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Seafood Quick-Frozen Cold Storage

MCU Series Air Cooled Indoor Condensing Unit

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Seafood Quick-Frozen Cold Storage

The project is made for seafood quick-frozen cold storage, located in the southern sea port city Dawei, Myanmar. RIGID takes charge of the project to build two cold rooms (-18 degree & -30 degree) for seafood refrigeration storage and freezing.


  • One is 30 square meters quick-frozen cold storage (designed temperature -30 degree), equipped with two sets of 4 HP Bitzer condensing units;
  • The other  is 70 square meters low-temp cold storage (designed temperature -18 degree), equipped with two sets of 6 HP Bitzer condensing units.

A large number of acquisitions of seafood from local fishermen, after preliminary sorting, packaging, and then immediately store into the quick-frozen cold storage whose evaporating temperature is -30 degrees. After 4 or 5 hours completely frozen, seafood products are transferred to the -18 degree

low-temp cold room to storage.

Quick-freezer has very strict demand ofheat insulation performance for ultra low temperature cold room. After calculation and rigorous problem analysis, we decided use 150 mm thickness quality polyurethane Double-sided colored steel cold storage board. The cold storage panels are consisted by an inner metal plate, an outer metal plate, and an intermediate polyurethane insulation layer. The cold room also use two 1.2 meter wide sliding door for the convenient of cart in and out. Besides, we install one air curtain at the top of gate in order to reduce the cold air loss in daily use.

RIGID dispatched four proffesional professionals technicians to Myanmar to carry out engineering & installation work. From all the materials and refrigeration parts getting ready, to the installation and debugging getting done; It takes 10 days to have this project done!

At present, the project has been officially put into operation, its excellent performance of high energy efficiency makes the customer very satisfied.