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Personal Food Computer

The Bits and Bytes of Futuristic Farming!

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Personal Food Computer-RIGIDHVAC

What is a Food Computer?

The Food Computer is basically a tool for users to innovate, test, hack and grow the crops more efficiently. The Personal Food Computer (PFC) is controlled-environment agriculture technology that uses automated systems to control and study vital factors like energy, water, nutrition, climate etc inside a specialized chamber. These climate variables can be controlled with the help of different sensors. Food Computers can be made in a variety of sizes suited for different production needs.

The Personal Food Computers could mimic the Amazon in order to grow plants we previously had to traipse into the rainforests to find — or be used to explore all the variables to create an entirely new, artificial climate.

The Farming of the Future!

Personal Food Computers

How to Decrease Air Temperature in the Chamber of Personal Food Computer? RIGID Technology Has the Answer!

How chiller modules decrease air temperature in the growing chamber? We all know temperature is also play a much bigger role in the food growing, as well as humidity. At present, RIGID has joined with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to work on this new growth markets together. RIGID Technology always keep a close eye on novel solutions. We are creative and capture new technologies. With nearly 7 years in miniature inverter dc compressor innovation, we have brought lots of compact and efficient cooling solutions to portable cooling applications where space and weight are the most concern. Our patented unique, miniature rotary compressor is specialized for the smallest and lightest systems, while has excellent cooling capacity.

RIGID Miniature Rotary DC Compressor is able to meet challenging thermal management in personal and commercial use. Nature dictates that heat cannot flow from a cooler place to a hotter place. Our patent mini compressor uses the unique characteristics to achieves outstanding compression ratio, which provides highly effective and efficient cooling with minimal hardware and operating cost.

Today, RIGID has developed standard and custom compact & portable cooling systems for a variety of applications, utilizing our own miniature rotary compressor technology. We specialize in small liquid chilled, compact & portable air conditioning and direct refrigeration systems. Furthermore, for the liquid chilled applications, we are talking about evolution of devices for aesthetic medicine. Till now, we've provided packaged cooling solution in physical medicine and aesthetic medicine devices.

RIGID just cares about exceeding our customer's needs!

Pic. 1 Compact Portable Air Conditioning System (DC 12V 24V 48V)

DC 12V 24V 48V Compressor Portable DC Air Conditioning
Compact Portable DC Air Conditioning

Our philosophy is to develop unique, high added value and top quality products with impressive design to meet your special demand. Our customers are most important, we design thinking of you.

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