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24V Liquid Cooler for Medical / Eletronics

Unparalleled Thermal Management Solution for Medical & Aesthetic & Personal Cooling

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Unparalleled Thermal Management Solution for Medical & Aesthetic & Personal Cooling

The healthcare industry demands increasingly compact, portable, faster, and more powerful cooling devices. This results in concentrated heat loads which can cause performance variability, premature component failure and can even harm patients.

Today's Rigid is the miniature compressor innovation leader in China. We keep looking for novel solutions in compact & portable cooling systems.

RIGID patent compact liquid coolers can improve medical device accuracy, reliability, and level up your medical device to provide liquid cooling solution for patients.

RIGID Technology specialized engineering teams can design and fabricate the ideal solution for your application, saving you development time and cost.

miniature dc compressor

What You Should Know About RIGID 24V Liquid Cooler

Model Name: LC3220E-H (Heat & Cool)

RIGID 24V Liquid Cooler

Liquid coolers have come a long way, and they have become incredibly powerful and versatile devices. You can use a single cooler for multiple applications, which secures an excellent ratio of price and quality. That seems impressive, but RIGID 24V Liquid Cooler found a way to take this versatility to the next level.

You might think that a chiller focuses on cooling, but what if you can also use it for heating? That is the main advantage of this fantastic small cooler. When necessary, it will keep you cool. But it can also increase the temperature when needed.

That dual function is what sets this unit from the crowd. Keep reading to learn more about RIGID's cooler that revolutionized the market.

A Quick Overview – Main Features

Before we continue, let’s get to know the main features of this unique liquid chiller compact package. You are already familiar with its main dual function of cooling and heating. Here is what else you should know:

  1. The rated voltage is DC 24V. That ensures optimal performance and maximum longevity of the device.
  2. The dimensions are 10.75 x 6.5 x 6 inches (339x208x235mm). Its compact size ensures a wide variety of applications. The cooler doesn’t take a lot of space, and you can place it anywhere around your home, office, or facility effortlessly. The compact dimensions also make it portable and suitable to use on the go.
  3. The unit weighs 11 pounds (5 kilograms). It is another reason why this cooler is portable and easy to move around.
  4. Digital temperature display and controller. A digital display allows you to adjust all the necessary settings to your preference. These ensure that controlling the unit is newbie-friendly.
  5. The capacity varies from 100 to 550W. Another amazing benefit of the 24V liquid cooler is that it is customizable. That means the manufacturer can tailor its power and capabilities to your desired application.
  6. The cooler uses R134A refrigerant. It is a recommended coolant that is used in cooling devices throughout the world.
Compact Liquid Chiller - LC3220E-H

How Does 24V Liquid Cooler Work?

24V Liquid Cooler Working Principle

The secret to the efficiency of this small cooler is that it uses a rotary micro-compressor. The working process is quite simple. Everything comes down to circulation or convection of liquid.


The unique liquid inserted by the manufacturer is a heat conductor. It moves from the base unit to the other components that are hooked to the desired application.

By circulating throughout the system, the liquid takes the heat away from the devices or objects it is supposed to cool down.

Once it returns to the base unit, it is hotter than before. That is why the liquid cools down while it passes through the device, and it can continue removing the heat from the application during the next circle it makes.

The liquid used might be a coolant formula, propylene glycol, or distilled water, and that depends on the cooler you purchase or your application. Either way, you will get maximum benefits from the device pumping the liquid through the equipment to the desired use and vice versa.

Why RIGID 24V Liquid Cooler is the Best Cooling Solution?

Using a mini rotary compressor eliminates the need for chemical cold pads or ice. If you browse the market, you will find various cooling solutions.

One of them is dry ice, whose temperature is -90C. That might lead to the chilled water freezing, which can affect the device’s performance, and fail to deliver the expected results.

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It is also worth noting that dry ice will also melt after a couple of hours. Once that happens, the only solution is to refill the device. But what if you are not around? You can’t spend seconds refilling the unit?

Another solution might be a fan, but that only has limited effectiveness. You either need a massive fan, which significantly increases the overall cooler size, or you go with a small fan. But in that case, the fan won't be effective, and it might not be able to give you the expected results.

If you are looking for consistent cooling, you will love what this small cooler can do. Even though it comes in a compact pack, it is incredibly powerful. The compressor can work in harsh conditions, which means that it can keep optimal coolness even when it is incredibly hot outside.

Pic 1. Medical Device Temperature Management for Body Cooling:

Medical Device Temperature Management Body Cooling
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Pic 2. Here's the brief parameters of 24V Liquid Cooler:

the brief parameters of 24V Liquid Cooler

Pic 3. The cooling performance chart of 24V Liquid Cooler:

The cooling performance chart of 24V Liquid Cooler

And it also works the other way around! If it is cold and you would like it to feel warmer in the room, or you want to increase the temperature for your desired application, RIGID 24V Liquid Cooler can meet your expectations.

All you have to do is to trigger the heating mode and watch the magic happen. Although it is named after its cooling function, the heating option also does an amazing job.

What Are the Potential Applications of the RIGID Liquid Cooler?

Here is an overview of potential applications for the 24V DC liquid cooler - LC3220E-H:

1. Medical Equipment

Compact Liquid Cooler / Chiller for Medical Equipment  / Body cooling

You might need to keep a consistent temperature of your medical and lab equipment. You can't risk the temperature going up as it could compromise the performance of the equipment, and lead to failure. A small and powerful cooler is the ideal solution to keep the heat level optimal, depending on your needs.

An example of using the product for medical purposes is patient thermal management. If you need to maintain the patient’s body temperature at a certain level, you want a reliable solution that can secure consistent cooling.

The circulation process that this liquid cooler ensures can be efficient to keep the skin cool locally while reducing overall body heat.


You might also use RIGID Liquid Cooler as a medical laser chiller. And don’t worry about the capabilities of the cooler. With its strength varying from 100W to 550W, you can ensure that your customized solution is strong enough for medical lasers.

Many medications, chemicals, and other items should be kept at low-level temperatures. If they get heated, that could compromise their performance and characteristics, and they might become worthless. You can rely on this small cooler to keep the temperature at the required level consistently and without significant variations.

2. Electronics Cooling System

Electronics Cooling System

Electronic systems are also prone to overheating. Extreme temperatures don’t only affect the performance of electronic devices, but can also lead to total failure. That means you won’t be able to use the device anymore.

It can be devastating if you invested a lot of money in the product, and you know you can’t use it anymore. That is why it is important to do everything in your power to ensure the electronic system works flawlessly.

3. Personal Cooling Systems

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The liquid cooler can be connected to your body by using a cooling suit or vest. That way, you get a solution that can ensure you are always cool or warm, depending on your needs.


Imagine how you can benefit from this application. If you are a race car driver, you will probably be driving at extreme weather conditions. With the adrenaline pumping and the fact that many decisions have to be made in a split second, you can’t afford to fight with excessive heat.

That is where a 24V liquid cooler can be your best friend. The unit is compact-sized, and you can install it virtually anywhere in your vehicle. You use the tubes to connect it to the cooling vest you are wearing, and the system secures the benefits in seconds.

The circulation of the chilling liquid transfers the heat away from your body. The liquid might be heated once it arrives into the cooler, but the task of the device is to cool it down again.

The cool liquid now moves to your cooling vest again to take away the heat. The process is consistent and secures terrific results.

4. Keeping Your Beverages Cold

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You can’t compare a lot of things to enjoying a cold beverage on a hot summer day. But what if you have to go on a trip that lasts for hours? Even if your drink is cold at the beginning of the journey, it will warm up quickly.

RIGID Small Cooling Systems features impressive portability to ensure that you can take the cooling system wherever you go.

While race car drivers can use it to cool themselves, amateur drivers can take advantage of the cooler to keep their beverages cold. Even if you have to drive the entire day, the cooler can ensure that your drinks remain cool and delicious.

And you don’t even have to go anywhere to use the system as a beverage cooler. Do you need to cool beer or wine down quickly, or keep it at an optimal temperature?

If you own a restaurant, you can ensure that it will always be at a perfect temperature to serve the guests. And you can also use it in your home – impressing the guests with cool beverages is something you should consider!

Here are some other potential applications for RIGID Small Cooling Systems:

  1. Battery packs
  2. Laser devices
  3. Photonic effective cooling
  4. Electric vehicle charging stations
  5. Semiconductor test industry application
  6. Military applications

How to Use 24V Liquid Cooler - LC3220E-H

First of all, you will need to mount the cooler. Assess the potential positions, and try to find a location that is best-ventilated and coolest in your system. That might improve the overall efficiency of the cooler.

You will get detailed installation instructions with the device. Once you set everything, it is time to start using the product. Here is where you will realize that this 24V liquid cooler is extremely user-friendly.

Not only there is a digital display on the front of the unit, but you can adjust the desired settings by using only several buttons.

The main button allows you to activate the unit, and choose between “C” and “H” sides. The “C” indicates the cooling function, and “H” activates the heating mode.

You can adjust the desired temperature by using up and down arrows in both modes. However, it is crucial to be patient until the chiller optimizes all its settings to achieve and maintain the adjusted temperature level.

The device will need approximately three minutes to get everything going. From that moment, you can enjoy the benefits of the adjusted temperature, and rest assured the liquid cooler will maintain the chosen heat level.

Is It Difficult to Maintain the Small 24V DC Cooler?

Here is another amazing thing about this 24V liquid cooler – there is no need to maintain it!

All that you need to do is to follow the installation instructions to set everything up properly. Additionally, you should monitor if there is enough coolant in the system.

It is recommended to refill the formula / distilled water to the top before you activate the cooler. That way, you secure that there is enough formula / distilled water in the tank, and minimize the risk of the device going dry. Other than that, there is no need for cleaning or maintaining the device.

If you need customize cooler, feel free to contact the manufacturer. The customer support is reliable, quick, and eager to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

RIGID 24V Liquid Cooler comes with many benefits. That includes amazing portability, fantastic power, and capabilities that will surprise even the most demanding consumers.


However, one thing makes this small cooler stand out from the pack. Its versatility goes beyond everyone’s expectations. RIGID Cooling maximized its usefulness by ensuring that it features a dual cooling and heating function. Depending on what you need, the product can cool down or heat the application.

You can use the liquid cooler throughout many industries, and even as a personal body cooling system. The product is easy to install and use, even if you don’t have previous experience with these devices. Additionally, no maintenance is required, which simplifies the entire process.

If you are considering using a 24V liquid cooler for your application, don’t hesitate to contact us. The expert staff of the company can help you to choose the best customization for your preferred use, and ensure that the product exceeds all your expectations.

Here's the contact: Any comments from you will receive our prompt reply within 12hrs.

24V Liquid Cooler for Medical / Eletronics