar-powered AC units, yacht refrigerators, minibars, and anywhere else where there is a need for a cooling system.

  • Impressive Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity is a parameter that tells you about the power of the system to deliver effective cooling. If you secure optimal conditions for the unit in terms of temperatures, the capacity can go up to 550W.


The actual capacity will depend on the customized solution designed for your application. You can contact Rigid, and the company can alter the mini compressor to suit the preferred use.


While these products can be exceptionally powerful, you will only get the cooling capacity you need so that you can optimize energy efficiency and costs.

  • Why Is It Important to Get Precise Temp?

If you want to see the maximum from your mini compressor, you need to consider ambient temperature. Every manufacturer will specify optimal temperatures for their products, and it is something you need to keep in mind.

Once you select the location for the cooling system, consider the highest possible temperature in that room/area. That should be in line with the specifications of the product.

Fortunately, Rigid is aware that a cooling unit is often needed in tropical conditions. That is why the company designed a mini compressor that can work in conditions up to 52C.

  • Why Choose Rigid Mini Compressor?
Rigid Mini DC Compressor

Rigid has been working for years on developing a versatile and unique solution for portable cooling. The result is this unique compressor that combines small size and consistent results.

Its performance is at a high level as it can deliver a cooling capacity of 550W while managing to stay light and small.

Thanks to variable speeds, and customized adjustments, the company can design a unit suitable for virtually any application.

You can get in touch with Rigid and share your desires, and the experienced professionals will deliver your mini compressor as soon as possible!

  • Free Piston Stirling Cooler
Free Piston Stirling Cooler -FPSC

If you know a thing or two about cooling systems, you’ve surely heard of Stirling-type coolers.

They are a subcategory of cryocoolers, whose task is to cool down liquids, objects, or areas, and keep them at an extremely low temperature.

The usual design of these coolers involves a piston that is directly attached to the displacer.

However, what makes the unit designed by Rigid special is that their pistons are free, which means they can move independently.

  • What Makes a Free Piston Stirling Cooler Unique?

A free piston Stirling cooler (FPSC) is unique because this idea is a new approach when it comes to this type of cooling systems. Before we continue, take a look at the diagram below.

What Makes a Free Piston Stirling Cooler Unique?

If you are still a bit confused, you can find more about the working process below. For now, it is important to mention that these coolers use a Stirling cycle to work. They are tabletop (standalone) systems, and they significantly vary in size.


Apart from its unique design, another vital feature of the Rigid free piston Stirling cooler is that it features incredible power.


In only two minutes, the product can cool down an item or liquid for below -80C degree.


For example, if you are aiming to cool down an object that had a temperature of 20C, its temperature will go down to -60C degree in a couple of minutes!

That sounds incredibly impressive, but what is even more fantastic is the lowest temperature that the FPSC can reach.

If it is necessary, these products can cool down items down to -150C. These are ultra-low temperatures perfect for cryogenic environments and applications.

Free Piston Stirling Cooler  - FPSC
  • The Working Process of Free Piston Stirling Coolers

As a Stirling cooler type, FPSC uses a Stirling cycle to provide cooling.


Here is how the cycle happens – the piston has a linear motor used to expand and compress the refrigerant.


That creates warm (compression) and cool (expansion) space, which is essentially what a Stirling cycle is.

Free Piston Stirling Cooler  - FPSC

Take a look at the photo above and allow us to provide a detailed explanation. FPSC has a cylinder coming out of its body.

The heat exchanger has an objective to cool down that cylinder, and that is achieved with repeating compression cycles.

Now, you will also notice a piston. Thanks to a linear motor, this piston moves up and down without stopping. The combination of the piston and the compression is what causes a gas explosion.

You will notice the upper compression chamber. In the case of free piston Stirling cooler, the manufacturer selected helium as the gas to fill it. Another unique feature of FPSCs is that pistons move independently of the displacers.

Thanks to that, the unit can achieve better performance while maintaining a compact size.

Here is a video that will explain all the details of how Rigid free piston Stirling cooler works. It is a beta test, which is why the temperature is -114C.

If your application requires it, the product can deliver cooling down to -170C.

  • Why Was Helium the Choice of the Manufacturer?

We already mentioned that Rigid used helium gas, and that is important because of its global warming potential. Helium has a non-existent potential for global warming, which makes it an environmentally-friendly choice.

At the same time, Rigid free piston Stirling cooler is a far better eco-friendly solution that the alternatives that use gasses that have a global warming potential over 1,300.

  • Is FPSC a Cost-Saving Option?

Free piston Stirling coolers have taken energy efficiency to a whole new level.

The testing that the manufacturer made indicates that your savings can be 30% in comparison to standard compressors.

In some air cooling situations, you may even save about 50%. The magnetic bearings are the crucial reason for those savings.

  • Why Should You Consider Temperature Control?

If you want to save something in a cryogenic environment, it is essential to maintain the required temperature.

You may affect the quality and usability of some items if you compromise that ultra-low temperature, which is why you need a cooling system with adequate heat control.

What would you say if we tell you that the FPSC designed by Rigid has temperature control within 0.1C? That means that the actual temperature won't steer for more than 0.1C compared to what is shown on the display of the product.

It is a level of preciseness that ensures excellent reliability, and only adds to the versatility of this cooling system.

  • How to Use Free Piston Stirling Coolers?

You can use FPSC for any application where you need a cryocooler. We singled out some of the most common uses:

 Free Piston Stirling Coolers Applications
  1. Lab equipment. Maintain chemical and substance quality. In lab environments, you might need to cool down some chemicals and keep them at cryogenic temperatures to maintain their properties. That is where FPSC can come in handy.
  2. Pharmaceutical products. You need to keep vaccines at ultra-low temperatures, as well as other medical and pharmaceutical items.
  3. Restaurants and catering. Whether you like your ice cream freezing cold, or you are a caterer that needs to keep food fresh until it reaches its destination, you will benefit from Stirling coolers.

The versatility of these cooling systems is amazing. They are extremely reliable cryogenic coolers that are easy to clean and maintain because they are oil-free.

On top of that, they don’t produce any noise or vibration. That makes them suitable to use in rooms where noise level needs to be low, such as patient rooms in hospitals.

Aside from direct cooling, these units may also find a role in indirect cooling systems. With the help of the manufacturer, you can easily customize them to the desired application.

  • Summary

Both Rigid mini compressors and free piston Stirling coolers are innovative and powerful solutions.

They can both do their jobs efficiently, which is why the ultimate choice comes down to your needs.

The first thing you want to think about is your temperature requirement.

You want a product that can deliver the necessary cooling effect. You should only consider other features after that, but you also want to have a product that fits you in terms of size, weight, and other performance characteristics.

The important thing is that you can’t go wrong with choosing either of the mentioned products.

If you feel like you need tips, you can always contact Rigid, and professionals engineers will be ready to help by recommending the perfect solution for your needs!

Free Piston Stirling Cooler  - FPSC